The best freelance sites in the world.

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  1. Scholarkin

    Scholarkin New Member

    Please house, what are some of the best freelance websites where money can be make at free cost or at very moderate prices?
  2. CurtWriter

    CurtWriter New Member

    There are several Freelance sites where you as a freelancer can register onto and make money without having to pay a dime.

    The first I would mention is Freelancer. With millions of members all over, the world, it could be quite hard for you as a newbie to get started out but not impossible.

    Fiverr is another site and one of the best so far. All you need do is register on the site, place your gigs, and wait for buyers to come and purchase. You could also advertise on social media for better views.

    Upwork is yet another but a very professional site. You would have to be really good to work on Upwork and there are proficiency tests to ensure that you meet up to standard.

    Several others abound but these three tops the list.
  3. Scholarkin

    Scholarkin New Member

    Thanks for your comment CurtWriter.
    I know about freelancer and fiverr. I never knew upwork existed.
    I am part of freelancer but I realized you have to make a subscription before you can enjoy full benefits thus making it more tedious and frustrating.
    Perhaps there was something I wasn't doing well on freelancer.
    I will try it again though.
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  4. Writer786

    Writer786 New Member

    Elance is also like freelancer so if you apply to freelancer then u should definitely apply to Elance also..
  5. Curlygirlangel

    Curlygirlangel New Member

    I have done an extensive amount of research on this subject as well. I have noticed that most freelancer sites are very exclusive, and nearly impossible to make a decent amount of money on. If you aspire to be a professional writer as your full-time job, then doing a little bit of freelancing on some websites is not the way to go. I would recommend that you start your own portfolio online and submit the portfolio to potential clients. This way you could still achieve the freedom that comes with freelancing while becoming your own brand separate from a third party site.
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  6. cyeag

    cyeag New Member

    Curlygirlangel I love your proactive approach! That really keeps you in the driver's seat. Do you have any suggestions on marketing yourself? Do you reach out to each potential client individually, or use adwords or SEO and the like?
  7. olowo24

    olowo24 New Member

    Freelancer, fiverr, upwork and are good websites for freelancers, the advantages are that there are lots of jobs being pasted on their job boards daily and their payment system is quite good since they all accept paypal, but most are low paying jobs and the presence of so many competitors makes it hard to make money on this sites without going premium best is to personally search for websites that employ freelancers in your niche and apply directly rather than this middle men job boards.
  8. ajlancer

    ajlancer New Member

    Hi there thanks for your query. Nowadays it is very easy to know what is the best freelance site in the world. Just go google and search as same question. And there you will see list of top rated sites. But, I am going to tell you very exclusive a website or freelance site where people making money with fun. That is one of the best freelance site in the work like, . Each and everyday it is growing up and many of buyer and seller working with fun. You can offer job by writing a gig. Buyer also purchase service just for $1 to $999. It is really amazing site. 100% recommended. If you do not believe just sing up today and check it out.

    Regards by Ajlancer
    CD staff of SEOclerks
  9. Mary626

    Mary626 New Member

    This is very informative.... I have tried sites like Upwork, it's very good but it is difficult as a new person to book a job because of the numerous competitors.
  10. Lady B

    Lady B New Member

    These are the sites I was using when applying for a job:(1)Upwork-this site offer jobs for every type of a freelancers.(2)Toptal-this one gives you on paralleled access to meaningful projects and you can also join Toptal community. (3)Elance-with elance you will be able to make a profit right away without jumping through any hoops, the last one is site has plenty of opportunities if you are looking for a job.
  11. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    What is an average/expected payment for a freelance writer?
  12. prettyb

    prettyb New Member

    The best freelancer sites in the world that I know of are as follows:
    There are several other freelance sites apart from those listed above. You need to visit each of the site and familiarize yourself with their peculiarities and how they essentially work before you end up making your selection. I wish you success in your search.
  13. Simtoink

    Simtoink New Member

    The two freelancer sites I used that really pays are and

    With these sites you can create your account for free and get starting to work depending on your preferred niche.
    However, one thing I learned from online freelancing sites is that you have to have a working Paypal to get paid directly into your account. Otherwise, you will be kept hanging with delayed payments.
    And be careful which employer you want to apply for, there are some who pays either very cheap, very delayed and sometimes you do not get paid at all.
    However, if you get one employer that is good, then payment should not be a problem.
  14. Desmond101

    Desmond101 New Member

    I think Fiverr remains the best.As a freelancer on Fiverr, you have access to ten daily bid options which you can use in the buyers' request section.Some other freelance sites do not offer up to ten daily bids.You equally have the option of creating up to five gigs as a beginner, which makes it possible for you to have more opportunities of getting and delivering more orders.In addition, Fiverr has a great forum where you can learn from experiences of other members and utilize the knowledge in improving your sales and earnings.One other thing I like about it is that you can add gig extras that would enable you to generate more income from an order.However, you have to really be good at your skill in order to succeed on Fiverr as competition on the platform is quite strong.So,strive to always exceed your clients' expectations and be sure they will always order. As they keep coming back for more, so will your earnings keep increasing.The minimum price tag for a gig is $5.Payment is always prompt.
  15. potentialwriter

    potentialwriter New Member

    A freelance writing platform is regarded as a great one and feasibly one of the best so far it provides a lot of jobs and pays on time. Although there are hundreds of freelance writing scams online, some are popularly known as genuine and paying ones. Some of these genuine platforms include SEOClerks, Fiverr, Hubpages, Triond, InfoBarrel, Flixya as well as many others. You have so many of them online at your disposal. Identifying the best of freelance writing sites is quite easy. You can do this by making use of scam checking tools. These tools help you get details about the site trust score, online reputation, location, and other people's comments. If the freelance site you have joined is found to have a 28% trust score or even below, you should know you're dealing with a freelance scammer. That's of course not the right site to work for. It's very certain that you may never get paid working on such scamming sites. You must use the scam checker before joining a freelance platform and ensure that the online reputation is great.

    Are you a talented freelance writer? Are you really passionate about maximizing your writing talent? There are many writing platforms that need your writing skills. Thousands of companies in the world hire writers and are willing to pay. Thus, it's high time you started maximizing that talent of yours. You can begin earning a decent income as a freelance writer so far you write for genuine and paying sites.
  16. cstannu

    cstannu New Member

    You are absolutely right, but the problem with this sites you mentioned is that they are over saturated with competitors. As a newbie, you make a little or nothing for the first few months. Even as a professional , you still have to struggle to get jobs which doesn't pay that much by the way. I think its just best one eliminates the middle man and advertise his or her writing skills directly on social media or to family and friends.
  17. Robimarie

    Robimarie Member

    Hi there. Maybe this can help a bit if you already heard about, Snuckles, and Baymack which pays through PayPal. I am aware of and I am also just currently looking for a website that can give me money without any fee.

    For, all you have to do is to just record your voice while the screen is also recorded. Then you will just follow every task given on the screen.You have to think out loud and be spontaneous. Just give your opinions and suggestions then they will pay you $10 for each test.

    For, you just have to watch a video. Then by watching 5 youtube videos that are on the site, you will be given a chance to pick 5 lucky numbers. (more like lottery). You will be given 10 entries for the lottery like a game. then it will be drawn after 24 hours. You can earn as much as $10 or sometimes none.

    Same thing as Baymack. You will just have to watch a youtube video, guess the category, click next video and after 5 videos you will be given 1 ticket and will serve as your entry to be drawn after 24 hours as well. A maximum number of the ticket is 10. and if you win you can get as much as $60 or nothing.
  18. dbolling

    dbolling New Member

    I am currently applying to textbroker now and I am waiting to hear back from them. Textbroker is a freelance writing website and I heard good things about it. Usertesting is cool user testing website but its only $10 per test and they don't have a lot of tests available. It's not a freelance writer website but it can help you get some small cash.
    When it comes to freelancing writing, I would love to know which sites are the best for beginners. I have accounts on a lot of the sites you guys listed above but I am not getting any customers. It's quite frustrating and I feel a bit stuck. I do appreciate this thread because I learned a lot about fiverr and I will definitely apply these actions on my account. I still would like to know if there are any sites out there that could help out a beginner like me.
  19. newtrickswork

    newtrickswork New Member

    I only tried, I am a member for 2 years now but I still find my day job as profitable than making bids on Freelancer. I heard about Upwork but when I made my registration I can't place a bid because my account is still under "observation", I would suggest instead that you start your own website instead of looking for websites that will pay your for Freelance jobs, also the competition on these sites are tough for a newbie.
    You can check Swagbucks or Qmee, they pay you by completing some task and or answering surveys.
  20. Nishas

    Nishas New Member

    I know a site where you can work online free from home in free time. That is "SeoClerks". This is a marketplace for freelancers who are providing their services in SEO.Their main purpose is providing sevices related to SEO.Some other services which are related to websites are also there.
    I think that "SeoClerks" is best alternative to the marketplaces like Fiverr,Freelancer,Fourer and Guru.
    You can start work free and earn according to your work.

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