Tea vs. Coffee?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by katya.agron, Jul 8, 2016.


Do you prefer tea or coffee?

  1. Tea

  2. Coffee

  1. angrymoony

    angrymoony New Member

    I used to love coffee, but unfortunately, it is rather bad for my heart and also tends to upset my stomach quite a bit. I ended up switching completely to tea a few years ago and it became one of my special interests. I learnt a lot about it and enjoy it so thoroughly that everybody knows that at least one of their Christmas gifts from me is going to be tea, ahahah.
  2. DiegoRCardoso

    DiegoRCardoso New Member

    I prefer coffee, When i wake up the first thing i like to do is drink a cup o coffee to start my day well.
  3. SreekuttySudhi

    SreekuttySudhi New Member

    Both Tea and Coffee are very much important for our health.
    Chemical constituents in Tea can reduce the risk of cardiac problems, insulin insufficiency, etc.... Tea also contains organic components that neutralize 'Reactive Oxygen Species' (ROS) in our body and can cure cancer from the beginning stage itself.
    Coffee contains certain neuromodulators (work in association with the brain and nervous system) like caffeine, which can improve our concentration and memory. It can also decrease depression, anxiety, etc. Coffee also reduces the risk of certain neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer, etc...
  4. chatcrazy

    chatcrazy New Member

    I prefer tea, because it has less caffeine content as compared to coffee. While caffeine does have that kick to stimulate you into action, in the long run, the negative effects may add up and take their toll. Thus, I limit even the tea intake, to two cups a day.
  5. RaffyXsammy018

    RaffyXsammy018 New Member

    I prefer tea over coffee because tea makes me feel like I have detox my body. While coffee makes my acid level rise. Also, tea is good for our body.
  6. srey

    srey New Member

    I actually don't like coffee or tea. Although, I force myself to drink green tea every morning for the health benefits.
  7. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

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  8. peterpaulo

    peterpaulo New Member

    This thread caught my eye because I gave up coffee, it took a while like more than a year because I love the taste. Coffee made me jumpy, anxious, and irritable. I made the switch to green tea, somehow it hasn't the same effect, there were times I thought "is not green tea suppose to have the same if not more caffeine not always the case. I drink more green tea than I ever did and love it, if I drank the same amount of coffee I would soon be torching small villages on the outskirts of town. I believe it is an age thing, I am going to be 50's soon and I found when I hit my 40's some stuff just was not the same anymore. Alcohol made me feel shitty so did caffeine, anything with codeine so far that is all on the black list and cannabis and green tea has filled in the void just nicely.
  9. Lilytr

    Lilytr New Member

    I like both. It's kind of a hard comparison to make since there are so many different types (and qualities!) of both.
    It really depends on what time of day it is and how I'm feeling. Is it morning, right before class? Coffee, please. Is it later in the day? Maybe tea. Am I feeling anxious? Definitely an herbal tea.
  10. Cvile

    Cvile New Member

    There's no better feeling than downing a 1000 mg worth of caffeine in coffee and hitting the gym.
    You can feel the caffeine giving you infinite power.
  11. srki93

    srki93 Member

    I prefer tea, it makes me feel good, especially when I drink it before I go to bed.
  12. boopbutter

    boopbutter New Member

    I learned that coffee just gives you a caffeine kick all at one time but tea actually gives you energy from caffeine that you can use for a longer period of time so you dont get as exhausted.
  13. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    tea only, I love coffee before but after drinking coffee it gives me a high blood pressure,.thats why I acoid coffee now,.
  14. anthonyhurtadox

    anthonyhurtadox New Member

    I prefer coffee, I especially like that it helps me go to the bathroom more so than fiber. When I drink coffee my stomach literally rumbles and makes me feel renewed. Not only that coffee just seems like a more masculine drink, I'm not sure why, maybe because tea cups are more dainty than coffee mugs? I mean, little girls are known to have tea parties with their stuffed animals. The advertising and packaging of coffee and tea also support this notion. I wonder why though, tea tastes just as earthy, it's interesting how ideas about things just spread.
  15. Ayeth84

    Ayeth84 New Member

    I can't start my day without having a cup of brewed coffee in the morning. :)
  16. pMarcos10

    pMarcos10 New Member

    For me green tea is really the best option to drink because of its benefits to our body and its wonderful taste,I definitely recommend drinking green tea.
  17. EnceJoy

    EnceJoy New Member

    I prefer coffee when I need to get things done and needed some energy. It makes me feel energized and productive. I consider drinking tea when I want to feel relaxed and loosen up. Best time to take this is when you are on a vacation and enjoying a wonderful view and try to make things slower and just to enjoy your time alone, with friends or with family.

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