Texting or Talking?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Jada Morton, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Jada Morton

    Jada Morton New Member

    Between texting and talking on a cellphone, which do you prefer most? Personally, I enjoy texting, since you can say whatever you have to say to your favorite crush without ever feeling embarrassed. Plus, it's quicker than actually talking on the phone.
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  2. LarissaPenguin

    LarissaPenguin New Member

    It depends on the situation and how much I have to say. If I'm going to be typing out more than three or four sentences in a text, I'd rather just phone the person and save myself the time and effort. That being said, I definitely spend way more time texting than making actual phone calls. It's good for those quick little conversations, or if I'm somewhere where talking on a phone would be considered rude. Either way, I usually only use my phone to make plans to meet up with people. I prefer talking face to face.
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  3. Luke18

    Luke18 New Member

    Texting is definitely my preference. I do not really like talking on the phone, and its much easier to say something over text than in a phone call where the other person can figure out your emotions through your tone of voice and such.
  4. Turtlebunnies

    Turtlebunnies New Member

    I prefer texting, personally. I have a habit of rambling or putting my foot in my mouth when I'm nervous or flustered, and that gets really embarrassing. :oops: I love texting because I have time to think things through before I send them and make sure they are phrased exactly as I want them to be. Also, it gives me more time to think about what answers I'm going to give - if I don't want to have lunch with someone, they don't have to catch hesitation in my voice when they ask me over the phone, and no feelings are hurt! There's a lot less pressure with texting, I feel.
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  5. valeriemccauley

    valeriemccauley New Member

    I enjoy texting generally. I am on the phone with my guy all the time when he is home. It is one of those things. We can't be together right now so we use that as our way to spend time together. Sometimes it is just us sitting together one the phone while we game. Comfy silence is good with us. I do prefer texting all others however, and when my boyfriend and I started out we were texting all the time. It does allow you to open up more to the one who has your heart. I am gonna be aweful for saying this, but I like a text because if I am super busy I can reply super fast be right with you or brb and I dont have to have them waiting on the phone while I finish up. So I am going to say texting, because that is what I do most of the time
  6. valeriemccauley

    valeriemccauley New Member

    Do you ever have that auto correct that totally ruines the entire text? and you spend the next 30 min in texts trying to explain what you meant and that you didn't mean for the stupid auto correct to mess with your text message. I am an auto correct disaster victim... :eek:
  7. leron9999

    leron9999 New Member

    If it's for just quick conversations or sweet nothings, then texting is definitely better since it enables multi-tasking and also allows space for preparing some well-written replies. On the other hand, deeper discussions such as relationship talk or planning is best left for face-to-face discussion. Seeing the other party's facial expression as a reaction to the topic at hand gives me a quick gauge on how well they would receive certain things (bad news, good news, differing opinions, etc.).
  8. Niyev

    Niyev New Member

    I feel like texting offers me more freedom. I can answer whenever I feel like it, so it doesn't disrupt what I'm doing nor do I have to force myself to think of something to say. Talking is good when a lot of details are being communicated, but I hate it for for general conversation.

    Also, some phone conversations are unfortunately long due to the other people talking a lot.
  9. Linda-From-Ohio

    Linda-From-Ohio New Member

    I prefer talking over texting. I like the hearing the sound of one's voice when I communicate with them. Texting doesn't allow this luxury.
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  10. Sheena Mullins

    Sheena Mullins New Member

    I prefer to text over calling. That way I can do other things as well while I'm texting. I can reply when I have the time to. The only time I call is when I have too much to say to text it.
  11. Claire miller

    Claire miller New Member

    I would say i'm more of a texter than a talker, I feel there's more privacy while texting as no one knows what conversation you are having, when out in public it can be quite humourous at times laughing at text and people wondering what you find so amusing, I must say I have done ths numerous times sitting on the bus.
  12. ronita

    ronita New Member

    I prefer talking over texting, I feel more confortable when talking on the phone.With talking, you can communicate a lot and give more details about everything. With texting I paid attention what I am writing. Also, it depends on the environment, if i am at home i prefer talking but if i am outside i like texting.
  13. mzbosslady

    mzbosslady New Member

    I prefer talking over texting because my hands get tired and I always use voice activation to send text messages anyway. I think talking is better because at least when you are talking to someone you are sure they will respond on a text some people ignore text, I know because I do it myself.
  14. knoonz

    knoonz New Member

    Jada, I think I'm with you. Perhaps I'm a little socially awkward, but I find that texting takes a lot of the pressure off of decision making, especially in those very sensitive situations where you want to be sure you're saying the right thing. In my youth, before texting was common, I feel like I often said or agreed to situations that I wouldn't have if I had a moment to think about it. In a way, I imagine teens today can make better choices, even if it's only because of the time to come up with an excuse if they're being pressured into a tough situation.

    Plus, texting is usually much faster! Want to go to a movie at 9:30? That certainly doesn't require a phone call! Phone calls are for long catch-up sessions with old friends and a glass of red wine.
  15. lizzi6692

    lizzi6692 New Member

    I prefer texting. Talking on the phone makes me incredibly anxious. I'm fine talking to somebody in person but the phone makes me so nervous. Especially when I have to call somebody else. I've almost had panic attacks trying to dial a phone.
  16. MommyDonna

    MommyDonna New Member

    I personally do not usually like talking on the phone. There are few people that I would choose to call and talk to over texting. Those people are my husband, mom, and sister. It sounds strange, but making phone calls gives me anxiety. Even if it is to someone I know well. I am always happy when I find out I can text or email that person instead of call.
  17. gracespero

    gracespero New Member

    I must say I prefer texting. Talking to someone in real life is one thing, but when talking on the phone I just get anxious. You know when the other person's words get garbled up and you have to keep asking, "what? What did you say?" After that it just gets awkward. Texting is much less stressful!
  18. HerbiGiraffe

    HerbiGiraffe New Member

    I get really, really shy in front of some people. If I talk to them there's a high possibility that I might stutter, sweats a lot, or just being really awkward looking in front of them. At least by texting I can think about what I am saying without worrying that I might say something inappropriate or just plain rude to them.
  19. EmmaLee65

    EmmaLee65 New Member

    Texting! Talking is so awkward... and if you run out of things to say, it gets even more awkward. I like being able to carry on a conversation while I'm doing other things, and then when I'm done with said conversation, I can just end it whenever I like.
  20. armygal

    armygal New Member

    Texting can be misinterpreted and lead to destruction. I've experienced this first hand. If you are dealing with someone that tends to jump to conclusions, or snap at nothing, then it's best to call them. Calling also provides tone and feeling. It's best to hear what the other person is feeling than to assume. Texting is a great tool if the person is busy and they can reply later. If you're hiding feelings behind texting, then maybe you should be thinking about whether you should be saying it or not. Always be honest, don't play games.
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  21. Beware

    Beware New Member

    This is a challenging question because it all depends on the person you are talking to and what you are talking about.
    If I was talking to a friend about our weekend I would prefer text, but if I was talking to my grandfather about sports I would prefer call.
  22. sarz

    sarz New Member

    I would say overall generally I prefer to talk over texting. Mainly thats probably down to the fact I have so much to say and it is easier to speak it then write it. Also the response is immediate.
    If I am just reminding or letting them know something then txt is best.
    Finally I think there are also times when texts are inappropiate eg. Ending a relationship, or at least some would say.
  23. TonyaLynn_84

    TonyaLynn_84 New Member

    I prefer texting. You can have a conversation with someone and if you need to walk away or do something, you just lay the phone down and go about your business. Wheres talking on phone you sometimes just feel obligated to stay on the phone until they decide it's time to end it.
  24. Aileen Dapitan

    Aileen Dapitan New Member

    I prefer texting but I also like talking. I like texting especially when I'm in an awkward situation and when I'm alone. I like calling people especially if it's urgent. Sometimes I feel awkward talking to people on the phone because it's so awkward when you don't know what to say and it's silent. But if I'm talking to people I love then I can stay on the phone for more than an hour talking a lot about everything. Sometimes I call people and we just laugh and not say anything and it's one of the best feelings in the world. There are advantages and disadvantages of texting and talking on the phone. It depends on who you are talking to.
  25. montreal176

    montreal176 New Member

    I prefer talking on the phone. Over text i feel it is very hard to get my point across. Especially during an argument. The only time i feel texting is a good thing is when you are out in public so you dont have people zoning in your conversations.
  26. lsanat

    lsanat New Member

    It depends. I love talking to the people I care about. The other set... a text would do; then they won't see me eye-rolling.
  27. abr75

    abr75 New Member

    A lot of people have said something similar, but it depends on the situation. Sometimes you just need to share a quick tidbit and don't need a whole conversation, but sometimes its just easier to talk. If the point is to just have a conversation, then I definitely prefer talking on the phone. But if it's making plans, then I like texting because then everything is written down for me and I have a reminder of what time and where I'm supposed to meet someone, etc.
  28. Akei

    Akei New Member

    If the conversation involves a serious subject then I prefer talking than texting. Emotion is palpable while a person talks. No matter what emoticons is used in texting to express real feelings I am still not keen on using them. I can better express my thoughts and feelings while speaking. I do text though to make a quick reply to questions requiring short answer like yes, no or ok.
    With my eyesight getting deemer as I age, texting is not enjoyable for me anymore. Moreover, I dislike those abbreviated words used in texting because I sometimes get confused with their meaning. With that in mind, I am worried with my children's vocabulary as they get used to texting. Possibility of losing their ability to spell words correctly could be high if left unguided.
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  29. preciousangel87

    preciousangel87 New Member

    I prefer to talk on the phone. You can text one thing and feel a different way, I kow from experience. I believe we show our feelings through our voice. Texting can be used for good, but I think it's mostly used for the bad. For example you can text a friend, about someone you don't like in confidence and the next day your approached by the person and wondering how did they know I said that. That's why I prefer old school talking.
  30. sikily

    sikily New Member

    I prefer talking far over texting. Although I agree that texting is very convenient and often gives me a little push in saying more risky things, or being more blunt, if it's between a close friend and I, I prefer hearing that we're laughing or crying together. It sounds strange at first, but it makes me feel like we're closer because we're sharing the moment, and there's no doubt in that, versus sharing a few words that I can glimpse at between classes. Perhaps it's just because I'm a bit old-fashioned and prefer to set out time for things like talking on the phone!

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