Text or call?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by jgrullon48, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    It depends to the person im talking with. But really, im the text type of person.
  2. ultimateuser

    ultimateuser New Member

    Testing is nowadays used as the primary option for communication on the other hand calling is also the most used features on olden years...but for now its all about texting;)
  3. mkrisdc

    mkrisdc New Member

    I usually prefer texting because it allows me to organize my thoughts or reconsider first before sending it to the other person. It allows me more time to think. Whereas for calls, you have a shorter time to think about your answers.
    There are pitfalls to texting, however, like forgetting to respond to a certain message or accidentally sending the message to a different person. Also, some people tend not to answer all questions when it is asked at the same time in one message. In addition, some texts might be misinterpreted since the receiving party can interpret the sender's message differently than intended, so careful wording or even emoticons is useful.
  4. pids18

    pids18 New Member

    It really depends on the situation, but I prefer a call. Hearing the voice of the person you speak is much better for understanding rather than texting. Most of the time, texting leads to misunderstanding.
  5. Aileen635

    Aileen635 New Member

    I also used to prefer texting especially back when it was the new, cool thing to do. Nowadays, calling someone is the way to go for me. You don't need to wait for a response and it's easier to get your point across. I mostly text someone when there are important details that might get overlooked in a phone conversation.
  6. glenda18

    glenda18 New Member

    Calls to loved ones aren't scripted and sound more authentic than text messages. Call if you have an urgent matter. Some people feel compelled to answer calls more quickly than text messages. Person-to-person calls more efficiently convey exactly what you need to resolve the matter.
  7. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    Both is fine actually. But my parents prefer calls. As much as I remember, they never really texted me. Well aside from sending codes and tracking numbers when they're sending something, they would always call me and my sibling right away. Though I never really bothered to ask why, but maybe it's either because they're too lazy to type or they get too bored waiting for replies. Well, on my part, if I'm in a hurry for a response or if what I'm going to say is important, I always call right away. But if people are around and I need to say something private to someone, I'd just send a text message for that.
  8. johnmichaelescalona

    johnmichaelescalona New Member

    for me, it depends if u cant text just use call and u cant use call go for text messaging.
  9. Tarawnehh

    Tarawnehh New Member

    It depends, when I wnat to talk about something important I prefer to call specially if there is details that I want to talk about , but if I want to say something so short with no details I choose text.
  10. Ajacky12

    Ajacky12 New Member

    It depends on what I’m looking for in terms of their response. If I want to talk to them, or I need a quick answer to a question, I prefer to call.
    If I just want to tell them something, or I have a question that I want them to think about before they decide on an answer, a text is sufficient.
  11. rohith0322

    rohith0322 New Member

    It takes less time to speak words than to type them. If you want to tell your mom about your day or discuss weekend plans with your best friend, a call is the better choice. Calls to loved ones aren't scripted and sound more authentic than text messages. Call if you have an urgent matter
  12. anithachirakkal

    anithachirakkal New Member

    It takes less time to speak words than to type them. If you want to tell your mom about your day or discuss weekend plans with your best friend, a call is the better choice.calls to loved ones aren't scripted and sound more authentic than text messages.call if you have an urgent matter
  13. excell99

    excell99 New Member

    Texting someone is more convenient if your busy running errands etc. Talking on the phone to setup plans i do prefer but again with texting someone you can multitask more and not be as distracted. When talking on the phone with someone you have to have 100% focus with that conversation. Alternatively i know some people only do face time with the person with whom they are speaking with. Technology is great but also can be a pain!
  14. bayinnah12

    bayinnah12 New Member

    Being hard of hearing means that I love to text. It also means that you have to work harder to relay meaning. Ive spent so much time conveying my feelings so that others understand but it sometimes still gets misconstrued. When the phone rings I get anxiety that I wont hear so I have another device which allows me to read the text of whoever is speaking on the other line. It takes me time to read however at least I can put meaning to sound. Some of my friends will straight up tell me that they are not into texting and I remind them that its my way of communicating so we use it although they are definitely not into it as i am. LOL. I end up reading my text and or e mails through to make sure people get what I'm saying. Still there's nothing like a face to face conversation. I miss being in group settings and chatting because usually the noise of the group gets in the way of my hearing 100%. Talking on the phone I let people know immediately that I'm hard of hearing so that they will enunciate and communicate a little slower for me. Still the tone whether the voice is high or low, soft or hard sometimes doesn't reach me. Since I love people I've learned to find ways to communicate none the less.
  15. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    I prefer to call than text. Because through a phone call you can tell right away what you want to say and you can tell what is the real reaction of the one you are calling. Its more convenient to call. But it was also better to text especially when you are in a loud area.
  16. amaltt

    amaltt New Member

    Sometimes calling, because if you call for the communication then your emotion will understand in the other side (who is in the other side in your call or who is attending the call). When you text somebody then they don’t text back you in this busy world. Sometimes texting, if you cannot tell the words then the texting is best.
  17. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    i prefer using text messages that is (sms) when am not ready to received calls, its convinient to me and its always easy to use, calls will distract your attention mostly when you are busy with project that is important to you, during such time you dont need any call for full concentration.

    Thou calls enable you to established direct conversation with your caller but that should be when you are done with what suppose to be improtant to you or when you are free ,call should not be welcome when you are busy its going to make conversation less important.
    However both calls and text are as well important.
  18. archiejay

    archiejay New Member

    Call is much more effective and expressive than text. If you are in a hurry and you need urgent response from a person, a call is preferable. In fact, call prevent misunderstanding between two person making a conversation over a landline telephone or android phone because it is easier to give more explanations if there is something that confuses the one you are calling to. Calling can show effectively how you care about the person and how important he/she is to you. In addition to that, it is more personal than texting and efficient to any sensitive issues.
  19. Alkmendo

    Alkmendo New Member

    I used to hate texting and thought it was a fad lol
  20. jedcorinne

    jedcorinne New Member

    I believe that calling is the best way to communicate to others. Personally, I think texting is a lazy way to connect. First reason why I'd prefer calling than texting is that, by call you can convey the emotion to the person you are calling. Texting sometimes seem to be emotion less. Phone calls can be effective especially if you have a close relationship with the person you're calling.
  21. enel1

    enel1 New Member

    For me, text is preferable than call. It often has some advantages. Texting allows us to plan out what was the message and letting us revised it if we need to edit it for some reason. First is in some cases, like traveling, texting on the phone is not irritating and insensitive to those people around us. It could also make them feel annoyed or disturbed. We can’t much say everything on call by this because of noisy surroundings and it would not be clear to hear to a person we are calling. Second is when in danger, texting is one way to get help.

    Third, there’s also a time that we are discussing sensitive information so if we are in a public place, it is not comfortable to have a conversation that others could hear what we are talking about. It is better off sending text than trying to have a secretive or hushed phone call. The fourth advantage is for an inflexible schedule, texting is the way to go. If we are really busy or can’t make a call, texting is another way to provide contact to some important matters. Fifth is most people engage business to turn into text for communicating effectively. A lot of customers prefer texting so it could be one thing to consider for business people to draw attention to their business. Lastly, introverts’ people can’t express their emotions and thoughts over the phone call.

    In addition to some advantages we get on texting we are at our convenience and ease of use. Information is easy to recall just by looking back the retrievable transcript.
  22. EeenJay

    EeenJay New Member

    It depends, but for me most of the time i find "call" more personal and time-saver. Especially if you're expressing emotions, making call is cool!
  23. odao09

    odao09 New Member

    I preferred Call than text, you can voice out what have felt inside to someone whiling calling.
  24. Charies

    Charies Member

    It depends on the situation because their is a case that you need to text that to call or vice versa. Like for example, in the noisy area-its better do some texting than calling so the the message will deliver it properly.
  25. donald78

    donald78 Member

    It takes less time to speak words than to type them. If you want to tell your mom about your day or discuss weekend plans with your best friends, a call is a better choice. Calls to love ones aren't scripted and sound more authentic than text messages. You have to call if you have an urgent matter. Calling is much more personal than texting and is always useful when you need to convey some news to a person, but you're away from them. On the other hand, according to recent health guidelines, using your Smartphone to text can be safer than making calls. The radiation emitted from mobile phones can cause long term impacts.
  26. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    I prefer to call because i explain everything and say what i want in the moment, and i know that the other person knows it, but of course sometimes a text is nice too because we could be busy or we could be talking to someone special and be shy.
  27. Shadzwrite

    Shadzwrite New Member

    You would think this one is a no brainer right ? Because... if you reach the point of having someone's number along with the audacity to anticipate their answer, then you should already have an idea of if they'd prefer a text or a call. And if you don't know my friend, I promise you they dont want to be called.

    With that being said, this is really a matter of preference. Some persons like texting, others don't and vice versa i would imagine. However, the method of communication you choose should be based on the preference of the person you are trying to contact or the level of importance of the message.
    If this is an informal conversation to be had, i can't imagine texting to be an issue with anyone from the milennial or Genz era. I would say,text first, and get to know if that person minds being called(if that is your preference)
    If you are trying to reach out to an older individual,(Genx & baby boomers) i'd say a phone call is the way to go.
    However,phone calls most certainly have their purpose. Regardless of age or communication preference,when delivering tragic news or any kind of formal address, a phone call is the only appropriate means of communication.
  28. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    i prefer texting than calling, i'm a sentimental person so i prefer texting because when you text you can keep the messages in your phone and look back at it after so many years.

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