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How do you reduce your stress level?

  1. Meditation

  2. Listening to Music

  1. pratanuwrites

    pratanuwrites New Member

    Meditation is an art that helps us control our mind and achieves a high level of awareness. It aims at a life of harmony and serenity. The benefits are many and varied. It may or may not be a spiritual activity. It is a stress reduction technique. It is a state of great tranquility. Meditation transforms our body and mind and enriches our personality. It involves watching the mind that is always restless and wandering. It is a therapy of the body and mind. It makes us mentally calm and self-reliant.

    There are many benefits of meditation which can be classified under physiological, psychological and spiritual.
  2. Patruska

    Patruska New Member

    I don't know all the benefits of meditation, but I know there are quite a few. I believe it can help you control your emotions. You can learn to explore your consciousness and spiritual interactions with the world. People who meditate seem more serene and balanced. Toning down the monkey-mind has got to be beneficial!
  3. Amankee

    Amankee Member

    I am just starting to practice meditation. The breathing control that I was learning in yoga helped me to relax tremendously. I try to do the breathing and meditation at night to help me relax and get to sleep. I have a hard time relaxing at night and the technique has helped. I also try to practice meditation and breathing in the morning before I start my day. It does seem to increase my serenity.
  4. Albert Wells

    Albert Wells New Member

    I deal with ADD, which means that focusing can be problematic at times. I have found meditation extremely beneficial in helping me learn to focus on tasks at hand. I also find that when combined with brainwave entrainment, my mind becomes calm, my body relaxed and puts me in the right state of mind for any complex projects I need to work on. Since practicing meditation, my stress levels have dropped dramatically and day-to-day stressors no longer trigger the fight or flight response.
  5. armogen

    armogen New Member

    I don't meditate, however I do listen to tunes that would make one want to consider it. I'm not against it at all, and I do believe that it really can help reduce stress and just help one take their mind off of tasks to relax for a while. For those that like to listen to music that may want to make you meditate, listen to some jungle, or ambient dubstep, sometimes just the sounds can really take your mind away and just allow you to think more clearly while in a very calm and relaxed state.
  6. kellybird

    kellybird New Member

    I have a regular meditation practice of just 5 to 20 minutes a day and it has helped me immeasurably. You don't have to be at all religious to practice, though I personally found meditating opened me up to an awareness of something greater than myself and am now a practicing Buddhist, but just meditating for the health benefits is worthwhile in itself.
  7. ruby soho

    ruby soho New Member

    As a restless and anxious individual, I find myself visibly less stressed after setting aside time for meditation in my day. Although all of the perks are there, sometimes I just can't control my racing thoughts down enough to have the clarity of meditation. It's a work in progress, but a sure way to help reduce stress.
  8. Lex92404

    Lex92404 New Member

    Meditation is called a practice for a reason. It little by little, as you practice, has an effect on ones body and mind. It can help lower blood pressure and calm the anxious mind. It can be viewed as a spiritual practice or a health practice. I practice daily for 30 minutes, and it greatly helps me remain calm and feel more centered. I feel like I handle stress better also, as ruby soho above stated.
  9. Doxic

    Doxic New Member

    I recently participated in a psychophysiology study that aimed to explore exactly what was changing as a result of learning meditation techniques. The results of this yet-unpublished study align with much of the testimony expressed on this thread thus-far. As compared to puppy-therapy and control (no intervention) heart-rate variability during stressful moments was significantly higher in those who had been given weekly meditation sessions for 1 hour over the course of a month. Reduced heart-rate variability is associated with people who experience more daily worry, and it's theorized that this variability is part of an adaptive process that allows people to combat stressful feelings. In response to the poll at the start of this thread, in the long-term, it would appear as if people benefit more from meditation than they do with acute interventions (such as listening to music as a way to cope with stress). And it doesn't seem to take much practice to see physical changes from meditation. If you'd like to know more about the study I participated in, let me know.

  10. plp9005

    plp9005 New Member

    Meditation is to mind, what exercise is to body.

    Personally, i can tell you i have benefitted immensely from meditation. In this challenging world, few minutes of calm and inactivity for your mind can do wonders. If done in the morning, it helps you recharge yourself for the entire day's activities. So don't stress, just meditate and see the effects flowing :)
  11. amberb

    amberb New Member

    Meditation is a powerful tool that all people can use. It is definitely one activity that can be perfectly tailored to meet each and every individual need. There are so many ways in which a person can meditate and it all really depends on the individuals mind. After practicing meditation I always feel a great sense of relief and freedom. As if I slowed the ball that was bouncing around haphazardly in my head to a ball that's now rolling in an orderly line.
  12. composed

    composed Member

    Well, meditation had many health benefits. It sharpens your focus, reduces your stress and improves the flow of oxygen around your body. I calming effects can last long after your meditation practice has finished. Here is a list of benefits which meditation has on your body and mind. It helps your allergies, sleep problems, high blood pressure, and paint etc.
  13. Grammargirl

    Grammargirl New Member

    Meditation has been something I have yet to introduce or incorporate in my everyday life. Rather than meditation, I listen to music, sit by the water, or take a walk to relieve stress. Although meditation isn't something I've chosen in the past, it is something I believe, because of much supported evidence and personal testimony, is a good habit to practice to increase your overall mental, emotional and physical health. The very reason I have yet to focus and practice meditation, which is the inability to stop for a moment to just be still, is even more proof that I could benefit from slowing the mind and let go of daily worries and responsibilities.
  14. stella24

    stella24 New Member

    Meditation helps to control our thoughts. Those who suffer from obsessive and irrational thoughts greatly benefit from it. It teaches us that can run our own mind instead of letting it to roam wild and free .Thoughts create feelings and meditation helps us to manage our thoughts.It therefore creates a feeling of peace and balance for those who consistently practice it.
  15. CamiH

    CamiH New Member

    I agree, clearing your mind and focusing on one thing is healthy for you. I meditate while I cook. I often find a dish prepping, cooking and plating itself as I just go through the motions and focus on my mind.
  16. Kate McKelvey

    Kate McKelvey New Member

    Meditation has been liberating and calming for me physically and mentally, but it's also made a huge, unexpected impact on my work life. From improving my ability to focus on the task at hand to communicating more succinctly, the benefits continue to make me so much more productive and confident. A lot of us spend so much time thinking about work and what we need to do next, and meditation can help us to let go of that, but the fact that those skills then carry over into work itself is so overlooked. It would be great to see meditation skills implemented or supported more often as part of employee wellness programs. We'd probably all love to have calmer, more balanced, and more clearly-communicating co-workers!
  17. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Stress relief is one reason why I meditate. It help me to improve my ability to memorize and improve my brain function especially in decision making.Less time for reflection and to know more about myself having doing this I'll be more calm relax and have a peace of mind, it is the most important for me to be functional and worthy as human being.It is the best to do with prayer.
  18. Alyyyy

    Alyyyy New Member

    Meditation is incredibly effective at reducing stress and anxiety. it increases your sense of well being. Meditation also improves cognition and increases your ability to perform tasks requiring focus. It improves your ability to empathize, and it hones your ability to pick up on cues indicating how others are feeling. Meditation also increases your emotional stability, making you less likely to be influenced by any negative people in your life. Research has shown that meditation also improves your memory and studies have found that meditation helps you make better decisions by improving the functioning of your brain’s decision-making centers. It also improves your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of heart disease as well as strengthen the human immune system and make you more resistant to viruses and infections.
  19. uroborosz

    uroborosz New Member

    I believe meditation is an amazing way to start the day, which is the reason why i meditate almost every morning. One of my favoure quotes regarding this topic is from Albert Einstein. He said 'The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed whithout changing of thinking.' It helps to prevent stress, anxiety and be more focused during the day. This is the most useful way to control your thoughts thus avoiding the tendency to jump from one thought to another randomly. In the modern world I don't think we have enough time for ourselves, we are constantly in a rush and meditation does not take too long still is an effective way to ensure your optimism and peacefulness.
  20. When person make such upbuilding things the object his continual meditation, this has a good effect upon his heart. Such meditation can strenghten our relationship with the creator. Such wholesome meditation can deepen our love for jehova god.
  21. penelopemarie

    penelopemarie New Member

    Meditation helps us unplug and tune in to what's going on beneath the surface of our thoughts. Over time, this becomes a subconscious habit that results in increased mental clarity and focus, and your memory and mental acuity will improve too. It is an effective practice which yields incredible health benefits for both mind and body.
  22. JoyRam

    JoyRam New Member

    Meditation is a practice that can benefit your health and wellness.

    Meditation Benefits:
    1. calm your mind, distress and find inner peace and balance.
    2. improve your focus, your metabolism and your sleep.
    3. increase your productivity, creativity, intuition and happiness.
    4. and reduce aging, boost your immune system and add incredible value to your overall well-being.

    Most of the high achievers and entrepreneurs, they include meditation in their morning rituals. It decreases the feeling of stress, feeling of anxiety, and confusion.

    To do this, find a quite place that no one can be able to disturb you for a couple of minutes/hours. Use cushion then cross your legs and do the hand poses –…/

    or you can use chair with your feet flat on the floor, make sure that your back is straight and relax. Gently close your eyes and start meditating!

    For beginners, I suggest to start your meditation 2 or 5 mins a day then increase the minutes as you go along and try putting on relaxing music or sound in nature while you meditate. I also recommend using the guided meditation apps called “Headspace”.

    Meditation Resources Apps

    Zenfriend – meditation timer |

    Headspace – guided meditations |
  23. ivanjudge

    ivanjudge New Member

    Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.Research has shown that meditation can have both physiological and psychological effects. Some of the positive physiological effects include a lowered state of physical arousal, reduced respiration rate, decreased heart rate, changes in brain wave patterns and lowered stress.
  24. romilda

    romilda Member

    In meditation, you will experience relaxation and peace within yourself. You can realize everthing what you did and what is wrong or right.
  25. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I really love meditation! It helped my body and mind in so many ways and meditation has tons of benefits to our body and mind. Meditation helps control my stress level and anxiety and after doing meditations for less than a week, I felt a drastic effect to my body and it keeps me more focused in doing task and I am more outgoing and more extroverted which feels good. Meditation also helps me control my thoughts before going to sleep and that is the reason why I sleep longer and deeper and I feel so refreshed everytime I wake up. Meditation also increases my sense of well-being so I feel good almost everytime and I rarely get angry or irritated on small things and I also feel happy on small things. Meditation is a must for all people if you want to be successful in every aspects of your life because this will change your mindset and behavior to the next level.
  26. laybout666

    laybout666 New Member

    I meditate daily and it really helps me to control my thoughts and relax. After meditating for quite a long time daily I can say that there is no comparison between meditation and listening to music in how much they can make you relax. Music makes you relax too, but your mind still continues to wander.
  27. Zendraw

    Zendraw New Member

    Meditation returns you at your natural/original state, it has no benefits, just lets you drop self-impairing factors. It is a wonder how people consider a state of uneasiness normal and a natural state, a benefit? Maybe it's just human nature to deny what's obvious by complicating it and making it an achievement.
  28. ray87dave

    ray87dave New Member

    There are many research calling attention to advantages of reflection. Along these lines, I am excluding those very much reported advantages, yet just advantages I encountered and not the experience or change on viewpoints I encountered that accompanied routine with regards to contemplation. I didn't endeavor to see if my circulatory strain or glucose level changed after contemplation so I can't state in that way. In any case the primary thing I encountered was solace of body. I encountered a calming solace and straightforwardness on body following and amid reflection. Breathing itself resembled a satisfying sensation. I surmise this was obviously an advantage. I was not a wiped out individual so I don't know whether reflection would enable me to out of that disease. Be that as it may, a sentiment of prosperity was experienced. Afterward, I found that the I can forestall and destroy shivering deadness that generally happen when you need to sit for long time or in awkward positions. I additionally discovered that with contemplation right stance comes itself. A smidgen of body mindfulness and body is probably going to address its stance and other pointless pressures itself. So there was improvement of body pose, It resembled that individuals got frightened of me like I am some sort of armed force in boss and that additionally used to drive a few ladies insanely towards me. I later began to decline myself to remove the undesirable consideration. Anyway, the aftereffect of mindfulness with respect to my body and feeling reflection gave me was entertaining in any event.

    I had some enhancement for perception or if nothing else some piece of the discernment. I had a basic PC amusement which requested to pursue the visual and sound example introduced there. I used to score at least 5 progressively after contemplations. So this is one advantage I can say that I completely recorded. Along these lines, reflection is in any event valuable for momentary memory. Reflection ought to likewise make recognition more keen somehow or another. I encountered that I could feel music more and even appreciate straightforward visuals more than I used to appreciate previously. This is experience yet at the same time benefits a specialist will without a doubt appreciate.

    About how would I think. I rehearsed attention to breath and substantial sensation, as educated by S.N. Goenka. Afterward, I found that the fixed time of reflection isn't sufficient I endeavored to stay mindful as much as I can.

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