Thanks to technology, Forgotten recipes are making a comeback!

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    Many of the hundred year old cooking books are never digitized, so they are meant to be forgotten by the new generations now. Thanks to technology though, You can now learn some forgotten recipes our ancestors eat and serve them for the new generations.

    Here are some Youtube channels that concentrates with Vintage recipes!

    Towsend is a Youtube channel that focuses on British and American recipes that are over 300 years old!!

    This is a 301 year old fried chicken recipe from 1756 !
    During the Great depression Americans experience a lot of food shortage and poverty. So what do Americans eat during the great depression? Depression cooking is a timely cooking channel that will make you learn recipes you can do if you are super poor.

    Clara was a 94 year old granny who decided to share all her recipes before she died. She would have been 106 years old today.
    Recently , Marilyn Monroe's personal recipes had been discovered. This Iconic actress might have been dead for a long time but her recipes are now on Youtube!
  2. I honestly got dependent to technology when it comes to old recipes because based on my experience i never got the chance to be taught on how to cook special recipes by my grandmother, so now i have my own house whenever Christmas or New Year is approaching I am thinking of what to cook or the special food to be serve during this times. So thanks to technology, Google and YouTube helps me a lot in guiding me step by step to cook the special recipe of my late grandmother.

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