Tea drinker? Best tea?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by paivik, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. paivik

    paivik New Member

    Im learning drink more teas but what is best tea? i like chamomille
  2. belleamau

    belleamau New Member

    I am a tea person. The best tea I can recommend is the green tea. It can boost your metabolism to improve your weight loss, if you are into diet. Also, drinking green tea everyday will make your skin glowing and it prevents you to have breakouts
  3. MariaOcampo06

    MariaOcampo06 New Member

    I used to drink ginger tea with lemon ..good for the heart
  4. Heyitsdishguy204

    Heyitsdishguy204 New Member

    I'm fond of Earl grey - the bitter citrus taste mixed with the blunt black English (traditionally) tea flavor is perfect and yet subdued.
  5. clb038

    clb038 New Member

    I grew up in a household where tea always beat out coffee. Even in college, I always preferred a large cup of English tea over a Starbucks latte. My new favorite tea addiction is made by Harlow & Sons. They have a cinnamon flavor that is packaged in orange tea bags and is absolutely delicious. If you like bold flavors and a bit of a kick in your morning beverage, the cinnamon option is definitely worth a try.
  6. Alymae

    Alymae New Member

    In my family, I'm the only one who develop love for tea. Since High School I've been drinking tea, specifically green tea. What attracted me to it is obviously not the taste but its benefits. Also, of all the tea types it is the least process.

    Benefits of Green tea
    1. Boost metabolism
    2. Strengthens the immune system
    3. Contains antioxidants
    4. Helps in weight loss
    5. Helps battle cancer

    There is still a lot of benefits. I only listed a few of them. In this five that I listed, I support 1 and 2. I have proven it myself.
  7. ajslorezca

    ajslorezca New Member

    Hi to all tea lover, for me one of the best tea is CHAMOMILE TEA. There's a lot of benefits were you can gain with this tea aside from its calming power.
    Other benefits:
    High source of antioxidants,fights anxiety and depression, improves digestion and improves heart health. Now we already know that this kind of tea is a good one to have it everyday.
    Best serving suggestion: warm
    Best brand for me : Twinings this is a pure chamomile tea and caffeine free. So what we are waiting for have it today and grab those tea benefits.
  8. ssslllbbb

    ssslllbbb New Member

    Green Tea is my absolute fave! I always get the iced, unsweetened Green Tea when I visit Starbucks but have actually found one you can buy at the grocery store that is almost identical! Magnificent Matcha Green Tea by Lipton. So delicious! I also like black tea with lemon. Living in the south it's almost unheard of to drink your tea without sugar, but I actually prefer it that way.
  9. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Drink green tea in between meals i.e. more than one hour after breakfast and lunch. - Avoid drinking first thing in the morning or before breakfast. - Avoid drinking green tea late at night as the caffeine can cause insomnia.
  10. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Early Morning

    To start the day off, try white tea — it has a light aromatic quality with subtle, nuanced flavors, which may be more apparent in the morning when the palette is still fresh. Unlike drinking green or black tea on an empty stomach, when I drink white tea before breakfast it doesn't tend to cause discomfort.
  11. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member


    Later in the morning, or just before lunch, green tea is good choice. It's said to boost metabolism— a perk, whether for the extra energy for a noontime workout or some added calorie burning at lunch.
  12. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member


    In the early evening, oolong is my tea of choice. While oolong does still contain caffeine, it doesn't seem to have the same buzzing, wakefulness effect more commonly associated with green or white tea. When using loose leaf, opt for a smaller portion to reduce caffeine and focus on the subtle flavors of a delicate cup of lightly oxidized oolong.
  13. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Yes. I LOVE tea. But it has to be black, strong tea. None of that other stuff. I drink 2 cups a day and get seriously grumpy if, for some reason, something prevents me from doing so.

    Several times have I finished my own cup, and then started to drink from my friend’s/wife’s cup without realizing what I was doing. Must have, must have…
  14. naililmuna

    naililmuna New Member

    Wow, I do like black tea with jasmine petals in it. Very aromatic, relaxing, gently waking your soul. In my country it is very popular tea. Most people will have it sweetened and hot. I can not call it jasmine tea, because it's very different from jasmine tea from China. Jasmine tea from Indonesia is more strong and aromatic. Tea factory will dump huge amount of jasmine, screened out from the process. Jasmine side product then will be extracted into aromatic oils for spa candles. Hopefully it can help you to imagine how good it is.
  15. Rocellii

    Rocellii New Member

    I'm currently working in a hotel and right beside out office is a Tea Lounge. My boss, who happens to also manage the Food and Beverage department, receives loads and loads of samples. And some of them I get to try out as well. He explains the components of them and how is it beneficial.

    I was just a regular, tea bag drinker before. I'll usually buy them where they are packed in bags, put in the hot water, add some honey, lemon and voila. Only when he explained the importance of it being placed when the water is briskly boiling did I appreciate the difference in taste. How also the best tea are the ones you would need a strainer for. Storage is also key to keeping their flavors.

    He also mentioned the different effects of tea. Green ones help with weight loss. He would request chamomile when he has a head ache. Oolong and Black Tea are usually to start the day, gives you a boost. Those are just the ones on top my head.

    Then last June, I traveled to Turkey and was amazed. In their Spice Market, you can buy all different types of tea. my favorite was the Love tea. Sweet and it makes me feel happy. I'm not sure if it's a mental thing or it's the actual tea. Their apple and sour cherry tea (usually sold like powder) seems kinda synthetic but are really delicious.
  16. ynaaast

    ynaaast New Member

    Green tea is usually my top pick. It wakes you up since it has caffeine, boosts your energy, and helps you lose weight! I love having it after a heavy meal. Black tea and english breakfast is also good especially when you're into the strong taste of tea itself.

    To help you fall asleep, chamomile tea is your best friend.
  17. fenderk8

    fenderk8 New Member

    I happen to enjoy tea greatly, especially in the colder months and even have stockpile of many different teas in my office that change with the seasons.

    Although am a fan of green tea with jasmine or mint, I had to stop drinking them a few months ago as the amount of tea I was drinking was putting way too much caffeine in my body and causing me to be (surprisingly) tired all the time. However, once I stopped drinking green tea I got dehydrated very quickly as I was drinking 6-8 cups per day!

    Currently I prefer herbal teas, especially those with extra nutritional benefits from their ingredients, like turmeric or ginger. Drinking herbal tea instead of green or black teas allow me to still get the benefit of drinking so much water, as well as the added goodness that the ingredients bring to the table.
  18. finlan

    finlan New Member

    Cinnamon Spice Tea, was my drink of choice during a time when I worked two part time jobs. Each day, I was faithful to drink a large cup of tea and did so until I began to notice how it was affecting me. In the beginning, I was not aware of the side effects because I concentrated more on how much I enjoyed drinking the beverage. Slowly, I began to notice how dry my sinuses were and how dehydrated I became. The Caffeine, in the tea kept me running to the restroom and as a result of over consumption, I experienced Abdominal Pain. The Call Center environment, where I was responsible for handling a high volume of calls offered little to no flexibility for frequent restroom breaks. Therefore, I made the decision to stop drinking tea and replaced it with cold water and healthier beverages.
  19. heajdaquiado

    heajdaquiado New Member

    I am a tea drinker but unfortunately, I only drink green tea because I can't stand the smell and taste of the other teas.
    I love green tea because you can use it in many ways. First, it helps you fight acne because you can use it as your face scrub. After drinking your tea, don't throw the tea bag yet. Add maybe a little amount of honey and you already have a face scrub! Second, it can give you many health benefits because of the natural antioxidants it has that can prevent cell damage and some diseases like cancer. Third, many people drink this tea because it's really good for speeding up your metabolism to maintain a fit body. Fourth, it reduces stress! The fourth one is my favorite because drinking green tea really helps me relax after a very busy day. Just don't drink it if you still didn't have your meal and before you sleep because it has caffeine.
  20. romilda

    romilda Member

    Sambong tea and banaba tea are good for kidneys.
  21. zoemarie123

    zoemarie123 New Member

    During the winter months I drink a lot of hot tea to keep warm. Usually my go to is just simple black tea. I really like the brand Red Rose, its fairly cheap and suited to my taste. When it gets later at night but I still am craving a hot cup of tea I usually switch to a decaf black tea so I am not kept awake by the caffeine. In the summer I will drink a lot of iced tea, both black and green.
  22. zoemarie123

    zoemarie123 New Member

    I think there really is not one tea that is best, its really up to personal tastes. I prefer simple black tea. But green tea has tons of health benefits. I think the best way to find out what you like is to just try as many different teas as you can. They sell variety packs in the grocery stores so you can try several different types of teas to find out what is your favorite.
  23. Honeybeez13

    Honeybeez13 New Member

    My favorite is pomegranate tea made by Wissotzky Tea. It's hard to find as the company is from Israel. This tea is very fruity and a bit sweet. It's the first tea I ever had that I didn't have to use sugar. When I'm not feeling well I sometimes stop by a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and pick up a Lemon Chamomile. It really soothes a sore throat!
  24. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    I recommend green tea it has a lot of healthy benefits in the body and also help you lose weight.
  25. pceug17

    pceug17 Member

    I love drinking green tea. A friend gave me a box of 5 varieties of green tea from Twinnings. My favorite is jasmine green tea and lemon green tea because of the freshness aroma of jasmine and the distinct taste of lemon on green tea are the best. My least favorite is mint green tea. As a tea lover, I also explored the English Breakfast (stronger) and Earl Grey (lighter) teas. Haven't tried the chamomile, peppermint, and other fruit flavored teas from Twinnings. From time to time, I switch to Lipton's green tea to Twinnings because its much cheaper. I would like to try Steuart's Tea and English Tea Shop someday.

    We also have a lot of stocks of black tea. My mom usually buys boxes of Lipton's yellow label. They mix sugar and cream to make it like a milktea as substitute to their coffee. I prefer drinking hot tea without sugar and cream because the tangy taste of the tea will be gone if condiments were added.
  26. Elsa77

    Elsa77 Member

    Green tea, one of the richest natural sources of antioxidants, also has a beneficial effect on the overall health of the body. Note, however, that green tea contains caffeine as well as coffee. Do not drink more than two cups of tea per day and not after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, because it can cause insomnia. Don't give the kids green tea!
  27. rosew1490

    rosew1490 New Member

    If you're suffering from digestive upset, ginger and mint teas are the best. I've used them separately and also combined with other herbs and either way has always done the trick. For an extra relaxing effect and to make the teas taste better, make sure to mix in a teaspoon of honey.

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