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Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Gtorres08, May 22, 2018.

  1. Gtorres08

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    Who else here loves poetry? Well I do, I really love poetry. Ever since I was young, I had a strong liking on poetry. I, for some reason, find it natural as breathing to write a heartfelt poem. This unique passion of mine landed me the position of a literary editor in my school's publishing organization. The position itself was a gracious opportunity for me to read poems of other people and appreciate their emotions embedded on their work. However, society seems to disregard this art and ridicules it by belittling the so called literary art. This is a sickening part of the society which suppresses us to express our emotions through written text.

    So as a literary editor and a poet myself, may I ask if you find poems a waste of time or not.
  2. jonathan02

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    All I can say is I love poetry we all here can be poet we can write several thing with our opinion and some thoughts we want to share, or even express our feeling in writing. like when you a comment here in some of the forums. When you see and comment againt's your opinion you can't peace yourself to reply back, sometime you will write a very long just to convince or just to justify your thought.

    So for me I really like poetry and I really like to write anything sometimes about what I can see I want to wrote some opinion, I don't like discussion. but I want to express what I wanted to say.
  3. RichardStarrkey

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    I met an older man recently who spend most of his younger days in prison. To pass the time he would read books of all kinds. From fiction, to religion even. It was all there was to do in prison; learn. You could take classes, you could exercise. He didn't want any of that, he wanted to reform. So he began writing poetry. He was in his early twenties then. When he got out from it, a good fifteen years later, he wrote rhymes like water.

    He's 54 now, so picture the progress.

    I asked him to make up a poem at that very moment. You know what he said?

    "The sky is blue,
    I've heard that true.
    If there's one thing known,
    It's always alone."

    That's it, he came up with that instantly. I think the most powerful poems are simple. Say too much and things get lost.
  4. Why is poetry so beautiful and appealing?

    Because it's a way of figuring things out, or if not that much, jotting it down immaculately. I was a person, who had not read a book other an academia, let alone poetry, before 12th grade. Then one day, in my freshmen year, I stumbled upon a 100 year old anthology authoring several poets. A friend lent it to me, and I was blown away by the ability to say things in such less words. Some were rhymed, some were free verses, but the ability to hold on something in one line and create curiosity out of it, and burst it open in the next line or the last, is an amazing experience.

    Poetry is beautiful because it's created with the most attentive instances of our minds, it's appealing because most of the poems are meant to be read by others. Though it's not a first instinct to write something that is appealing, but it's an inadvertent implication of writing a poem altogether.

    And as it was written in one answer, not all poems are appealing, it depends on the reader, what he takes from it, how he/she interprets it, what is the takeaway for the reader.
  5. Lynn Fowler

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    My Dad was an Aussie Bush Poet, so poetry has always been part of my life. I couldn't escape the gene pool, and began writing poetry further back than I can remember. Through a very difficult teenage and young adulthood, poetry allowed me to express the emotions that I was not able to express otherwise. A couple of years ago I published both a book of Dad's poems, and a book of my own. I do regular signings with my books at local markets, and through that last year I was invited to do a reading of both Dad's and my poetry at a Probus club.

    However, poetry is a very subjective thing. My poetry is very different from my Dad's, and also from much of the modern poetry. When I read some of the poetry that is "highly acclaimed" today I think it is absolute rubbish.
  6. shainaaasytu

    shainaaasytu New Member

    the beauty of poetry is that it inspired us especially when we need something to enlighten our mind. because poetry has a lesson which will make us change our mind and also it will show us that there's a lot more beauty in this world that we dont know. and for me it is very inspiring and heart whelming. i hope that the poetry will be read by a many people and wrote by a beautieful minded people.and also i hope that they will read the poetry seriously because some are taking poetry as a joke. they laugh about it they laugh at people who reads poetry and i dont think that is a nice idea.
  7. JAnnBowers

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    Finally, a thread I love, Poetry! My last book of poems I have published, Inklings of Ink starts of this way, "The delicate rose weeps come during the fall as the earth’s ground turns to a deep frost so does the words of this book." My objective here was to describe what poetry means to me. Another word, the beauty of poetry can be cold as ice or welted like a rose. When you read a poem and it strikes an arrow in your heart or shatters your soul you know then if it is actually poetry. Poetry is meant to be full of such beautiful imagery, rhythm, and rhyme. A poet's view is done by the brushstrokes of an open market of words to use to paint such vivid pictures and feelings of emotions. Here is a quick poem from my book.

    He Roams Her Ground

    Her sweet touch
    Unlike nothing before
    He roams her ground
    In search of her soul
    Misty foggy mornings
    Starlit nights
    Just him and her

    (C) JANN BOWERS 2018
  8. Vashuan

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    The beauty of poetry illuminates life. It gives inspiration to each and everyone. It gives strength and build self esteem. As we face our daily dealings. It is also an expression of one's feeling based on reality and one's experiences that everyone of us could relate. Poetry doesn't only have beauty that shines bright and illuminates life. But most especially, it gives lessons and a great help to everybody's maturity.
  9. Cameronccc12

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    I write poetry quite often, it's a much needed stress relief. I think that poetry is so amazing and beautiful, poetry can say so many things with so little words or so many words. Poetry is absolutely beautiful.
  10. yuzupon

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    I have always been a fan of poetry. I've written a few of my own on an ebook community site. I do write it out of pure boredom with inspirations from people I admire. My most recent poetry was written for my love whom I've been with for almost two years. That one, I can proudly say I was writing it as a love confession. I know for myself the ones I've written were crappy and well, not really up to par to what poetry is. Mine was more like, phrases grouped together to seem like a poem yet my girlfriend really was kind enough to deem it as poem. I'm happy.

    here's some i wrote to her:

    everyday within such lonely moments
    but still, if i close my eyes i see you
    and everything we had together
    missing you keep making me cry

    crappy yes. But my girlfriend approved so i'm contented.
  11. doceanpark

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    I love poetry as well and definitely do not think they are a waste of time! I believe poetry is different in that it can show little slices of our humanity, whether that be something beautiful, tragic, odd, intriguing or simply mundane. It takes language and shapes it with a personal touch like a potter shaping clay. I started writing poetry in middle school for an assignment in my English class and since then I was hooked. It truly is as natural as breathing.

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