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    Is it just me or any mom these days can relate?

    Whenever vacation time arrives, get ready for a zombie land. What I am saying is, kids these days engage in games... through their gadgets.

    When I was a kid, we used to play outdoor games.. patintero, piko, tumbang preso, luksong-tinik, luksong baka, langit-lupa (heaven and earth), chinese garter, syato, jackstone, taguan pung (hide and seek)... name it, I've played them all. But now, kids are so engaged in playing computer games online and offline. They are so committed with their games that oftentimes they lack physical activities.

    Kids are hooked in Minecraft, Growtopia, LOL, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends and the like. And when they started playing, YOU CANNOT DISTURB. It's like they have been 'ZOMBIEFIED'.

    I often experience calling my kids... and their response, "Just a moment mom!.."

    Ugh! It's as if you should wait for your turn before you are served.

    It is so bothering that most kids these days don't know how to play team games anymore. It is alarming because most kids get obese due to lack of physical activities. And it's all because of those gadgets... smartphones, tablets, Ipads, etc.

    I'm just lucky that even though my boys enjoy playing those computer games, they still have interest in sports.

    Gadgets are good but should be used in moderation and must not cause addiction. These things were invented to help people easily communicate with others, socially or because of business, and to do paper works easily.

    Parents, especially moms, should know how to give their kids limitations in using gadgets. Younger kids should not be introduced with these gadgets as early as two years old.

    Now, who's got the blues like mine?
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    I'm not a mother, but I definitely think there should be more moderating tools regarding time (and quality of time) spent on smart phones. Many types of media already have parental controls that can be preset to restrict children's access to various activities, like Netflix.

    What about a more hands-on approach by the parents? It would be amazing if there was a simple, built in application on your phone that could turn off or severely limit your children's access in a tap. If there is such a thing, it's not nearly widespread enough.

    I firmly believe that it is much more safe to give children a method of communication with either their family or caretaker once they come of age to leave their parent or guardian's side. It's just safer.

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