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    One Stop Shopping: Stockleaf is Newest Resource for Investors

    Posted by nick_niesen in News on November 8th Tim Hardaway Jr. Authentic Jersey , 2010

    If Wal-Mart is the supercenter for retail shoppers, then new arrival Stockleaf is the supercenter for investors. Where else can one go to get up-to-the minute news on any publicly traded company from every financial news site availableand have it all on one page at one time?

    Until November 2007, the answer to that question was nowhere. But stockleaf sprung up on the cyber-scene and all that changed. The beauty of Stockleaf is in its simplicity. Type in a stock symbol and Presto! You'll get links to all the recent news articles from Y! Finance, MSN Money, Google Finance Tiago Splitter Authentic Jersey , Forbes, Smart Money, and Seeking Alpha. You'll also get the stock's opening price, previous close, dividend information Taurean Prince Authentic Jersey , PE, and 52-week range. Click on a news link and it'll open in a new windowallowing you to navigate easily back and forth.

    As if all that weren't enticing enough to get those fingers clicking away on your keyboard, you can also check out feeds from Financial News sites, blogs, or see them sorted by subject (ie Spud Webb Authentic Jersey , mutual funds). And all this is updated in real time, every day, making it easy to stay on top of the stocks you own, want to own, or simply want to know more about.

    Let's face it. The internet is supposed to make our lives easier Pete Maravich Authentic Jersey , not challenge us to a quest of hunting down the most applicable financial news tethered to a search engine. With Stockleaf, it's finally doing what it was designed to domake us more efficient. Whether you're a day trader, a broker, or the type of person whose mind automatically converted "Wal-Mart" to "WMT" when you read that first sentence, Stockleaf puts you in the driver's seat Omari Spellman Authentic Jersey , bringing the world of information and reliable news sources to your fingertips.

    Go anywhere you want, but start with Stockleaf. It's worth the bookmark. Think of it as your daily guide, custom-made just for you. If time is money, then efficiency is priceless.

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