Text or call?

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  1. I prefer hearing the person's voice so that I know their emotion through their voice and know how they feel. It is important to know how the person on the other line feels so that you can respond accordingly. In texting, they can respond with a "yes" but what they really feel like saying is "no". At least when you are talking to the person over the phone, even if you cannot see their facial reaction, it could still reflect in the tone of their voice how they feel. I really prefer call over text especially if it's an important matter.
  2. Kim-imat98

    Kim-imat98 New Member

    I had always prefer to use texting in communicating with everybody even with my family members. It get stuttering whenever I talk even in face to face. It's hard for me to accumulate my thought all of a sudden while in texting people wont know if I'm straggling in thinking on how to respond. In texting I could always express my thoughts whereas in calling my ideas are always get muddle due to my anxiety of what the person the line is thinking of how I talk. But in terms getting a response from an important info calling is the best option. Some people are not the texting type, they prefer to call and the answers to their query instantly.
  3. ianjames25

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    It really depends on the situation. There are times when you want to ask someone about something or you want them to do something and you need their reply ASAP, then a call would be most appropriate. On the other hand, when you want to send someone some important info and/or instructions, a text message is a lot more reliable because that person on the other line will be reading your text, this ensures that he gets your message correctly.
  4. adron07

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    As I grew older, I learned that calling is way better than text messages and you can actually hear the person you are communicating to at the other end of the line. On the other hand, the text message is still important as it allows you to communicate with the other person but it provides lesser information about how the other person feels as he/she send the message.
  5. iqbal19851

    iqbal19851 New Member

    Well with the time things change, in start call would be the 1st option to anyone to call for me but now a days its more likely that you give reply by text messages.One of the reason so many social media things involve into connecting people with in the circle or even globally now.in my thinking calling is always more good option,as its make easy to explain your things more clear in more easy way, if you have to talk something about in general.texting give you an option to say in reply if you have a very short answer like saying yes or no, or if you are busy and cant take the call s you can handle the situation.
  6. mikeg14

    mikeg14 New Member

    I prefer to call rather than texting, especially when I'm in a hurry. I rarely do texting if that person whom I was calling to his/her phone is unattended. Making a phone call is most perfect way to call someones attention rather than texting. Because you can easily get the idea or the answer from the person whom you want to talk to. And it is an excellent way to know exactly the piece information you want to know from that person. That's the reason why I prefer making a phone call rather than texting.
  7. Lhiza

    Lhiza New Member

    For me, I'll go with calls. If you need to get in touch with the person immediately and needs a faster response making a phone call will be perfect. You can get an answer immediately, unlike with text you do not have any idea if the person already got your message.
  8. Albrenny

    Albrenny Member

    Hands down texting, calling is a headache most of the time the other person hardly answers or answers and says “I’ll text you, can’t talk”. So to avoid all the stress of calling I just prefer to text. Unless it’s important then I would go directly to calling.
  9. RD2.0

    RD2.0 New Member

    I'm guilty of these text conversation because i call them like a parking lot meter. Aldo call have a same problem, you can allow to call them but for a few times only because some of providers didn't have a unlimited call on their promos.that's why i don't know what is the best for the mobile user. Because all have disadvantage in any telecom company.

    A bad comment like this can be use to develop their promos in the near future to have the good service for the mobile users.
  10. Cleopatra23

    Cleopatra23 New Member

    I feel like I can express myself better when texting because I have time to think of a good reply and I feel the same about the person who texts me.

    So to answer your question, I prefer text messages as they are more thought out and much more sincere.
  11. Frances Garrett

    Frances Garrett New Member

    I prefer texting becuase the phone tends to heat up when its been used for more than an hour. If you choose not to comunicate with anyone, its your choice just to text.
  12. Frances Garrett

    Frances Garrett New Member

    I prefer text becuase the cell phone tends to over heat when I"m talking longer than a half hour. Also if you don"t feel like talking just text a word or two.
  13. markaquino

    markaquino New Member

    I personally would like to call the person that I want to talk to as gives security and real time respond. Though, sometimes, if I'm doing something and it will hard for me to put my phone on my ear and talk I would rather send a text cause it gives you time to respond to the message. Nowadays, you can already subscribe to unlimited call and text but for a guy like me that is not always on the phone, I normally choose to have unlimited text and plenty of calls as I always busy and doing so many things and can't afford to stay on the phone. It's cheap and gives you more days of subscription.
  14. fajardo.d16

    fajardo.d16 New Member

    CALL!!! I believe in text, many of us experiencing misunderstanding because in text you can't really express what is in your mind or heart. So in some cases the reader will unexpectedly get mad of what you have just text because obviously he/she did not really get what your trying to say.
  15. grantoots

    grantoots New Member

    Texting is ok if its only for chatting but having a long conversation with someone its tiring to type in your screen long messages, so calling is more compatible in that situation and in terms of emergency where in you need to get an answer "ASAP" I prefer a call.
  16. Kutuku63

    Kutuku63 New Member

    I always prefer call over text, but sadly everytime I call my friends, they always close the call then text me instead. I guess this day, people think phone call is too intimate, you only do that with your family, close friends, and your significant others.
  17. Kutuku63

    Kutuku63 New Member

    Sorry, double post
  18. porkkyextra

    porkkyextra Member

    I would rather text someone because the person might not be available all the time. Is i sent the person a text atleast he/she can read it whenever he/she's already on their phones. But if it's urgent, then a call is needed
  19. jhayc06

    jhayc06 New Member

    I prefer to use call, Because in call no hustle just dial a phone number click a call button and when the caller answer it you speak what you like to speak no typing no words deleted in when your wrong. no more wrong send and in call there's a conference you can call 4 person together. and important in call if you have an emergency to say to your friends or parent or in your love ones they immediately know what you want to said. Unlike in Text, Sometimes there's a delay.
  20. gfernando

    gfernando New Member

    I totally agree that it is still better to call the person rather than sending a text message. I have been training our Sales Consultants to make sure that they have tried calling their clients first. Specially if it's a bad news, we should always have the courtesy to call the person first. Sending text message is still considered as informal.
  21. paula2761

    paula2761 New Member

    Calling someone is certainly better in many situations but isn't it great to able to send a quick text when time is an issue and all is needed is a short reply or to simply let someone know you may be on your way. Having said that I love hearing a friend's voice.
  22. SweetLucky

    SweetLucky New Member

    Call of course!

    Wouldn't you prefer to hear your friend actually laughing rather than read "Hahahaha" and wonder if it's really happening on the other end?
  23. Huggypillows

    Huggypillows New Member

    Call call call I much like to hear someone voice its more easy to know the person if you are talking with them on call. You will know them easily base to their voice. You will hear them laugh when they are happy and you will know if they are annoyed or something. Action speak louder than words it same to call. I can understand someone more if I'm talking with them. You can hear it from their voice what kind of person they are and it make closer to someone every time we talked. Talking is more deeper for me
  24. seech

    seech New Member

    I don’t really like how sound my voice in phone, so I will go for text message. And everyone around me prefer send text than call except when they have an emergency issues.
    With text message even if you cannot reach the person you call. You are sure that he has the information.
  25. demimatos

    demimatos New Member

    I actually prefer calls. Like you can actually interact with the other person better, also know their tone when talking. Also, it let you most likely to be more secure when talking because you cannot take a screenshot of your voice.
  26. meaesteves878

    meaesteves878 New Member

    I don't usually answer calls if I don't know the number who is calling and I just text him/her first before answering the phone.
  27. Arnsl Gonzales

    Arnsl Gonzales New Member

    If we are referring to just one person i would choose to call rather than text, why?
    Because it is a better communication than text, you can hear the other persons thoughts through his or her voice. You can directly know that's persons answer in your conversation.
  28. jagcer

    jagcer New Member

    I prefer to call so that we can have clear conversation with each other being able to say what ever came up in your mind to that person. It develops your communication skill trough talking rather than texting. Giving a effort to call someone guarantee your sincerity to talk to that person and you want to have a personal conversation.
  29. Adirad1994

    Adirad1994 New Member

    I would text but it on how I feel that day or my phone if it going to let the call go through.
  30. Loopy

    Loopy New Member

    Would say call is best. One can get a lot more sorted on one call, which may take many texts to sort. Although if one is caught in a class or meeting texting is the silent chat. Sometimes text messages may not go through though, for a while depending on ones' network, which is another advantage of calls. Video calls are another plus nowadays too of course over texts.

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