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Discussion in 'New Users, Application & Approval' started by DeMarie, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. DeMarie

    DeMarie New Member

    I need to verify that I am subscribed. I followed the form instructions, filled out the information, did the backwards word properly and entered my information. I then hit the subscribe button, but it took me to a blank page. I then did my 10 posts, and they seem to be registered. I am just concerned that my subscribe request did not go through properly.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

  3. L.Terry

    L.Terry New Member

    I am not properly subscribed either, and I have followed the instructions multiple times, and gave the input of my user ID and email address. When I go to my subscriptions page as you suggested, I am still not seeing anything there.
  4. GearZ

    GearZ New Member

    Assuming you mean subscribing to one for the forums:

    • Hit the Subscribe icon.
    • Read the forum information and click "I Agree".
    • Enter the username and email address you used for that forum. Be sure they are spelled exactly as they were entered on that forum.
    • Mash the "Subscribe" button.
  5. Liz1992

    Liz1992 New Member

    I'm having problems subscribing, but only to the one forum - Christian Forums. I'm subscribed to several other forums, I've created an account and posted an introduction on that forum, and they've emailed me messages. But apparently they don't recognise the combination of my username and email address.
  6. aylees

    aylees New Member

    I am having an issue subscribing to the forum. The system keeps telling me my username and email is not recognised yet I can see myself in the forum list as members. What am I doing wrong?
  7. franstuff

    franstuff New Member

    I am having a hard time finding the postloo portal forum to subscribe to. I have an account at both sites, and my username should be franstuff at both sites. I get to the yellow box that says to subscribe to the Postloop Portal forum below the yellow boxes. There are only 8 forums listed, and none of them are Postloop Portal. Could you check my accounts and tell me what I'm missing, or doing or doing wrong. Thank you very much. Fran
  8. Indira Williams

    Indira Williams New Member

    I am confused how to subscribe to the postloop portal as well. The instructions said click on the + sign next to the forum name but I don't see any plus signs next to the forum names in postloop portal. Please help.
  9. Kal Hassan

    Kal Hassan New Member

    Hi DeMarie,

    If I were you just to be sure I would repeat the steps once more. When done correctly you will receive a message at the top of your screen that reads "You've subscribed to The Postloop Portal under the username (Your Username)!”
  10. Indira Williams

    Indira Williams New Member

    I clicked on forgot password I got the email to reset the password, I logged in with the new password then I found the Icon it was referring to click on and subscribe and its telling me the Username and Email are not recognized. How can this be when I just received an email from Postloop with my Username in it?
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  11. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    Your account franstuff is still showing: Poster Status: Pending
    and I found no subscription to the Postloop Portal.

    If you are a new member, who has not been reviewed yet - you should not be seeing any other forum than the Postloop Portal.

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