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  1. alyssadower

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    Where do you look to find inspiration to start a fictional story?

    What do you like to plan before you start writing?
  2. novace5

    novace5 New Member

    First, think of the people, things or place that you are so interested and knowledgeable with and importantly loved, so you can have a good inspiration on the things you writing, because maybe later you will stop writing once you don't have any inspiration and becomes boring.
  3. Abijah Abdiel Yutuc

    Abijah Abdiel Yutuc New Member

    Story Inspiration. The best story inspiration is my life. Because in all the challenges come, I faced it with all of my heart. I believed GOD has a purpose and plan. If there was problem search for a solution not searching another problem. Remember what is your purpose in life and who is your inspiration. Do want you want because life is to short. Be happy in all the blessing and be good to others.
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  4. rope16

    rope16 New Member

    All writers have theirs to share. You cant create a good story without having inspirations. Maybe somewhat a writer may have a story without it but I doubt it will be a good one.
  5. bubbledie

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    Story Inspiration

    For me the best story inspiration came from our OWN EXPERIENCE, when we encountered some challenges in our life, when we are feeling down, when we are feeling broken, when some one left us that was really important to us, that's what i get the best inspiration because its like telling your own story to other is like giving the another hope to another soul that there is a sun after the rain. :)
  6. yennx

    yennx New Member

    Well that depends on the type of story you want, horror, love story and many more. But first, ask yourself, "why would i write a fictional story, is it because i love writing and it's my hobby? After realizing some things i'm asking you this, 'whom would you dedicate it to?'... Answer that and you'll know where to find your inspiration.
    In planning, of course you have to pick if it would be more of a horror type or romance type. It all starts with what you want it to be and what are your thoughts. After that, you would have to pick a story or a situation, more of a plot, who are the characters and what are they portraying, if you already decided, start the story, and be sure to stick on your base which is the plot you've first created and scenes will just flow out of your mind, creating twists and turns, and that's it!
  7. Lilly03

    Lilly03 New Member

    Inspiration pretty much can come from anywhere, anything and anytime. Real inspiration comes from a place so deep inside you that at times it feels like you cannot put it into. Real inspiration inspires others and leaves a lasting legacy.
  8. Ednadhet

    Ednadhet New Member

    It’s easy to construct a story when inspired because the experience of your’s is there. You could easily think of what to write and the irresistable feeling of excitement in every word that comes in you is overflowing.
  9. Agreed. The best fictional stories are often non-fictional, in a sense. To Kill a Mocking Bird would be a good example. I once submitted a fictional work to my creative writing class in college. Despite being categorized as 'non-fiction', it was very much a personal recount. The story revolves around the life of a Chinese girl, who has been neglected at home because her family wanted a boy, and how she fled her home one day to work in the city, only to find that that the city is full of threats and is even more dangerous for innocent and simple-minded country girls like her. The idea came naturally to me, and there was no writer's block whatsoever. Writers often write best when they write from their own experiences, and I find it very true myself too.

  10. Sykuna

    Sykuna New Member

    I really hate looking for inspiration, because it's never there. Like, ever. But I discovered that free writing helps me a lot with coming up with new stories.
    You know, you just set in front of your laptop/a blank page and catches the first word that comes to your mind. You can never be sure what it'll be, but once you get it, you just write it down and continue from there. It can become a part of a dialog, description or anything else. It's not important. What's important is to get your imagination fill the blanks for you.
  11. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    For me i real like to read some inspiring stories.When life has got you in a slump, turn to these motivational short stories.No only is reading the like getting an internet hug for the soul,but they just may spark an idea or a change in you for the better.Here are the best 10 inspirational short stories about life you should check them out.

    Everyone Has a Story in Life,Shake off Your Problems,The Elephant Rope,Potatoes,Eggs,and Coffee Beans,A Dish of Ice Cream,Colonel Sanders/Kentucky Fried Chicken,The Obstacle in our Path,Value,A very Special Bank Account,Unstoppable.

    These stories can real inspire you to do things that you never though you can do them. My favorite one is Colonel Sanders/Kentucky Fried Chicken no matter how his fried chickens were rejected in different restaurant but he never give up up to now his has a lot of his restaurant in different parts of the world cooking his own fried chicken that were rejected by other restaurant and now is one of the billionaire in the world.

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