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    Have you ever tuned in to an interview or attended a webinar by your favorite business guru, only to hear that guru tell the audience a story that you've already read in his or her latest book? It happens all the time, and for a simple reason: Most of us have a limited supply of interesting personal anecdotes, experiences, and pearls of wisdom. Inevitably, we wind up using the same ones over and over.

    Stories feel freshest and have the most impact when someone is hearing them for the first time. By saving yours for the right moment, you give them the most power.
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    Most people go through life wishing to be listened to more. So by listening rather than talking, you are giving something valuable to the person who's speaking. Especially if you really are taking in what that person is saying and not thinking about something else. The speaker will appreciate that gift and you will have created a bond. He or she will feel understood and validated. It's a powerful relationship-building tool, and an especially powerful sales tool.
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    Who do you listen to more closely--someone who never shuts up, or someone who only speaks once in a while? As with anything else, the law of supply and demand holds true: If you constantly share your opinions, no one will seek them out. If you only say what you're thinking on occasion, or only make a point one time instead of over and over, your words are likely to have more weight.

    To be clear, I'm not suggesting that you always keep your opinions to yourself. The people around you need to know what you're thinking, doubly so if you're in a leadership role. But if you spend more time listening than you do speaking, so that the people you're speaking to feel understood and bonded with you, when you do speak your mind, they'll be listening much more closely.
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    A listener who can merely repeat your words back to you is a parrot. It takes skill and determination to be a good listener, but the effort yields terrific results. Perhaps the biggest reward of being a good listener is that you also become a better talker.
  5. ewapc101

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    In the category of things that make you go hmmm, the notion of talking versus listening certainly gave us reason to pause.
  6. ewapc101

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    Effective Listening, More Important Than Speaking. A Monologue Is One Person Talking To Themselves. It is selfish to try to make someone understand what you want to say, and selfless to understand what the other person is saying, or hearing. ... More emphasis must be placed on effective listening and understanding.
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    Being a world class listener isn't automatic or easy, so here are some ideas about how to develop your skills.

    1. Promise yourself you won't speak. This is hard for some people who feel that silence makes them invisible. Strangely, I've rarely found this to be true. The less you speak, the more impact you make when you do.

    2. Listen for underlying assumptions. What is the speaker taking for granted that might or might not be true? Are those assumptions valid, fair or have they even been checked?

    3. Listen to rhythms and pace. If you listen to conversations as though they were music, their aural qualities will tell you a great deal about the underlying emotions. Who is tense and who is confident? Is the anger real?
  8. beverlielamoste

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    Talk less Listen more. The more you talk the more information you intended to tell. If you listen you will receive more information and by listening it's a sign that you respect the people who are talking. It's better to more listen before talking so that you can't say anything dumb.
  9. bingblong30

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    Listen first you will never learn if you always talk and not to listen . Listening is the best way to understand the people . William arthur ward said before you speak listen ! listening to their thoughts
  10. Rehiya Cruz

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    For me listen, each one of us is like an empty can that will be filled with knowledge by learning and listening as time goes by. As a teenager, we are very open for ideas It is really nice to listen to others story especially if you can gain something from them. Even if I prefer listening than talking, it doesn't mean that we don't need to talk because talking is a necessity especially in terms of communication. But sometimes, words coming from people who tends to talk little are gold. Because what they say is special and it really means a lot
  11. HORR

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    Listening helps adaptation of what we hear. Ideas can easily be formed. Analyses can relatively comfortably be done. Memory is more efficiently brought in to help in a situation. This is because less pressure is felt on brain and therefore mental tension is better handled.

    When we talk, we uncover ourselves more. Our mistakes become more conspicuous and value of our hidden treasures is more clearly judged by others. Our way of talking, if having flaws or some stuttering, can further damage our image. Our positives give us some edge but the risks are more than benefits. In the nutshell, conclusively, listening helps; talking betrays.
  12. yuri_nagashita

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    It depends, as long as you know when to listen and when to talk. Obviously, both are important in communication. Listening is a way of hearing other people's thought and talking is a way of expressing yourself. Knowing when to talk and when to listen creates a better conversation.
  13. jay ghansah

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    In talking, it simply means expressing what you have listened and explaining your ideas on a topic. And when you listen, it is when you need and idea of what someone is sharing with you.
  14. lessurmitch

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    I usually listen. I prefer to listen then talk. Who said you can't talk just because you only listen. Normal people do that, they listen and then talk. Why? Because if you listen first, that person gives you an idea or information what will you do so you can react or converse properly to them. You can "think before you speak". All in all both parties can understand more to each other.
  15. acd

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    To have a better way of understanding first thing that you need to do is to listen in order to have a better idea as to when and how you will get started. First, you should listen in order to react properly.
  16. Medalina

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    Listen to conversation first. Listening is most often used to improve personal relationships, reduce misunderstanding and conflicts, strengthen cooperation and foster understanding.Listening will provide feedback with what you hear to the speaker.
  17. tinatinay

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    BOTH ;) Listening and talking is both actually a great component of learning. I prefer listening. By listening you will gain more information and knowledge. It also make other people feel special that you are paying complete attention and giving time to listen with whatever they want to say. While talking teaches us to gain more self confidence. Good speakers inspire people. Some men may say its a curse (hahaha..) But its a gift not everyone has the ability to influence people by talking and talking comes with greater responsibility and accountability. I truly believe in the saying
    "talk less and listen more"
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  18. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Listening, talking just to confirm you a moron won't get you anywhere.
  19. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Personally, i first listen to a context then give out my views through talking.
  20. janaya24

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    I am the kind of person who prefers to listen to other people. I am quite shy and timid so talking is not really my thing especially if the other person I'm conversing to is a stranger or a newly acquainted friend. Not to mention talking in front of other people would surely make me shiver. Because of that, writing makes appealing to me as a form of expressing myself.
  21. goldenraph

    goldenraph New Member

    Generally, I do much of listening than talking. If the topic of discussion is my area of interest, I listen and observe first before airing my view. I remain silent and do much of listening if I don't have any idea about the topic of discussion.
  22. Me personally, I love listening to people. I love the process of getting someones perspective and trying to apply it to yourself. As if that idea fits your personality. Getting someones idea to get successful in life is totally not a bad thing. I will only depend on how you execute those ideas and turn it out to be a success.
  23. hlabajosa1966

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    I prefer to LISTEN first observe the situation , characteristic let your senses work initially and let the situation /person talked first and after gathering information because letting the other side open up it will help her/him relax a little bit.
  24. aycee21

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    Effective Listening, More Important Than Speaking. A Monologue Is One PersonTalking To Themselves. ... It is much more important to be able to listen correctly to hear what is really being said, than to make another understand what you want to say, in the ultimate goal of perfect communication.
  25. merci

    merci New Member

    It is better to listen than to talk. We cannot understand each other if no one is listening. Listening is learning. At school, we could not learn if we are not listening so that listen is better than to talk.
  26. Megafortune

    Megafortune New Member

    Its funny that people who like talking a lot, want others to always listen while they talk. And rarely give a listening ears to others. When its time for them to listen, they take words from your mouth and narrate, what they believed you had to say. Listening is golden. People that talk too much, easily give themselves away.
  27. Warren1967

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    You listen first before you talk. Sometimes people can be impulsive and say things that should not have been said. You should listen and think about what was said. That way you can come up with an appropriate response. If you just talk without knowing what it was about then you would be putting yourself in a difficult situation. Listen first and think before you talk.
  28. beckertani

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    You will learn something by listening. Listen to someone who is successful in life. So, did you learn something from me?
  29. Joel2019

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    You can have both. They have their own uses depending on the situations. That was not really the right question, I think the right question is when is the right time to listen and the right time to talk.
  30. jeda30

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    For me, it depends on the topic and the people who are part of the the conversation. If I basically know the topic, I will be open with my ideas about that certain topic because I love to share my knowledge to others. If I am not really familiar with the things that they are talking about, I just prefer to listen to them. It would be better to just listen for you to learn instead of talking the things you don't really know.

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