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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by gihramos, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. gihramos

    gihramos New Member

    After getting a lot of weight I got some stretch marks all over my stomach. I finally decided to change my life style and started a healthy diet and exercising. However, I cannot stop noticing the stretch marks, and they are not going away. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  2. 090208

    090208 New Member

    Some things that have worked for me: drink lots of water and rub coconut oil on the affected areas. The main reason people get stretch marks is because their bodies are not properly hydrated. Hydrate your body on the inside by drinking distilled water and hydrate on the outside by rubbing coconut oil (it has lots of vitamin E which is good for your skin's health) on them. That should help a lot
  3. Renee B.

    Renee B. New Member

    They will face over time to a nice, barely noticeable white.

    My suggestion is to consider them battle scars. Look how far you've come! You do not need to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, and stretch marks, while annoying, don't hurt anybody. In the end they'll look better and bother you less.

    As for topical treatments, the only thing I've heard of is vitamin E Oil.
  4. aharriscc48

    aharriscc48 New Member

    I have heard all kinds of remedies for stretch marks. I know people who have bought the expensive creams at the motherhood stores, but I think that cocoa butter works the best.
  5. ProfXavier

    ProfXavier New Member

    First of all, stretch marks are very common, they don't just indicate weight gain but also growing in height. They may never fully go away without proper treatment but you can lighten them with BioOil, this moisturises the skin and allows it to regrow cells more flexibly.
  6. angela10

    angela10 New Member

    I was a chubby kid growing up, and even if I've already gotten rid of most of my baby fat, my weight still fluctuates easily depending on my current lifestyle. My thighs, breasts and butt are all riddled with stretch marks, and this used to bother me a lot before. I've only come to terms with having stretch marks after realizing that it's not at all uncommon to have them. Most of my friends, my mother, my sister and even my fiance have them and they also couldn't care less if I do. It's all about accepting the imperfections in our body and learning to live with it.

    I don't think stretch marks could ever truly disappear, but you can make them look better by applying lotion regularly to the affected areas and by simply making sure that your body is always moisturized. I used to buy lots of cocoa butter before, but now I just use a regular moisturizing lotion to keep my skin soft and elastic. If you feel insecure about going to the beach, for example, there are a lot of styles nowadays that you could use to cover them up. Hope I helped!
  7. MadeForGreatness

    MadeForGreatness New Member

    There was a time in my life where stretch marks were my main insecurity, then I experienced hyperpigmentation over a third of my body and they no longer mattered to me. There are many products out there that promise results, articles and tutorials. However, like Agijaa says, the answer lies in raw products found in nature. While I have heard fabulous reviews on DermaRollers, I would be cautious about using one, perhaps with the risk of infection or irritation.

    The truth is, they may never fade completely and your best option is to drink plenty of water, ingest more vitamin E, nourish your skin externally and hope for the best. Covering them with tattoo erasing make-up or various spray tanners (depending on your skin tone) can be a short-term solution. They are very common in both men and women, and nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion.
  8. Brennen

    Brennen New Member

    Like previously stated you should keep incredibly hydrated as well as use products that can safely tighten the skin. Patience is also key here, it definitely takes awhile to eliminate stretch marks. It took me 3-4 years before the stretch marks on my biceps went away.
  9. Remollino1022

    Remollino1022 New Member

    I too have TONS of stretch marks from my pregnancies, on my stomach, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and even my calves! I tried jojoba oil on them and have to say the size and color improved dramatically! Even my mom said I'm almost bikini ready and that is saying alot because mine were horrendous. Give jojoba oil a try!
  10. Noluthando

    Noluthando New Member

    I would also like help with my stretchmarks especially since mine look like scars. They look disgusting and I've had them since I was teenager and have used every tissue oil on the market, but nothing has worked. Please help.
  11. Ash0hley

    Ash0hley New Member

    Unfortunately, in my experience, stretch marks do not go away. Their visibility will fade over time and with weight-loss, but the stretch marks will always be there. Roughly 80% of people in the United States have stretch marks, so it puts you in the majority. None of us like them, but it's one of those things we just have to deal with. Moisturizing and exfoliating tends to bring more blood to the skin surface. More blood in the area means increased healing will occur, therefore reducing the visibility of your stretch marks. It's not a cure-all, but there really is no such thing when it comes to stretch marks, aside from surgery.
  12. Amanda Vincent

    Amanda Vincent New Member

    After 3 children I have learned that exfoliation with coffee grounds in olive oil and epson salt scrubbed during a night time shower followed by 100% vitamin E oil rubbed into the area have the best results. I started this treatment about 2 months ago and have seen tremendous results. I have also increased my water intake and that really helps with the elasticity of the skin.
  13. Gloria Johnson

    Gloria Johnson New Member

    Stretch marks are annoying. Rubbing cocoa butter on the affected area will moisturize the skin and give you a smoother look. Hydration is the best prevention, but you can lessen the appearance of stretch marks with vitamin E. Amanda, I have heard about the use of olive oil and epson salt. Mix them together and apply the mixture to the skin. Then wrap the area with cellophane or wrap cloth. This process makes the skin look and feel smoother, and will reduce the appearance of imperfections. There are lots of topical products on the market recommended for the removal of stretch marks. There is even a laser procedure that is supposed to remove them. But I don't know if it's worth going that far.
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  14. Gino Perales

    Gino Perales New Member

    Once you acquire stretch marks, it will be with you forever. It will fades slowly though but the marks won't go away. You just need to keep your self healthy and hydrated for it not to become worse. Except maybe if you will undergo laser medication or other medical operations to erase those marks.
  15. Aw89

    Aw89 New Member

    Unfortunately, once stretch marks are there, they are there for life. While they are still red, they can be reduced by lots of hydration and topical vitamin e oils such as Bio Oil being massaged into the skin. Thankfully, after many years of having stretch marks, I have embraced them and decided to look upon them as tiger stripes!
  16. yeyzukki

    yeyzukki New Member

    I am a mom of 2 and had a C section so definitely I am also suffering from these horrifying stretch marks. I have read some write up that stretchmarks easily go away because of the skin's elasticity. Elasticity of one's skin varies from individual to individual and has certain factors. Why not try to intake collagen. Our skin really needs this to make our skin healthier, younger and gives elasticity as well as hydration. I hope this helps.
  17. yeyzukki

    yeyzukki New Member

    Oh, and another thing is. Exercising regularly do diminish these stubborn stretch marks. When having stretch marks, it's not just because of the skin's in-elasticity but also our muscles as well could be considered a culprit. So if we can exercise it would be much better to include.
  18. KatieB

    KatieB New Member

    Although I would encourage you to look at them as reminders of how far you've come, I know the reality is that it's easier said than done. Hydration does wonders for your entire body, but especially your skin. Not only topical creams such as cocoa butter, coconut oil, or specialty stretch mark lotions, but don't forget to hydrate internally by drinking plenty of water.

    As others have said before me, they will never completely disappear, but with the right steps and time they will not be nearly as noticeable.
  19. Kyndalion

    Kyndalion New Member

    I have been getting stretchmarks due to a recent medication induced weight gain. I have found that lotion with Shea butter helps, but the real miracle comes with coconut oil!
    Don't stop using whatever works for you once they go away, they came back worse for me!
  20. TeamKB62

    TeamKB62 New Member

    I was surprised by the amount of stretch marks that I had after losing about 25 pounds, mostly on my hips and thighs. I started being sure my skin was always well moisturized, started using strivectin stretch mark cream, which is pricey but definitely worth the money. Keeping the skin more moist and elastic did seem to help. I did that for three or four months and saw a huge difference. Had to buy two bottles of the strivectin cream, around $120 in total cost, but I really do think it was a game changer. Something else to consider while you're losing weight and settling into your new body is to use sugar scrubs and other exfoliants. This could help prevent stretch marks and skin discoloring by knocking off those old skin cells and allowing the new ones to flourish.
  21. smileycake

    smileycake New Member

    First of all - keep up with the healthy lifestyle and exercises. This will not only make your body stronger, but will also help with the stretch marks, as you will produce more collagen - the protein which has topically been lowered due to the rapid expansion of the skin.

    You may help your skin with the following methods:

    - Drinking plenty of fluid (helps keeping the skin hydrated, elastic and soft)
    - Using oils on the stretch marks (castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil)
    - Using butters (cocoa, shea)
    - Using creams that help restore skin tissue (mumio cream)

    Remember, almost all women have stretch marks. If you're feeling terribly self-conscious, you could consider a laser removal method.
  22. sexy

    sexy New Member

    After I had my son 5 year ago I got a lot of stretch marks they were all over my hips and stomach, I felt uncomfortable. I tried cocoa butter but I didn't see any result so I decided to go on the Internet to see what I could find to help me. I came across so many home remedies, special cream and lots more but the thing that caught my attention was bio oil, there were a lot of good and bad reviews but I decided to try bio oil. You are suppose to apply it twice a day to stretch marks and after a month I started seeing results, the stretch marks faded away a little at a time until I had 95% less stretch marks. I will recommend bio oil to anyone who wants to try something different.
  23. edz26

    edz26 Member

    After giving birth to my eldest I got a couple of stretch marks in my lower abdomen and around my breast. They got even worse after my second pregnancy but it doesn't bother me. Before I got pregnant I am aware of it, as my mother told me its genetic. I embrace all changes to my skin and my body shape. Will this is the essence of being a mother.
  24. guest267

    guest267 New Member

    I have a lot of stretch marks. I am very pale so the newer stretch marks are quite visible. I absolutely hate stretch marks, but lately I have accepted it a little bit. I am not gaining weight but I still get more stretch marks. So at this point, it is something that I cannot control. I have tried all sorts of creams but I have never had the impression that they really did anything. Over time, they will fade. My faded stretch marks are light purple, almost silver.
  25. Mhay2

    Mhay2 New Member

    Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis. This is often from the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes. Stretch marks may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, or hormone replacement therapy.
  26. JustJordan27

    JustJordan27 New Member

    Stretch marks and really be a pain sometimes. I am a bodybuilder myself and suffer from stretch marks. What I have found really works is coconut oil, bio oil and keeping the surface area of the stretch mark moist. Alongside creams and ointments and great start is to make sure you have a multi vitamin, fish oil and collagen powder or pills. These three supplements are great at not only fading the stretch marks but keeping stretch marks away by keeping your skin nutrient dense and healthy.

    Hope this helps.
  27. JustJordan27

    JustJordan27 New Member

    Stretch marks and really be a pain sometimes. I am a bodybuilder myself and suffer from stretch marks. What I have found really works is coconut oil, bio oil and keeping the surface area of the stretch mark moist. Alongside creams and ointments and great start is to make sure you have a multi vitamin, fish oil and collagen powder or pills. These three supplements are great at not only fading the stretch marks but keeping stretch marks away by keeping your skin nutrient dense and healthy.

    Hope this helps.
  28. tatz1120

    tatz1120 Member

    Some creams, oils, and other topical skin products on store shelves claim to prevent or reduce stretch marks. Popular ingredients include cocoa butter, olive oil, and almond oil. Despite the claims on the bottle, no over-the-counter cream or oil has been proven to help prevent or treat stretch marks.
  29. kris93castillo

    kris93castillo New Member

    After giving birth I got stretch marks and until now I still got them. I did some research on google on how to get rid of stretch marks and there are people who sell creams to lighten or minimize the stretch marks .
  30. vinzero6

    vinzero6 Member

    Most women suffer from stretch marks usually after pregnancy, but that's not the only cause for it. Men too have stretch marks and so do women who are not pregnant. Stretch marks occur due to a sudden weight gain or weight loss. There is no denying the fact that stretch marks can turn out to be quite annoying. Be it teenagers or adults, people of all age groups can anyone can experience stretch marks. People often end up resorting to various beauty treatments to get rid of stretch marks. However, not many realise that chemical-laden beauty treatments also come along with their own sets of side-effects. In order to steer clear of the harmful side-effects, one can bring to use some effective home remedies. There are various natural products that can help reduce stretch marks and lighten them if not make them disappear completely. However, it requires a regular skin care programme and strict discipline.

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