Tea vs. Coffee?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by katya.agron, Jul 8, 2016.


Do you prefer tea or coffee?

  1. Tea

  2. Coffee

  1. Serdiek

    Serdiek Member

    I preferred tea. Most especially in the morning
  2. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    I can't go a day without coffee. Tea is also good, but I prefer a good, hot cup of coffee.
  3. edwinjr

    edwinjr New Member

    Coffee. And I like it a little sweet and very creamy.
  4. ciestlavie

    ciestlavie New Member

    I drink both but I do prefer coffee over tea because I've just been a coffee person almost my whole life that I can have three to four cups in one day. I have tea whenever I want to feel a little healthier though.
  5. dipo4you

    dipo4you New Member

    I prefer tea. Coffee contains a lot of caffeine which is has a lot of side effects. I will only take coffee once in a while if I need to keep awake like when am going to work a night shift or am going for a long drive. Other than that, I will simply be fine with tea.
  6. Sindi25

    Sindi25 Member

    For me it's coffee. I have coffee everyday and I absolutely enjoy it. There is something about the way coffee tastes. I do like tea as well. I usually have warm tea in winter in the evenings with my family or when I am sick.
  7. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    I prefer tea it make me sleep well at night
    Not coffee is of my mornings and late night
  8. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    I prefer TEA but our family loved coffee , now a days you can choose different flavors .If i have a chance outside i buy tea for Health reason.
  9. Missydama

    Missydama New Member

    I prefer coffee every morning. I got to have my caffeine. If I don't drink coffee in the morning I will be with a terrible headache all day and that's a no, no.
  10. armybod

    armybod New Member

    Hi All,

    WOW, that is a great question! As I ponder it, it gets more and more difficult to answer, I like both, no I love both! What I can say without any qualms is that I hate both with milk, cream in coffee occasionally, but never milk!

    I follow a regime of intermittent fasting, so I do rely on tea, coffee and water to crush any hunger pangs I get, but I have to say that my go-to beverage from the time I wake to the time I break my fast is coffee…no, sorry it is tea…no it’s coffee, definitely coffee! Since I have stopped taking milk in my coffee and tea I have noticed, especially in coffee, that there are so many different flavors; so many flavors that are lost when drunk with milk. I have also learned that pesticides are used in massive amounts on the coffee crop, so my morning coffee or should I say ‘coffees’ is now always organic and as a side-note the organic coffee from Ikea is cheap and great tasting!

    As for tea, I do now tend to stick to green tea and when I can afford it Matcha Tea, mainly because it is high in EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG is believed to have strong cancer-defeating properties. Matcha Tea has also been linked to a number of other health benefits such as helping prevent heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

    So, I love both, but I think I love coffee a little more than tea…coffee from Ikea!
  11. Anjin

    Anjin Member

    I like tea. I was once addicted to coffee. My day will not start without coffee but I really tried my best to stop my addiction. I started drinking tea, and search all benefits I can get from it. When I found out the benefits of drinking, I started loving it. Now, I like tea better than coffee.
  12. catherineacorda

    catherineacorda New Member

    Both coffee and tea have been touted for their health benefits. Traditionally, tea has been known to induce relaxation after a long day while coffee boosts energy and brainpower in the morning. When it comes to deciding the best drink for your health, coffee and tea are often the front-runners. Coffee has earned a slightly bad reputation when it comes to its chemical composition though. Tea on the other hand has been an integral part of traditional medicine, making it one of the top choices for treating many of these ailments.
  13. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    i love tea
  14. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    I like coffee better than tea. I prefer the aroma and bitter taste of coffee.
  15. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    I like tea more than coffee because it make me more relax and gave me a soothing effect.
  16. Donessa

    Donessa New Member

    Both are very delicious beverage with different distinct flavor. But for me, I'll go for tea specially herb tea serve in hot, it has a soothing effect that relaxes your system and relieves stress, it calms your mind and gives you a sound and beautifully sleep as well as help detoxify your body.
  17. FutureMD

    FutureMD New Member

    I prefer tea because it is more healthy than coffee. Tea boasts a long list of health benefits. The rich antioxidants in tea fight inflammation, and have been shown to help prevent blood vessels from hardening. Tea drinkers have a significantly lower risk of stroke and heart disease, and tea is known to boost brain health. One study, for example, found that compared with older adults who drank less than three cups a week, those who drank more than two cups of green tea a day had a significantly lower risk of age-related declines in memory. Regular tea drinkers also have higher bone density levels and slower rates of bone loss. Overall it's associated with anti-aging: research shows that the cells of regular tea drinkers have a younger biological age than non-drinkers. But coffee takes the prize when it comes to caffeine content. However, tea delivers an energy boost that is more relaxed and has fewer side effects.
  18. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    I think coffee and tea has benifits to our body but always remember, when drink too much will be getting worst so just drink it proper according our body's needed
  19. innah

    innah New Member

    I prefer tea than coffee, especially those teas that help me boost my metabolism after eating.
  20. nashjo18

    nashjo18 New Member

    Me is better prefer coffee
  21. guitarbro88

    guitarbro88 New Member

    I actually voted for coffee, but I drink coffee, chocolate, and tea. I like drinking coffee in the morning, hot chocolate in the afternoon, and tea in the evening. I like how coffee jumpstart and warm me up in the morning, while hot chocolate provides the needed energy in the afternoon. I drink tea to de-stress, relax, and calm down in the evening. :cool:
  22. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    People who care for their health prefer to drink tea and I am one of them. I am a health conscious person wherein every ingredient matters to me. If you based on some studies about effects of drinking tea and coffee, tea is the only beverage that can help your health improvement. Though tea has caffeine as what coffee has but it has very least caffeine compare to coffee. Tea also helps battle cancer, boost the immune system, and has antioxidants that will help us look young. If you dream to live longer, drink tea everyday but make sure to follow best ways on when is the best time to drink tea.
  23. Actually I love both tea is more healthy especially green tea while coffee sparks up your spirits.
  24. NMac

    NMac New Member

    I prefer coffee as a hot beverage and tea as a cold beverage. I love starting my day with one cup of coffee. Throughout the rest of the day, I drink iced tea. I drink hot tea occasionally but I mostly only drink that when the weather is cold.
  25. I would rather drink tea than coffee for the benefits of my entire boby.
  26. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    It's both for me on this one as long as it's unsweetened. Sugar can kill you know.
  27. Thaxton

    Thaxton New Member

    If I had to choose between coffee and tea, I would choose coffee without hesitation. I enjoy coffee so much that many evenings I find myself looking forward to my morning coffee. I prefer to keep it simple, drip coffee (Folger's) set to be brewed a short time before I get up.

    Having said that, I do love iced tea, especially in the summertime. I've yet to finish mowing and thought "A steaming cup of coffee sure sounds refreshing." I'm not a hot tea drinker, but I did not get exposed to hot tea until a few short years ago.
  28. Kiyen96

    Kiyen96 Member

    For me coffee is life so i go for coffee, i can't imagine my life without coffee ^_^ whenever i'm tired, stress or thinking for something i always drink coffee..when i'm drinking it there's satisfaction. I don't know if you think i'm exaggerated but i'm drinking coffee 4 times a day.. that for real ^_^ love coffee.
  29. Rozkov

    Rozkov New Member

    I prefere drinking tea because it makes me more relaxed at the same time alert. For my body, it is hard to find the right coffee because the typical coffee usually gives me chills.
  30. blackstarter7

    blackstarter7 New Member

    Tea only just wins out for me, but I don't think I could live without my coffee either!

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