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Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by jgrullon48, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. jgrullon48

    jgrullon48 Member

    Would you rather text or call someone? I personally used to be big on the whole text messaging thing but now, I rather not wait for a response and prefer to pick up the phone and make a call.
  2. Cathie Minter

    Cathie Minter New Member

    I am hard of hearing and the idea of texting instead of calling is awesome to me. I can text and not have to worry about outside distractions causing me not to be able to hear. You can also answer the text in your own time and not have to speed to the phone to answer it before it stops ringing. Texting is the going thing for me because I have come to really enjoy it and really dread it when the phone rings and I actually have to talk on the phone.
  3. If I have something I just need a quick answer to I prefer text. If I want to have a conversation I prefer to call. I do not like when people try to have a conversation with me by text. I get tired of texting and want to just pick up the phone. Picking up the phone is a lot easier to me when you have a lot to say.
  4. blackbunny96

    blackbunny96 New Member

    Many tenegers use text messaging because it's faster and thay can do other thing while they are waiting for reply. Adults, for example, prefer to call rather than text messages. Personally I preffer text messaging, but when I have something important to say or to ask an opinion I usually call to receive a faster reply ( the other person may not hear the sound that he has a new message and you can wait something to receive an reply).
  5. tipay

    tipay Member

    It depends on the situation on my part.If I am not doing any thing and I need to talk to someone over the phone and to make things easier, I would call that person ;) if and when I have limited time and the message is not that important i will send you a text message I guess :)
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  6. marleysa

    marleysa New Member

    Call me 'old school' but I still prefer hearing a voice than seeing a text message. A find a text message too impersonal and feel that phoning someone is a better way of communicating with one another than reading and writing a bunch of misspelled sentences.
  7. amazingone

    amazingone New Member

    I always text people unless I am calling a customer service center. I text because I treat others as I would like to be treated. I hate receiving phone calls as I am usually in the middle of something and a phone call is a distraction. A text is more efficient. Someone can reply to a text at any available opportunity while a phone call demands the person's attention at that very moment. I almost find it offensive when people call my phone.
  8. jackson chen

    jackson chen New Member

    SMS in much more applicable in todays society, it allows you to do stuff in between texts as well as being cheaper for shorter conversations. But if it is an urgent message then a call is always more appropriate in the circumstance.
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  9. penny21

    penny21 New Member

    I still prefer txting. Do I call my friends and family? yes. But most days when I need to let someone know something quick its easy to txt and ask a question or give an update and they can take a look at it hen they get a min and reply back. I've also noticed that most of my friends and family like txting because you don't have to go through the motions of the hellos and how are yous before we get to the point.
  10. DVDV

    DVDV New Member

    Phone calls are more expensive and demand the recipient's attention.

    Text messages however are less personal and harder to convey emotion.

    If you need a heart-to-heart, call. Otherwise, a text should be fine.
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  11. Minda

    Minda New Member

    I would rather send a text message instead of calling if what I want to know is not so important. I hate it when my phone rings when I am doing something specially when I find out that the call could wait or is not important so I don't do it to other people. Texting gives people a chance to answer at their own leisure. When it is important, I would rather call. I do not mind being bothered when a call is important and I assume other people would be okay with it too.
  12. Nicole Freese

    Nicole Freese New Member

    I would rather send a text message because I do not like talking on the phone.
  13. Neceb

    Neceb New Member

    For casual conversations with family and friends, a text message is my preferred way to go. My life is busy, and with a text I can have a conversation with someone and also get other things accomplished. When I'm on the phone,practically all other activity has to be put on hold to have a conversation. I still prefer a phone call for business conversations , even if the company has an e-mail or text option.Family and friends who also text understand when I take a few minutes for a reply that I am not ignoring them, I'm simply multi-tasking. Texting opens up more time in my day, while still allowing me to catch up with family and friends.
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  14. lisalue

    lisalue New Member

    I'm a fan of texting. Although it's more personal to call, texting is time-efficient. Also, because I work in a call centre for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I usually don't want to go home and spend more time on the phone so if I need to get in touch with someone, I prefer to send a quick text.
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  15. Gregorio

    Gregorio New Member

    For me, I want to call my receiver rather than through text messaging simply because in calling, I can feel what really the emotion is of my receiver.
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  16. Ajane Tequiera

    Ajane Tequiera New Member

    It really depends on the situation, but I mostly prefer phone calls. I own my own business, so sometimes when I need to relay messages with a lot of important details, I'd rather talk to you on the phone. Or, if we're talking about something personal, I'd rather do it over the phone. Sometimes you can't include all of the detail you want when you're texting; or if it's a long message, the texts may come in all jumbled up and you have to spend extra time trying to piece it all together. Another reason why I tend to prefer phone calls is because it's easy to misunderstand what a person is saying through text. You aren't able to hear their tone of voice, so you might assume someone is angry or annoyed with you when that may not even be the case at all.

    On the other hand, texting is great when you're in a situation where it's inappropriate to be on your phone. Even in that case, I like to keep texting conversations short and to the point. Drawn out conversations through text bore me and I usually end up not responding after the third or fourth text message.

    More than anything though, I like to speak with people face-to-face.
  17. Yeagee

    Yeagee New Member

    Usually, when it comes to talking to friends, I prefer to text. I usually don't expect fast replies, so I do not mind waiting for the person to reply. But when it comes to trying to contact my family members, or other important people, I prefer to talk to them over the phone or face-to-face. Although, it is kind of nice to be able to have the entire conversation listed right in front of you while you text.
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  18. Preya_M

    Preya_M New Member

    It depends where I am, who I'm with and what I'm talking about. Some things you want to keep private and away from public eyes, so the result is texting. Other things you don't mind blabbering about, so the result would be calling. If I'm talking about the person beside me, then I'd also go for texting (it's only natural).
  19. nkaujntses

    nkaujntses New Member

    If it is important, I call. If I want a deep conversation with someone or if I need an answer from someone right away, I call. Texting is convenient and I use it daily, but there is just something about hearing the person on the other line's voice.
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  20. Upinmyhead

    Upinmyhead New Member

    I personally prefer text messaging. If it is something that is really important, then yes, I will call and leave a message. Otherwise, texting is much easier for me because I can be multitasking and do other things. If one of my friends call me, I usually let the call go to voicemail, then I will text them back approx. 20 minutes later asking "what's up?"
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  21. Aviv

    Aviv New Member

    Usually I texting with my friends\family on WhatsApp or private messages. but when I know that there is some important case I call.
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  22. sambridgit

    sambridgit Guest

    I would prefer calling over texting because it's better to talk to someone on the phone. I personally think calling someone is an easier way to say when you need to say. Texting, on the other hand, you have to wait for the other person's response. The downfall of texting is that sometimes the person may not response your text in a timely manner. I am not a big fan of texting, much less paying for the text plan in which I don't use it at all.
  23. envyadams

    envyadams New Member

    I definitely like to text more than to call people. I'm a pretty shy and anxious person and I can think more about what I'm going to say when I text. I still enjoy talking on the phone though, especially with my family since I live across the country. Its great to hear their voices when I'm not able to see them for a long time.
  24. Aleah

    Aleah New Member

    I personally would like to call the person rather then text them because i can listen to the other person's reaction and it causes the conversation to be more interesting. I would text on days that i do not have time to talk which is very rare.
  25. arbabbadar

    arbabbadar New Member

    If you are in hurry and you want the answer very quick then i prefer to call but if you are not in hurry then you should text him/her.
  26. Andrew Rf

    Andrew Rf New Member

    I was just talking about this today- CALL! Texting is okay, but I'd much rather hear the person's voice. Texting can get confusing, and in today's society it's rude if you don't text back. I like talking and interacting with people more than texting.
  27. katiemp3

    katiemp3 New Member

    Typically if I'm trying to make plans with someone and it's going to require a lot of back and forth discussion, I would rather call than type out so many texts. But if I just need to ask a quick question or just to say hello I will usually text.
  28. ankit verma

    ankit verma New Member

    I always prefer to call than text anyone.If you call anyone then most of the times you will get a response which is good and in the text it is not necessary that you get the response.Another thing is that text is extra time consuming than call.If you do not get response from the call then it does not tease you much but not getting answer from the text is so much irritating.With call you can talk more in less amount of time which is very important.
    thank you
  29. Bonyi

    Bonyi New Member

    It depends on the message I want to pass across. If it has to do with figures and numbers, I will rather text so as not to miss out any thing but I want to give out an instruction I call.
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  30. Caddyman

    Caddyman New Member

    I used to hate texting and thought it was a fad lol. Friends would text me and I would call them back and they would laugh. Now I text non-stop....it was real weird when my kid got a phone and started texting me!
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