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    There are many words to describe my personality. Some of the few opinions I have heard about myself from others are trustworthy, shy, nice, and serious but I have my own perspectives about myself. Until now I got those characteristic lingers in me. My life has been a lot interesting as I grew up. I have encountered many obstacles and challenges in life and I was able to overcome it.

    My name is Joseph Vien C. Pioquinto. I am 17 years old. I was born on the 19th day of June in the year 2000, in Don Alano Memorial Hospital. My mother named me Joseph because the day that I was born happens to be Dr. Jose P. Rizal birthday. It was just translated into English. My second name is Vien because I was named after my mom’s favorite actor.

    I live in Putik, Zamboanga City. I was raised well by my beloved parents. My mother’s name is Maria Girly C. Pioquinto, she’s a lovely woman. She teaches me about what is right and what is wrong and disciplined me when I do wrong. About my father, He’s name is Frederick S.J. Pioquinto. He teaches me the importance of working and having a bright future, also living in a disciplined life. I’m the oldest in my family. I have one sibling, his name is Julian Xyrus C. Pioquinto.

    When I was young, I was really shy. I didn’t want to talk to others, I was a silent guy. My parents wanted me to mingle with others but I don’t want to. As I grew up, I was able to overcome my shyness and able to befriend with other people. I’m responsible person but sometimes dependent. I am very helpful towards household chores. My tasked is to wash the dishes, watering and cleaning our garden. I never go outside and played with my neighbors. My parents were very strict. When I go outside, I have to ask them permission. I only look at the kids who are playing outside. But I don’t blame them because they gave all their efforts for me to be protected and I am thankful for that.

    One of the best memories that I have is when we visited Baguio City. It is my first time to ride a plane and it was a fun experience. I was really amazed by their places and we visited a lot of beautiful sceneries. It was memorable because I am with my parents and we share the happiest moments of our life. Another is when I visited my grandparents’ house. I got to know my cousins and we played cards and domino. We also helped my grandma cook some delicious delicacies. I can’t enumerate all happy memories that I have but that is what I can remember.

    Going to school is the beginning of my new chapter in life and where I develop and apply things in life. My academic experiences so far, I would depict myself as a reader and a learner. But writing poems, story, essays is not my forte. Despite some of these attributes are stronger or weaker in everybody, we all possess these abilities as a student. I am for one more of a reader than a writer. I am someone who enjoys reading as long it is not by forced. I find that I just enjoy reading when it is a content that I have picked and of a particular genres like science-fiction, mystery, action, and realistic fiction.

    Talking about my future goals, hopefully I will become a chemist. I knew becoming a chemist was really hard due to the expenses and many years in college. But I find it as a challenge for me to pursue my dreams in life. All I wanted is to become a person who is successful, can stand for his self, and can face many trials. I want to help especially for my family. I want my parents to rest and enjoy their lives and I will be the one to serve them as a token for their love, care and support for me.

    Another dream that I want to fulfill, is to travel around the world. I enjoyed watching documentaries about a certain country and showcased their wonderful places and cultures. If I have that enough money, I will travel in all different places particularly in Europe. I want to be contented in life even though I’m not very rich as long as I can afford my basic needs and also, enjoying my life to the fullest and have a good relationship with everyone.
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    My friend, I’m sure you’re familiar with the process that the
    caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly. It’s one of nature’s most
    fascinating transformations.
    Everything begins with a little larva that becomes a caterpillar... a
    caterpillar that forms a temporary home for itself.
    Seen from the outside, this home may appear to be a place where
    nothing happens. It’s almost a place of death, without movement,
    without noise... but not without life…
    Several days pass and all of a sudden, life bursts forth and exits the
    cocoon! A pair of magnificent wings splits the sky and contributes to the
    beauty of creation.
    Did you know that if someone artificially opens the cocoon to help the
    butterfly escape, it dies?
    It’s this process of struggling to leave the chrysalis that allows the
    butterfly’s wings to become sturdy and strong so that it can face the
    natural elements like the wind and rain and everything else it will

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