Text or call?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by jgrullon48, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Porps

    Porps New Member

    It's very easy just to pick up your phone and dial directly to someone you like to speak. But sometimes sending a text message makes the spelling correct. Real talk.
  2. I prefer texting. I'm the type of person who doesn't like talking much. Text doesn't really bother me but when my phone(which i only use as alarm, music, and gaming) rings, my reaction was like:[​IMG]
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  3. dlhathaway94

    dlhathaway94 New Member

    I prefer to text, at this point in my life.

    I suffer from a great deal of anxiety, and executive dysfunction. So, not only can I not manage to work myself up to actually making a phone call - even if it is something I know I MUST do - I have extreme difficulty articulating myself once the call is placed due to an entire plethora of anxiety-fueled fears. Texting allows me a medium with which I am both comfortable and familiar, which makes it easier to express myself; even professionally. I recently discovered that some companies are even scheduling their interviews through text now, and that filled me with relief and joy - particularly because I don't like to answer my phone if I do not recognize the number.
  4. elai19

    elai19 New Member

    I prepare for a call because it easy to communicate with the people you love, friends and family, but because the registration of call to our country is too expensive. I only registered for a Text promo only..
  5. Carlo28

    Carlo28 New Member

    I prefer "Call" cause text messages allow you to carefully craft your messages, but they atrophy your ability to make spontaneous conversations. Making calls isn’t just good practice for talking comfortably on the phone, but strengthens your ability to make unscripted conversation in general.
  6. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    I prefer calling someone ,than texting because it looks like a direct or real connecting between the both of you
  7. reacobe

    reacobe New Member

    I prefer to call especially father because first of all my father don't know how to text. How can I text someone who don't even know how to read a text message. Kidding aside I like calling more because sometimes I can't express what I really want to say in just texting.
  8. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    This is really a hard one. I have to say it just depends on the situation. For instance if you are at work and you just want to ask your mom if she can order pizza when you get off work, then definitely text. On the other hand if you want to ask a girl to be your girlfriend than you should call.
  9. recca06

    recca06 New Member

    i prefer call , because you will clearly talk with everyone :)
  10. Joanine19

    Joanine19 New Member

    I really prefer in texting, I don't know why, maybe because I love writing and really hate speaking.
  11. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    calling someone is so much more easier because you get to really say what you want and voice out your opinion while texting only gives small details of what you wanna say
  12. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    Call. Because you can say all you wan't to say from that person, If text, you don't have time to explain everything. so much better if call that's a very advantage to a text, if your typing is slow it's better to call Her/Him because it's look like your talking in person.

  13. kiziah08

    kiziah08 New Member

    I would prefer calling than texting. It is way easy to communicate and both parties can understand what is the message is all about. Or easy to express what you want to say to the other person rather than misunderstanding what you want to say to him or her by just texting it.
  14. Isaac mwewa

    Isaac mwewa Member

    Texting is much fun, with these new features that exist in Morden cell phones, emojis , stickers , attachments and others. Texting comes handy almost all the time when voice service is unavailable.
  15. GuestHu

    GuestHu New Member

    I would prefer texting because a call has its own time limit and sometimes the receiver might not heard me due to weak signal and might frustrate me and lead me to tap the red 'end-call' button. But, if it is urgent or an emergency I would prefer a call because texting the other person might be busy and his phone is in silence mode and I need to notify them by making their phone ring or vibrate.
  16. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    Call definitely. Texting is so impersonal although it does have advantages when you're wanting to get a message across without alerting anyone in the area what you're trying to say!
  17. SurferJo

    SurferJo New Member

    Call if it's important or urgent. Text if not. It depends on the level of importance of the message. But when texting becomes tiresome, I'd give that person a call.
  18. Herbz

    Herbz Member

    I prefer text if its not that urgent but if it is then ill call that person..
  19. Dekaron

    Dekaron New Member

    Text for me. When someone calls, specially my friends or family. I often ask them to text me instead. I'm working most of the time from my regular job and online jobs. So I rarely get up my phone calls, since I need to stay focus on what I hear and need to hear. But I do pickup calls when I'm not busy
  20. bbon1125

    bbon1125 New Member

    Personally it depends. Text is the common way to communicate but when it comes to urgency calling someone is the best way to reach out to a person that needs an urgent attention.
    When it comes to business, professional level always call to convey clear vocal cues and text is also acceptable when it comes to business but in some other way like short messages and reminders.
    Thank you.
  21. azufugue

    azufugue New Member

    This may sound really lame, but I'd like to be texted to arrange a time to have a phone call and then chat up over the phone. I'm so busy that I'm hardly ever around my phone and I'd prefer to chat without my baby squealing in the background as she plays with her toys. I'm also just a horrible texter. I see messages and then forget they are there and never get back to people, it's best to just text me, "hey when are you free to chat?" And then we can have a real conversation like real people! lol
  22. xshayx

    xshayx New Member

    Call of course. It's more convenient specially for us on-the-go person.
    It is also a lot safer for me specially crossing the road or when your outside. You can look around while having a conversation with someone on the phone but you can't focus when your texting.
  23. MarleyMngo

    MarleyMngo New Member

    definitely text! it allows you to think and express yourself fully especially for us people who lack communication skills and are shy. its easier to ignore someone over text to. whereas a phone call limits your time to think and it is also difficult to ignore a call.
  24. yasilius

    yasilius New Member

    I rather call, it takes a lot longer to write what you want to say. I don't like to stare at the screen for a long time. Also I like to be able to hear the voice of the person that I'm talking to. I believe that the text message does not convey what you really mean if someone cannot hear your voice and it might lead to misunderstandings.
  25. kirsten0105

    kirsten0105 New Member

    I prefer call, texting can with long convos can pretty much have misunderstanding and its hard conveying messages it takes time as well, but with call you talk with the right tone and message misunderstanding is lessen, can communicate clear and fast, and you can multitask abit too. Text is okay for short and brief conversation.
  26. gailceleryo

    gailceleryo New Member

    I prefer to call the person so that if there are any concerns, they can always go straight to the point. It is also more convenient go talk than to type a text. But of course, it always depends upon the situation. If it’s urgent, I think calls would be better but if you’re just going to inform the person like, “I’m going home” or “See you later” those type of conversation can be saved as a text to avoid the inconvenience that we would cause the other person. And let’s be honest, I think it would be annoying if someone would call you and they will say things that are not so important.
  27. crheart

    crheart New Member

    Depends on who it is... If a number calls my phone and I don't recognize it, I typically won't answer. I wait until they leave a message and call them back. I prefer texting once a relationship is established with a person. Texting has been looked down on in so many ways, but I think it has been a positive change. Talking can be time consuming and inconvenient. Texting helps get things done/communicated when the time is right for both parties. A lot more can be accomplished with texting.
  28. mia13

    mia13 New Member

    I prefer calling rather than texting. I always want to receive quick responce especially if it's work related. It's kinda a nerve wrecking experience for me when I ask a question and my friends wont reply immediately. I like texting when I was in highshool and I hated calls because I was a bit of an introvert. But as of this moment I now prefer calls.
  29. baunty

    baunty New Member

    I really like texting over phone calls. The reason is that I like the short beep of the text message notification over long continuous loud ringing. If the person is super close to me I don't mind calling but other than that I really like the idea of texting. It is quiet, non intrusive and moreover you can take your time to explain your thought.
  30. Toyabank404

    Toyabank404 Member

    It depends on the conversation. I don't mind talking on the phone but prefer text messaging. If i'm around other people texting is the best option but the only thing about texting is that it can be taken wrong depending on what you type. The benefits is that you can say something you probably wouldn't be brave enough to say like asking someone on a date!

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