Text or call?

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  1. Jedo

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    As a rule, call when you want to hear your date's voice, when you're upset, and when you plan on talking for a few minutes or longer. On the other hand, text to say hello, good morning, or good night, or to make specific plans that don't require an actual phone conversationText messages: short, sweet, and efficient. While there are still times when a phone call is better than a text, there remain many instances when a text is not only convenient, but encouraged.If you’re on the bus and chatting on the phone while surrounded by strangers, I can tell you, you’re everybody’s least favorite person on the bus. The exception here being if you’re on a bus with winos or passengers who yell at everybody (usually one in the same), but do you really want to be associated with that crowd? Note: I don’t know why a two-person conversation won’t bother me a bit, but HALF of a two person conversation, that just throws me over the freaking ledge. It’s not logical, but I don’t make the rules. Text on the bus.
  2. Allen123

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    Years ago, making a phone call on the cellular phone was a huge advancement in the communication, nowadays texting has become the main form of communicating. Before, the only portable phones were in cars. It weighed about 2.5 lbs. and the battery life lasted for about 20 minutes. According to Motorola.com, Cooper considered the inventor of the handheld cellular phone and the first person to make a phone call in public on a handheld cell phone. In 1977 cell phones went public.

    Nevertheless, texting give us some time to consider carefully before saying what we think. On the other hand, it will be better if we use texting to replace short conversation. To add to that, texting on the mobile phone is less costly than calling. More specifically, a simple message would cost about a few dollars, whereas a minute if talking would probably cost more. You just need to type a message and send, so easy.
  3. Mayouf

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    I love texting. I think everybody feels free while they are typing. When you call, you may talk with unarranged speech. Because of that, I love texting instead of call!
  4. ConradeVanOrton

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    Well It totally depend on situation. Sometime you like to call someone you talk to hours but sometimes we like to text.
  5. denniszzbl

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    Well, initialization through a phone call is much more efficient and effective in communicating certain topics or aspects that would need to address to the recipients. Texting does give a simple and short, precise information but it does not convey an overall understanding on what's going on.
  6. madpotz23

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    Basically, it depends on the situation. If you need a response as soon as possible, it is much better to call than text. The downfall of calling is that it is more expensive than texting especially when the network you are calling is different from yours. Texting on the other hand is easier if you are multitasking and if you are too shy and you don't know what to answer, you can think more of what you're going to say.
  7. Heide017

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    I would rather choose texts than call.
    Why? Because there's certain words or feelings that we cannot express or say through call. It must be easier to write what we are wanted to say, we can completely say what we really want someone to hear. We have more freedom in expressing ourselves in writing without the feeling of coyness and frustration.
  8. Jomari-QyEG

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    What you can accomplish on an hour long phone call significantly outweighs that of a text conversation. Don’t believe me? Imagine this:

    Someone texts you, “how have you been?! what have you been up to?”

    You back track in your mind to the last time you’ve spoken to this individual. You quickly summarize the major key events that have happened, nothing more than listing them in somewhat chronological order, and conclude at where you are at now. You hit send.
  9. rjcorbilla

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    Well for me, it is essential to use both. When you have to rush and inform someone you may use call for faster transfer of communication. But text is sweeter especially when you are missing your loveone that you have to tell her/him in a very romantic way.
  10. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    text and call are much more important and cellphones because if youa re doing something which is important you can just text the person on whom you want to txt and same as through with call you call the person if you are not busy
  11. jseyfferdt

    jseyfferdt New Member

    I prefer texting as I am always nervous to talk on a phone to someone, I know it is weird, because what is the worst thing that can happen? Well, basically nothing. But I always feel nervous especially if I do not know the number. I also prefer texting because I can write someone a message and they have time to think it through when they have time and they can reply on their time. With texting I mean like with WhatsApp, Viber, Wire, I haven't sent an SMS in ages!
  12. Patpat

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    Technology has brought us the opportunity to simply text a “YES” to confirm doctor’s appointments, haircuts, teeth cleanings, massages, etc. It’s an incredible time saver and, bonus, it can also be joined with the benefit of “Reminders”.Whether it’s to a roommate, partner, friend or yourself (guilty), text messages serve as great reminder tools. Addresses, grocery items, upcoming events, etc. can all be conveniently stored in a text message for future reference. “Don’t forget the eggs!” requires no memory if it’s sitting in a text. Without that text, you could end up thinking, “What did he shout when I was running out the door again? Bananas? I think it was bananas… I’ll get bananas.”or any place where people go to relax, it’s best to text. Much like the bus, if your voice is the only one echoing through a quiet space, you’re doing others a disservice. Somehow, there is still a portion of our population that seems to believe that being seen on a phone call *wow* makes them seem important. Everybody has a phone now. It’s not new technology and you’re not curing cancer. Allow those looking for peace and quiet to enjoy the sound, or lack thereof, of your silence.
  13. cuarezpaul

    cuarezpaul New Member

    For me, it seems that text messages has become the most popular form of communication. However, it doesn’t mean that phone call conversation is gone. Advancement in communication can give us some trouble deciding whether to call or text. It’s not just a matter of personal preference between you and the person you want to contact. When you know what to consider, the decision becomes easier. In some cases, when i need to talk to somebody urgently, i prefer to call him rather than texting him.
  14. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    I do always send a text, because safe and protect my conversation amongst the numerous people around me, is always more easy way of communicating.......
  15. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    I normally, sent a text message to clearly distinguished my correspondence with efficient understanding and quickly digest of my words, rather than to call, because when I sent the text messages, my receipt will be able to see, read and digest my words, rather call. For instance if am calling my correspondence at a certain time and my correspondence it a little busy, we may not understands each other when calling because of the activity he engaged in when am calling him/her. But in text messages, he can be able to read all what I sent to him/her at his/her convenient time.
  16. CristalMonreal

    CristalMonreal New Member

    I prefer calling than texting, although texting is very convenient because of the promos like "unli" in just a low cost. Yes that's affordable, but you will encounter a lot of misunderstanding. While in calling, you can express your real feelings accurately because of your voice tone. You can determine whether the person whom you converse with is still paying attention and still understanding what you're saying. You can even talk to someone immediately without miscommunication. Sometimes texting has technical errors such as some can't receive your message or what you call "late receiver" which results to an argument. There are also technical errors in calling like broken calls but it's understandable. By calling, it is like you're really with that someone in the other line.
  17. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    Usually, I prefer to text than calling. I am into social media nowadays so I really prefer chats/text because I can still navigate same device without interruptions. I can surf and reply easily on my phone. Additional to that, I am not used to "talking/calling", I easily get bored when out of topic unless when you text, you can still think more what to type. Only calls someone if there's an emergency.
  18. ghie6413

    ghie6413 New Member

    If you have load for calling it is better than texting also it is easy to express what are your opinion, points, instructions when you are calling and taking straight to the person.
  19. jamesbaya

    jamesbaya New Member

    I prefer texting to calling, because you cannot be certain whether the person you're trying to reach is in a position to answer your call; maybe they are in a class teaching, in a restaurant eating, or in a restroom responding to a call of nature.
  20. hstinscdln

    hstinscdln Member

    It depends upon the situation. But I am more of a "text" person than a "call" person. I am having a hard time answering people on the spot so text is yay for me. It takes a lot less courage than to call someone and suddenly get asked by questions that you need time to think of. However, there are times that I need to call someone especially during emergencies. Call comes in handy when you need an answer right away and get the information you need.
  21. miztahimik21

    miztahimik21 New Member

    I prefer to use calling since it is a very fast way to communicate. Example if you have emergency matter.
  22. paulcesna

    paulcesna New Member

    A good communication is a two way process. People often have misunderstandings due to miscommunications. Texting is good, specially if we need to leave an important message to somebody who cannot answer our call, but it also has greater risks of misunderstanding each message from both parties. So, for me, I prefer to make a call.
  23. abowman51

    abowman51 New Member

    I enjoy texting more, because you don't have to be "on your toes". When you call someone it's more of a time commitment as well.
  24. Lordify

    Lordify New Member

    Texting and making a call are two different means of communication over long distance. Texting could be in form of emails, conversing through chat apps or simply old-fashioned SMS(Short Message Service), etc. I believe each of these avenues of sending and receiving information solves a particular problem associated with tastes, time factor, disability(sight and hearing), speed of reply, official setting, etc as regards communication. Whether, texting or phone calls, the individual, event or setting determines the appropriate avenue of digital communication over long distance.
  25. leovinodbelen

    leovinodbelen New Member

    Text or Call? for me its more confortable to used phone call, rather than using texting. Its more easy to used than texting and reliability. You can verify more clearly that the person you want to contact is the person than youre talk to but in texting sometimes the person you text is not the real person replaying you too.
  26. Dipper

    Dipper New Member

    Texting. Having to pick up or call someone gives me that awkward feeling. I stutter especially if it's a stranger (when you order foods through phones). I like texting more since it gives you the time to think and review your message before delivering it.
  27. omondiphil

    omondiphil New Member

    When I am free, with no work I prefer to spend some time texting. However, when busy I always call. Recently, texting has not been my thing, because they are prone to be misunderstood and at the same time, one does not get an instant reply. So I prefer calling always!
  28. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    For me, Call is very important rather than a text. Because call is more on accurate side unlike text is just a sweet message type of communication.
  29. Neya

    Neya New Member

    I prefer texting, but sometimes i feel the need to call someone. Sending a message, in my opinion, means more freedom, if you don't want to go somewhere or do something you can just text an excuse without having to have a valid excuse. A phone call might mean you don't have a lot to do or can reveal information you don't want to. In the end nowadays people are not that used to talk to eachother.
  30. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Well it depends on the circumstances ,a text you can express your point of view then choose when to reply .A phone call will normally involve issues raised directly by the caller which will require direct responses .I prefer a text , its easier and faster .Thanks Jordan Durante

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