Tea vs. Coffee?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by katya.agron, Jul 8, 2016.


Do you prefer tea or coffee?

  1. Tea

  2. Coffee

  1. katya.agron

    katya.agron New Member

    Personally, I enjoy green tea during the summer because it makes me feel relaxed and is also extremely beneficial for your health. For instance, it speeds metabolism. In the fall and winter however, when I am in school, I rely on coffee to keep me energized.
  2. eliza_

    eliza_ New Member

    I need a third option: All of the above. When each is so delightful, how can I choose between the deliciousness of sunrise or sunset. My choice would depend on the best of the moment. Do we have an exotic, silver leafed tea and a fine, high mountain grown coffee or a choice between ordinary Lipton and Folgers?
  3. LexiJ

    LexiJ New Member

    I prefer to drink tea. I believe tea has more benefits than coffee. I drink it hot all year round.
  4. Peterpistol

    Peterpistol New Member

    Both Coffee and tea have their own benefits. It is very difficult to point out one. But as per Researchers coffee has the ability to reduce the 2 Diabetes because coffee has a higher caffeine than tea . Caffeine not only help in maintaining blood vessels but also reduce migraines and hangovers. My two cents :)
  5. Rodrick Onsare

    Rodrick Onsare New Member

    I don't have a favorite between tea and coffee but as it as been our norm, we always take tea for breakfast, its like am addicted to tea, I take coffee once in a while, someone told me if you drink coffee you won't fall asleep. is it true? I don't know because i don't get any difference whenever i take it at night. So i probably would say i switch between the two from time to time.
  6. sewtooth

    sewtooth New Member

    I prefer black tea to anything else. That might be because I'm British, though. I've heard quite a few times that tea is Britain's choice, and coffee is America's choice. It would be quite interesting to see a survey of people from Britain and America. I wonder if there will be any correlation between the beverage and the location.
  7. deanna.paige

    deanna.paige New Member

    I feel like there's an after taste to tea that I can't stand. It doesn't help that I live in South Carolina, so I think tea is meant to be so sweet that you can taste diabetes. If I want to be healthy I drink black coffee. The bitter taste isn't that bad and it's easy to get over to me. If I drink coffee black it has to be hot, but when I order coffee it's iced with sugar and cream. Tea makes me feel sick, so you won't find me drinking it. No matter what the benefits are.
  8. tiffanylynette

    tiffanylynette New Member

    Coffee me please! Seriously I like tea, but to me it lack the flavor that coffee has. There are so many tasteful flavors with coffee and coffee creamer that you can never really get bored with trying them, although I prefer French Vanilla to other flavors. Now I do prefer ice tea to ice coffee and I only drink hot tea when I'm sick.
  9. Dominique Nielson

    Dominique Nielson New Member

    Both!! I love my cup of coffee in the morning, but then later in the day I love to enjoy tea. Mostly herbal, some black, and definitely white!
  10. Aleksa5692

    Aleksa5692 New Member

    Green tea is a much more healthy choice but coffee is better if you want to get that good pump before a work out.I would say the best thing is mixing the two once in a while.
  11. Poppy Drennan

    Poppy Drennan New Member

    So my English side might be showing a bit here, but I do not think that tea and coffee can be compared. Coffee is perfect for the morning, as it isn't as hot as tea, so you don't have to worry about sipping it slowly to stop burns. It also wakes you up more than tea. It is best when made with an automatic maker, so you wake up to a fresh cup that you didn't have to wait for. Tea is for the afternoon and tea time. It helps one relax and tides one over until dinner. It is far too watery for breakfast, but perfect when you are awake enough to taste complex flavors.
  12. Aeron Ll

    Aeron Ll New Member

    I drink both tea and coffee, and like each for what they bring to the table as far as taste goes, but when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do (in my zombie-like half asleep state) is start a pot of coffee. Electric kettles aren't really a thing here, and tea just doesn't pack the caffeine content I need to beat sleep inertia. I'll probably regret all the coffee I drank once I hit the age where I need to worry about blood pressure and cardiac disease, but for now? Gotta get that fix.
  13. tay1991

    tay1991 New Member

    I love to drink both, but I personally prefer coffee. It makes me feel more energized and I like the taste much better. However, I like to relax with a nice hot cup of herbal tea at night. So, I need coffee to get me going and herbal tea to calm me down to sleep!
  14. dbs221

    dbs221 New Member

    Coffee all day every day for me. I really enjoy the taste of black coffee more than any tea so that is just personal preference of course. It's important to not go overboard and not drink more than like 3 cups a day which will build up tolerance to caffeine and you wont feel all the great benefits of it which include better mental alertness, increased working capacity etc.
  15. Kimberly Leventhal

    Kimberly Leventhal New Member

    I am not much of a coffee drinker. I have been known to have some coffee but never regular. If I have to have coffee, I will put skim or almond milk in it and a lot of sugar. I love tea. Whether it be hot or cold, that is what I mostly drink. I like the fact tea has a lot of health benefits. It also has a plethora of flavors you can enjoy. I always feel better after I drink hot tea. The taste is better than coffee to me as well. I take a cup to school and drink it on the way. After I'm finished drinking my morning elixir, I ready to start the day.
  16. prudentheart

    prudentheart New Member

    I prefer tea because of the benefits you can get to it, there are many ways on how to prepare a tea. Personally, I prepare turmeric tea with honey and black pepper because of its benefits, it has antioxidant properties that help us eliminate toxins from our body, it is proven to reduce high blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer and boost our immune system. coffee is also good for our body because it also have a antioxidant property, but most of the coffee you can buy now using a lot of artificial flavoring. We all know that artificial foods can be harmful to our body. That's why I prefer turmeric tea with honey and black pepper because it is natural and organic
  17. jregatuna2

    jregatuna2 New Member

    Both coffee and tea benefits the body, it's only up to the person which one he/she choose to drink.
  18. lyrehc08

    lyrehc08 New Member

    I think I am already coffee dependent. As I wake up every day, the first thing that I need to do is to drink my cup of coffee for me to have a good startup of my own biological merchandise which is myself. I have always loved coffee. I'm not sure but I cannot get the PERK that I want from tea unlike with a cup of coffee. As a healthcare worker, coffee serves as a weapon for me to accomplish the tasks that my job entails me to perform. I need to be mentally and physically charged up all the time as it would ideally be for a working mom like me.
  19. 0serenity0

    0serenity0 New Member

    For me, coffee is the nearest thing to that fictional drug. It is legal so that's a huge plus and coffee has been a good friend when I have a lot of task from college or when I have to make a design for my business. It keeps me awake and helps the brain to focus and it makes me calm.

    Caffeine blocks adenosine. So with coffee, I feel like I can do anything. It enhances my mood. I become more alert and acquire better concentration... More importantly, it tastes great!
  20. restrumer

    restrumer New Member

    For me i love the taste of the coffee but coffee has a caffeine and you can be additcted while drinking a lot, i have friend addicted to coffee he can drink three times a day or more, and the effect is he got a sick called diabetes. So for me i'd rather to choose a cup of tea.
  21. MJacy Claire

    MJacy Claire New Member

    I love to drink tea than coffee. Regarding about a kind of tea, I prefer green tea. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. Tea also can makes you alive but not as hyper than coffee. I used to be a coffee drinker before but I experienced too much palpitations so I switched to green tea which is just right for me.
  22. Leopoldo Delgado

    Leopoldo Delgado New Member

    I love coffee than tea because i fill relax when i drink it then it can make me awake :)
  23. raymundhehe

    raymundhehe New Member

    Although I enjoy both coffee and tea from time to time, I personally prefer coffee over tea. I drink coffee almost everyday, but I also drink green tea a few times every month. I like the taste of coffee more than I like the taste of green tea. Research has proven that both beverages have positive effects on our bodies, so I think question just comes down to personal preference.
  24. romilda

    romilda Member

    I am more on tea rather than coffee.
  25. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    In my location? Coffee is life! I really love coffee because it is easy to buy and it is affordable. Both coffee and tea have good benefits in our body and it is hard to choose which is better in terms of benefits, but when we talk about consuming I would go to coffee because you can do a lot of things with it; you can add creamer, you can make shake, you can make cake and the like. Those are the advantages of coffee but remember to drink coffee in moderation because too much will kill you :D.

    Still, love them both.
  26. zoemarie123

    zoemarie123 New Member

    While I do drink both fairly regularly I would say coffee wins out. This is mostly due to the higher caffeine content. Coffee for me is usually reserved for mornings and when I really need a jolt of energy, but I drink tea when I want to relax or just warm up a little.
  27. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    i am a coffee person so i drink coffee everyday. Coffee is my energy in daily routine.
  28. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    I prefer tea than coffee. I am a Tea person and it makes me relax whenever i drink tea. I love tea a lot. I still love coffee but i dont coffee that much.
  29. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    prefer coffee to tea .
  30. mvillere

    mvillere New Member

    I prefer coffee to tea. It has much more caffeine typically and can be taken in shot form if you drink straight espresso. It's a much quicker way to get a large amount of caffeine in your system.

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