Texting or Talking?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Jada Morton, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. HOz

    HOz New Member

    Texting or talking? I think it depends on the situation. I like texting because it is quick and easy and when you are finished with the conversation, you don't have to awkwardly get off the phone, you can just lay the phone down and pretend that you became busy. However, sometimes it is better to talk on the phone if you need to gauge how the other person is feeling or what mood they are in. It is difficult to understand those things if all you see is text, sometimes the way you are feeling influences the way you interpret what the other person has texted you. You may think they mean one thing and they may mean another.
  2. Tavia Curtis

    Tavia Curtis New Member

    Talking is more expressive. I can better evoke emotions and hear direct responses. When talking, I can have the person's attention more directed to me than through text messaging.
  3. jm08green

    jm08green New Member

    It depends on what I who I'm texting and what I need or want to convey. If I just need to give someone a piece of information, I like to text. It's faster and more efficient. If I want someone's opinion on something or just want to chat, then I prefer talking. Nothing can replace voice-to-voice for actually connecting with someone!
  4. Lindzy

    Lindzy New Member

    I agree with Armygal 100%.

    Texting is a great tool for batting information backwards and forwards and for sharing links to information: a picture that will make you smile or a video of a hot new tune. It is also great for helping to get through the mundane tasks of the day when you can ask your partner what they would like for dinner, or ask your sister what colour dress she will be wearing later or asking your accountant how much tax you have to pay this year. Quick easy exchanges of information when you are in a hurry and need a quick answer without getting into niceties.

    But when I really want to or need to connect with someone I pick up the phone to talk to them. I want to show them that they matter to me and that I am making time to speak to them even though I might not have the time to get across town to be with them.

    Texting is a fab convenient tool for getting across information quickly but it could never replace real human communication and it should not be used to hide behind to convey bad, life changing news. That in my opinion is cowardly.
  5. Huffwut

    Huffwut New Member

    Personally I would say it depends on the person who am I trying to communicate with. If it's a good friend then I don't mind talking cause I know he doesn't care if I say something bad though to text people I guess it's a bit easier cause then you don't have to reply right away as you have time to think ;)
  6. Cassandra Collins

    Cassandra Collins New Member

    I prefer the old school still to this day. In texting there is no tone. I am very big on body language and tone two aspects that are nowhere to be found in the world of texting. Talking on the phone is so much more comfortable for me. I always end up evaluating my texts, deleting it, rewriting it, delete it again....just a complete ordeal of torture for me. Haha! This is why I prefer talking.
  7. helvin

    helvin New Member

    I prefer talking face to face mostly with anyone because it helps to convey any information more efficiently. I believe that through texting, a lot of messages can be easily misunderstood and can lead to an unhealthy relationship between the receiver and the sender of the text message. Texting is certainly a good communication method because not everyone can pick up the phone straight away or is available to talk face to face every time but can certainly read any text messages. From my point of view, talking is way better than texting because a lot more information can be shared.
  8. KitTmas

    KitTmas New Member

    Talking is way better. In a text, I personally can misunderstand. Even though I can get everything I need to say out without interruptions via texting, it is always the question of is the person I'm texting, driving? I just can't be responsible or the last text received if something were to happen. I use texting for quick messages, but for an extended conversation I will call or wait until I see them.
  9. Cadyrowe

    Cadyrowe New Member

  10. Cayla

    Cayla New Member

    I enjoy texting much more than talking on the phone. I really like the fact that in a way it forces you to “think before you speak” which is very nice when dealing with some situations. I find it very convenient that I can also respond when I am available instead of being distracted while previously engaged in an activity or work. If I am busy at this moment I can respond later and not have to interrupt my current obligations. Of course there are certain instances a call would me more appropriate, emergencies or a time sensitive question for example but overall texting is my preferred method of contact.
  11. ZDAWG81

    ZDAWG81 New Member

    Depending on what I am doing and the situation, I will do both. If I happen to be busy and can not takee time to call someone or maybe take a call, I prefer having a conversation in the form of a text message if the situation allows. Sometimes it is just more professional to talk on the phone. Now, if its just friends and even family then texting is what I would rather do.
  12. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I love texting because I have time to think things through before I send them and make sure they are phrased exactly as I want them to be. Also, it gives me more time to think about what answers I'm going to give - if I don't want to have lunch with someone, they don't have to catch hesitation in my voice when they ask me over the phone, and no feelings are hurt!
  13. nobieme

    nobieme Member

    I think it's better to have a personal conversation rather than using a cellphone. You'll get the chance to express how you really feel while in texting, you won't get to see how the person from the other line reacts. It's great to hide behind those gadgets but in life, you have to face things without any filter. Be strong and have the courage to express it.
  14. araysieyy

    araysieyy New Member

    I know talking is better than texting, to know the emotion of the person you're talking to more, but I prefer texting more, because I somewhat get nervous when talking to people or you could say I have a social anxiety. I'm afraid of being judged if ever I made a mistake in talking, unlike in texting, I could still correct and undo the mistakes in the message. But if with the people I'm close with, I'm okay with talking, because I know they will understand me or I know what they'll think in whatever I say, I can comfortably say whatever I want, even to the random things.
  15. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    There are people who have some difficulty in expressing themselves verbally, there are those who do not find it easy to pronounce some words adequately, use silences or pauses between sentences properly, use the appropriate tone and volume of voice or adequately express certain feelings, among other aspects that It is not easy to make the listeners feel properly while we are holding certain conversations.
    Other times we do not give ourselves enough time to think what we are going to say, especially if we have not been attentive or pending to listen to what another person is saying to us.
    When we want to avoid this type of situation, it could be more appropriate, use the "Texting" to communicate, or when we want to be more graphic and use other multimedia resources. but when we want to achieve personal closeness, raise our level of commitment to what we want to convey and make others feel exactly what we are saying, it could be better to use the "Talking" modality
  16. fredtej

    fredtej New Member

    I would prefer texting over talking. Texting gives me more time to organize my thoughts rather than talking. It can have enough time composing what I want to say without unnecessary filler words and noise. Texting also gives the receiver an ample time ti read and respond to your message. Talking, on the other hand, is also important if the message is urgent but if the person you're trying to call is busy then texting is the next best way for you to convey your message.
  17. mark joseph vinco

    mark joseph vinco New Member

    I preferred texting because you can say anything confidently even embarrassed thing you can say in texting and you can't feel the anger of someone you texted.
  18. finlan

    finlan New Member

    Texting is a great tool to use when I am really not available for a in depth conversation. It is also a great tool to use when I want to send a quick message. Texting, is impersonal and offers more opportunity for miscommunication. Therefore, when I am in the process of texting it is my goal to keep information as brief and as direct as possible. I prefer to talk on the phone whenever time permits and I am available to engage in more in depth conversation with someone I really want to speak with. There is more of an advantage when talking on the phone because it allows both parties to gain clarity and give feedback if there is a misunderstanding. It also affords both parties to speak as freely as they need without the stress of trying to figure out desired interpretations through the use of spelling errors when texting. I am definitely more in favor of talking on the phone opposed to texting.
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  19. althealoui03

    althealoui03 New Member

    I prefer talking because I get to see and hear the person's reaction, I just think it's the best way to understand somebody is by talking, I know most people uses texting this days and I'm not going too lie, I use texting as well especially when the person you want to talk to is far from you but talking really helps you to express yourself and tell them what you feel.
  20. roylynv02

    roylynv02 New Member

    i prefere to talk face to face. aside that you are close to each other, you will really grt the bond or closeness that you both are tyring to build
  21. snowflakes-GUAx

    snowflakes-GUAx New Member

    I'd choose talking. Because theres nothing more better than seeing the person and talking to him/her personally right? And also talking with someone makes you know them more, the tone of their voice helps you know the emotions of the person youre talking to.
  22. aprillyn

    aprillyn New Member

    Hi good day .For me i prefer talking because i can see what is the reaction of the people that im talking to, if ever.
  23. jpearl2328

    jpearl2328 New Member

    I prefer talking over texting. I want to deliver the messages right away and have feedback afterwards. If it's just a simple reminder or questions answerable by yes or no, definitely it would be texting. But if there are additional queries and explanations might as well shift to talking. Sometimes text messages are misinterpreted, recipients way of interpreting varies. With talking one can deliver a not so good message into a pleasant one. Aside from the fact that I cannot text as fast as I can talk.
  24. camille_buena

    camille_buena New Member

    Not because I am partly an introvert, that means I would choose texting. In my opinion, talking is way better than texting because way back in the past wherein technology is not yet discovered and invented, people are talking. People talk with each other. People must and shows their real personality since it will be obvious in their voice if they are faking it. For me, texting is somewhat making you a fake person because when texting with someone, you have all the time and resources in the world to prepare for whatever it is that you will tell the other person on the line. You can pretend to be smart because you can think of the right words to tell them.
  25. Ericbreezy

    Ericbreezy Guest

    I prefer talking, that doesn't mean I talk a lot, but when it comes to choosing between talking and texting I'd definitely pick talking over the constant typing.
  26. tinetine31

    tinetine31 New Member

    I prefer texting so that I can text more and more without embarassing.
  27. noaha

    noaha New Member

    You hit the nail right on the head with that first part. I struggle to express myself verbally, and when speaking to people over the phone or face to face I don't feel like I have enough time to think my words over. I'm very conscious of what I say and paranoid about saying something stupid or insulting to others. This really slows me down and I mumble or trip over my words a lot.
    Texting is definitely my go to way of communicating because of those reasons. I also have a tough time hearing people over the phone and always ask them to repeat themselves or just guess what they said which leaves me without half of the conversation.
  28. dmariova

    dmariova New Member

    I prefer texting. I used to work for a telecommunication company and talked with customers 8 hours five days a week since then I have hated to talk, I prefer texting.
  29. CherryNapila23

    CherryNapila23 New Member

    Generally, I prefer talking over texting. Why? Because talking is on a whole new level of communication compared to texting. With texting, there could be a lot of communication barriers like you don't hear the tone or the timbre of voice of the person you are talking to and therefor you might not be able to recognize the emotion or feelings of the person. Talking gets it more personal because you can communicate and express properly.
  30. bellear

    bellear New Member

    If its with a person I am comfortable with, I prefer talking, but if it is someone I am not comfortable with, I prefer texting. Talking to someone I rarely know makes me anxious and surely it will make the conversation an awkward one. If I am talking to someone I am comfortable with, I can be who I am and I can express my thoughts the way I want it to come out.

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