Test Overview in Taking IELTS

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    Test Overview in IELTS (Listening)

    Test Overview

    Listening- 30 minutes, 10 minutes for transferring the answers on the sheet

    4 recorded Texts

    1.Conversation between 2 speakers in a social or semi-official content
    2.A talk by a single speaker based on a non-academic situation
    3.A conversation with up to four speakers based on academic topics or course-related situations
    4.University-style lecture or talk

    Test Overview

    Reading- 60 minutes

    Academic- 3 long authentic texts

    General- 3 sections up to 6 different texts

    Writing- 60 minutes

    Academic-Task 1 ( graph, table, chart/ diagram,

    Task 2- Essay

    General-Task 1- (writing a letter)

    Task 2- (Essay)

    Speaking- 11 to 14 minutes

    IELTS Band score

    9- Expert User

    8- Very Good User

    7-Good User

    6-Competent User

    5-Modest User

    4- Limited User

    3- Extremely Limited User

    2- Intermittent User

    1- Non-User

    Among the four macro-skills in English, Speaking is the easiest part of the test.

    However, enough preparation and focus may help a lot to hit higher marks.
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    Can you post also here the rubrics of Academic IELTS training? I need to know more about it. Thanks you.
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