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  1. freda32

    freda32 New Member

    Listen, there are some people who just don't like to talk. Its not that they prefer to listen. These people like neither to talk nor to listen, saying little meaning much laconic. People who say little but means a lot.
  2. jane0207

    jane0207 New Member

    I prefer to listen instead of talk.
  3. Onoda

    Onoda New Member

    For me it depends on what the conversation is about and how the conversation is being started. If someone comes to me and is asking me to help them solve their problem, I tend to listen. Afterwards, I tend to give my own advice based on what they've said. If someone is asking me to show them something, then the roles tend to reverse where I'll to the majority of the talking and person B will fill in on the back end with whatever commentary they have about the subject.
  4. bienn05

    bienn05 Member

    I think both is important. You cannot drop one unless you want to communicate. You should talk to express your opinions and listen to heard the opinions and feelings of other people. You cannot resolve issues if you will not talk and listen. You cannot be a successful leader without listening and talking. Even presidents of every country, listen and talks to there people.
  5. purple viper

    purple viper New Member

    You need a healthy mix of both. You definitely cannot have a good and unbiased conversation when one person is dominating and expressing themselves while the other only listens. Of course, it does depend on the personalities of the people in the conversation as well. Imagine a conversation with two people; one is an introvert who is comfortable listening and just giving monosyllabic responses while the other is an extrovert who will avidly talk at length. I suppose such situations could be considered an exception although everyone should get the chance to convey their opinion.
  6. luislover8

    luislover8 New Member

    Simply learn to listen. It is proven that we speak much more than what we hear and it should be exactly the other way around. We see key moments of listening.
  7. bouyen19

    bouyen19 New Member

    One of the hardest skills to learn is to listen. Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to talk. But, in order to become better at relationships in whatever level (personal, business, career), we must learn to listen to connect. We must be willing to delay our urge to dominate the talking and develop empathy towards others through genuinely listen to what they have to say. Even leaders must learn to effectively listen to their followers. Businesses should listen to their clients to be more successful.
  8. Irishh

    Irishh New Member

    Listen because as a teenager we learn from other professional so that we can be an inspirational speaker someday.So I prefer to choose listen it can help me to be a good person.
  9. kizha

    kizha New Member

    The saying goes " A good listener is a good leader " . And I truly believe it. You need to listen to your people so you'll know what they want. But it doesn't mean that you have to do what they say, of course, you need to speak up and share your insight. So for me, it depends. Depends on the situation you're in to. Whatever it is, we have to consider other people's feeling and be responsible to our action.
  10. ssalynn

    ssalynn New Member

    In my opinion, Talking and listening should be both balanced. We should learn to listen to the person that is talking and understand deeply the things they are saying before we talk and say something. But sadly, Some people just listen without even understanding the person they are talking to. We listen to reply not to understand anymore, and that is why there are so many misunderstandings that is happening between people. Talking is also essential in communication, but we should also think before we talk. We should consider the feelings of the person that is listening to us. Talk or listen? It's both okay as long as we are responsible on the things we are saying and be more understanding with the people that are talking.
  11. FaLaunt

    FaLaunt New Member

    God gave us two ears to listen and one mouth to talk, so I believe listening is much more important.

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