Text or call?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by jgrullon48, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. jldg

    jldg New Member

    I prefer texting. I am an introverted type of person and I really don't like to communicate with other people often in a way that I could hear their voice or see them.
  2. jeangrullon

    jeangrullon New Member

    I tend to make phone calls only when I need to be sure that the message is instantly received. Otherwise, I feel like texting (any form of written messaging) is overall more practical and time efficient.
  3. jeangrullon

    jeangrullon New Member

    For me it was quite emotional when my son first texted me when he was six! Mixed emotions actually...
  4. matthewlamar

    matthewlamar New Member

    Definitely text, this will help you save important information and create information to one that does not have good communicating skills, you see calls really need you to be audible or loud enough but texting you just have to write it down, calls take too much credit while in texting its really cheap.
  5. Kels01

    Kels01 New Member

    Call because normally Text don't have any emotion, so normally people usually misunderstand what people texted them. So basically it's good to do a call so people don't misunderstand what you want to say to them
  6. abfranco

    abfranco New Member

    I would say that i'd rather call than send a text to someone. Because we sometimes misunderstood messages we received from texting. While calling is more precise and direct message to the recepient.
  7. Nariman

    Nariman New Member

    Call me old fashion, but I prefer calling over texting. I rather call and listen to the persons voice rather then texting. I been married for 10 years and we talk more over the phone then we do in person, and maybe that is why we are still married (joking). When I need my husband to grab me something from the grocery store I usually call him and let him know, then I text him just so he doesn't forget.
  8. jaytthrow

    jaytthrow New Member

    It depends on a person but me, I would choose text. Except for the emergency because it should be call. But usually I use text than calling someone because call takes a lot of effort holding a phone and it takes time. In call you should give your full attention to the one you are talking to. Unlike in text that if you are doing something you can just reply later if it is not that important. And in terms of good conversation, you still can have good conversation through text. You can smile because of a text message, you blushed because your crush texted you. I know you experienced that. ;););););)

    MOOMOO New Member

    I hate constant texting. I prefer talking on the phone, especially if the other person is naturally conversational. However if I don't like the person that I want to talk I prefer texting. But usually I prefer talking on the phone. It’s a much more natural and direct form of communicating.:)
  10. rinnezerah

    rinnezerah New Member

    Before, I prefer to text than call because it is convenient for me, I can talk to a lot of people at time. I can also think things through first before I reply so its good. But then, these days I prefer to call than to text because texting takes a lot of my time and I don't have much time of it as of now for the reason that I am currently busy with school. Also, with call, I don't have to wait a couple of minutes or hours just for a reply, also, if it just so happen that my mate doesn't have a load, I can still a get a response because it is after all a call.
  11. CabbageEye

    CabbageEye New Member

    It's 2019, if I get a phone call (especially if it's unplanned) I will panic and stare at the phone until it goes to voicemail. Phone calls are honestly a nightmare for me, making them or receiving them. The over call static makes it so hard to understand the other person, repeating yourself several times is incredibly awkward, and it's much easier to just type it and send it in a message. Whatever you need to get across, the magic of instant messaging exists for a reason. A call with a loved one/a close friend is different to me, it can be nice to hear someone's voice and just casually talk. If it's call vs. texting for an actual purpose- ie: setting up an outing, planning dinner- I'll take texting easily.
  12. Reneew22

    Reneew22 New Member

    depending on who is calling me, I rather text due to my constant anxiety. the majority of the time, I man up and I answer it if It's from someone I don't know or I don't talk to this person a lot but for some reason, they're calling me. I really prefer to text because I can plan what I'm going to say and how I'm going to say it compared to a phone call where my anxiety goes up through the roof and I have to make up on the spot what I'm going to say.
  13. LookWhoStalkin

    LookWhoStalkin New Member

    If it is emergency, urgent or important to discuss something then it is probably a CALL but TEXT is the most popular type of communication. Phone calls prevail the choice of communication in most business or companies. I use TEXT for short messaging or use it if i don't want to disturb someone.
  14. JersonYT

    JersonYT New Member

    I'll go for a call, Because you will know if He/She acting weird or something. Because texting can make fool even though there acting like worried on you, but the truth is they laughing on you. But who knows right! Maybe things like good or bad.
  15. andrew1998

    andrew1998 New Member

    for me, i prefere text as it give me time to think about my responce and give the write answer i want on he othe hand i takes time than phone calls and it might be misunderstanded
  16. User 21

    User 21 New Member

    Text unless it's an important call or someone that I will need to talk to for an extended time.
  17. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    I choose calling Because I can direct communicate with others and to clarify the orders/instruction and command that given to me,texting are get me lazy because of many words to type and sometimes some instruction not clear.
  18. Irenerichards

    Irenerichards New Member

    While calls are more personal I still prefer texting. Texting gives you more time to think about your reply so you do not say something on impulse and regret it later. It also gives you the choice of when to reply while calls do not give you much of a choice.
  19. rikkabergado

    rikkabergado New Member

    hearing someones's voice is always more special, direct to the point and more quality time. because some people are lazy texter, hours before replying. at least in a call the conversation is non-stop.
  20. Kimi02

    Kimi02 New Member

    I prefer text because as an introvert it allows me to express things I cannot express in words. Texting has always been essential and convenient, but always check your text before sending it to someone.
  21. AnnEquina

    AnnEquina New Member

    I choose “text” rather than “call” for various reasons. First, I have ample time to organize my thoughts before typing my message. I also make sure to review the message I typed to determine the tone, the message it wants to convey and to make it understandable. Then, I can store the text messages I’ve made. Our cell phones can store messages way back several years and these messages if not deleted may come in handy for future reference. Lastly, there are transactions that send text messages or text alerts only like verification codes and OTPs. So, text message is advantageous in most situations.
  22. samie peralta

    samie peralta New Member

    In some situation i prepare calling someone than texting it's more convenient and easier than texting. While on the other situation texting is just way more comfortable in some scenario.
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  23. AdvSrb

    AdvSrb New Member

    I alwas like to call somebody its better for me, texting gets me tired and you don't say always what you want:)
  24. jyousey

    jyousey New Member

    I think it depends on how urgent the situation is. Earlier today, I texted my husband asking if he needed anything from the store. When I got to the store and he hadn't replied, I then called him. My Grandma actually learned to text and she does it all the time and has me send her pictures of my son, but she does get mad if I go too long without calling her. Most of the time, I would rather text.
  25. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    I think call is better. Call can express direct feelings thru the voice of the person. Unlike text you can only read the message they texted to you. You can't determine what emotion the person have. Thru call you can sense it by listening to the voice of the person. Especially today is Valentine's day saying I love you thru call will be more meaningful rather than a text message.
  26. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    I rather call than text its one call away they say. Because you just have to tap and call than to type words it takes time to compose and edit before you send the message. And also the recipient will not misinterpret otr or misunderstood you your message because if you call the feeling of delivering the message will instantly know using your tone while you are taking on the phone.
  27. Robb4424

    Robb4424 New Member

    I guess I am of the old school. Although I am a fan of texting I prefer the option to actually talk to friends. I much prefer to talk to a person when I am conducting business on the phone.
  28. Artemis456

    Artemis456 Member

    I prefer text, i dont like talking to much whether its face to face or not
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  29. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    It depends on the situation if its an important matter to discuss then i would prefer calls than texting. Because im only texting if im just bored or im doing nothing. But everytime there is important thing to say to the person im using calls because sometimes they are busy for whatever reasons they cannot respond as soon as possible another thing is you will still wonder if the phone of the person is working or it's off.
  30. Thorn18

    Thorn18 New Member

    Call. Its more preferable on many ways. If you are a multitasking person and you want to have a task to be done while having an important discussion to someone then call really is needed to be done.

    You can use a the headphone or an earpiece connected to the phone so our hands can move freely. The focus of the person can be shared to its surrounding while talking to the other side of the phone while through text is quite a risk having a focus into the phone while typing what you want to say to that person you will be replying to.

    Also if its about some important conversation a fast communication is always essential for clearer understanding of one side to another. Avoiding the possibility of having an misinterpretation or misread terms that may lead to confusion.

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