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Discussion in 'Movies' started by MosheTDD, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. MosheTDD

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    Hey guys, I wanted to hear your opinion about which avengers movie you think is the best?
  2. lokistar

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  3. Kiingmaanii

    Kiingmaanii New Member

    With infinity war coming out i really liked the action in it. On the other hand the movie was moving in with a real fast pace but it was an interesting mixture conaidering how they included every single marvel character in a 2 hour and 10 minute movie. All jokes aside the movie was pretty cold and had me on the edge of my seat and i like the way it ended and im hype for the next movie to come out.
  4. Asmin99

    Asmin99 New Member

    I adored Infinity War for its ending, but Civil War is by far my favourite. Marvel proved it is well aware that the most interesting character relationship is between Tony and Steve, and their conflict made for a well-paced, character driven film. The airport scene presented the biggest battle, but the film's true climax brought it back to its core - Tony and Steve and their individual morals clashing with their rocky friendship. Both admire one another completely, and both appreciate the other's standpoint, but ultimately both are human and are driven by instinct.
  5. Addwark

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    Infinity War is so far the best avengers movie , Although i liked the idea of a Villain ending up defeating all the avengers and giving a twist at the end. I would say the best avengers movie is yet to come as Wolverine and Deadpool are still missing the action. I hope they appear soon with the avengers as a team.
  6. memalist01

    memalist01 New Member

    My favorite would be the first avengers movie. The first time they get to know each other, chemistry of the actors and the way they portray their character was excellent. That experience gave me so much excitement to look forward the next avengers movie. In term of theme however, Infinity war was better. It gave a whole new meaning as to why the avengers was created in the first place.
  7. Sneska

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    My favorite would be The Avengers from 2012. It is the first movie in which all the original Avengers team up for the first time, so no one from the original assemble is missing, also Maria Hill and Nick Fury are both present, not just for the post credit scene as in Infinity war, which I also love because there are so many beloved characters together (the more, the merrier) and it was fun having Loki as a villain once again.
  8. Isaac mwewa

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    Avengers infinity wars , tremendous for me from the cinema through my computer to my tablet as I move with it and watch. The storyline is very impressive although it might leave you in suspense and that just the amazing part I like ,Thanos still remains undefeated ,he carries out his plan of wiping out 50% of the world's population.
    But on the avengers side it seems like a loosing battle they fought, nevertheless it's the avengers right and they always come back at it with a bang.
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  9. jonjon1980

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    Infinity Wars I guess
  10. hernanj82

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    Avengers: Infinity War was flawed in both major and minor ways, but yes, it was worth the hype and was the best Avengers movie. The high points quite outweigh the low for me; for example, Thor’s continued growth as a character and a god. You’d think there would be little space for such a powerful and ancient being to grow, but he has done so in each Thor and Avengers movie, from finally reclaiming his hammer in Thor 1 to ascending to his true power in Ragnarok, to being able to hold against the power of a star to create Stormbreaker and then be the only one to truly hurt Thanos (though
  11. kiefgonzales

    kiefgonzales New Member

    Infinity War by far, this was the first Avengers movie in my opinion that the villain looked strong and intimidating. This movie emphasized that here is Thanos, and this said purple creature of a monster will destroy your favorite little Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc. Spoiler alert but Loki actually died here, like for real for real. That affected me and so did a lot of viewers. Best Avengers movie of all time.
  12. xenekai

    xenekai New Member

    By far, Infinity war is the best avengers movie from the series. This movie is the beginning of the end of the 10 year marvel cinematic universe current phase. It is where all the stories of the past movies points up and how everything became connected to one another. The coming End Game movie is expected to be the best after it is released, but as for now, Infinity war sits on top.

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