the best medicine is.....

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Herbdolie, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Herbdolie

    Herbdolie New Member

    Water. True or False
  2. dynamo86

    dynamo86 New Member

    False! Medicine is, by definition, that which we take to prevent disease. When you consider the existence of waterborne diseases, it's hard to say that water is "the best medicine!"

    I would agree that plenty of good, clean water does the body good. But laughter might be a better candidate for "best medicine." After all, nobody got sick from a bad joke!
  3. nobis8713

    nobis8713 New Member

    I dont think i would agree with the fact that water is the best medicine. I do however, agree with you that water is a great essential thing in our lives, and it is very important for everyone to consume water and stay hydrated. However, when adding that water is medicine, I do not thing that is correct to say. Medicine is medicine, and water is there to stay healthy and stay hydrated.
  4. Panders246

    Panders246 New Member

    Marijuana,water,sex, lifting heavy, cardio (plyometrics,sprinting, endless treadmill running) and a good steak.
  5. aminaaa

    aminaaa New Member

    The best medicine is a healthy food.
  6. rajgopal

    rajgopal New Member

    The prevention is the best medicine.
  7. CrimsonDynamo

    CrimsonDynamo Member

    Water is one of the best medicines; essential for life. The only thing equal of value being the best of medicine is having plenty of sleep and clean air to breathe. What you get out of your body is what you give to it.
  8. ihsanfadil

    ihsanfadil New Member

    The best medicine, in a professional medical perspective, is a practice to consider any health problem comprehensively and holistically. We regard a patient as a whole human-being instead of just a piece of organ or tissue that is diseased.
  9. DN02

    DN02 New Member

    Laughter.................a good sense of humour is great for both the mind and the body. This sense of humour includes learning to laugh at yourself. It has been proved that humour and laughter strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. And the best thing about this priceless medicine is that it's free, fun and easy to use! :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  10. Transcriber10K

    Transcriber10K New Member

    Laughter is the best medicine, I have to say. Do you know that belly laughing experience where you also have tears coming out of eyes and a wide open mouth? You cannot even control your breath in between laughs and sometimes you accidentally urinate yourself. That's some good laughing, right there. Water is something that we cannot go on without.
    There would be no life without water, period.
  11. ccain

    ccain New Member

    Most people forget that sleep is in fact the best medicine, that is true even if you are on antibiotics,etc. Sleep allows our bodies to recuperate and burn off any existing illnesses. It also helps us to maintain hormone and stress levels which in turn help to decrease the chance of becoming ill in the first place.
  12. New Member

    There we go, the first person to finish the saying! It's a saying for a reason. As mentioned above, it's free! I have found that you can try nutrients, multi-vitamins, therapy, beer, and going to the gym (quite a mixed bag of solutions I have listed here) but a good laugh from a friend or loved one is something that can't be replaced in this world. I'm sure if you think back to a experience like that, you'll feel a lot better :) thus, laughter is the best medicine.
  13. Wilson Veterano

    Wilson Veterano New Member

    Most people say laughter, but being a pharmacist myself, I have learned that it is not necessarily laughter but a positive mindset that really helps to cure and prevent illness.
    Meditation is the silent panacea that hasn't gone mainstream yet.
  14. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Foods, choose the healthy ones, all kinds of ailments addresses with specific nutritional approaches. Our body need nutritious food in order to function properly, without good nutrition our body is prone to diseases and for performance. Eating healthy foods can reduce your dependence in synthetic medicine.
  15. Mane

    Mane New Member

    Fruits as natural vitamins or take at least vitamin C everyday and vegetables, organic meats, go for all natural, water more water but it depends in the diseases if its just a simple colds I agree water and rest can cure it.
  16. Jullie

    Jullie New Member

    Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and drink at least 10 glasses of water a day with a lovely and peaceful family is my medicine. Smile, ask for the guidance by our Father let everything be done by his will.
  17. pharalampo

    pharalampo New Member

    Eat Healthy, Drink Water, Exercise, Love Yourself and Others. Amen!
  18. myrna2381

    myrna2381 New Member

    I guess I would have to agree as far as sustenance is concerned. You can live longer without food than without water. So if you don't have any water, no medicine is going to work.
  19. Sunny Tones

    Sunny Tones New Member

    The best medicine is SLEEP! I saw this on an ad in a hospital and tried it a few times and wow worked wonders.
    Lucky Dube best described the state I found myself In with the expression being cool, calm, and collected. I felt renewed each time I took a nap and my focus when I read increased, I even adopted a personal policy of reading at least a chapter immediately I wake up and it help improve my focus and understanding of topics.
    Take a nap at least once everyday and testify to the undeniable truth that there is no medicine like sleep.
  20. L3vi4than

    L3vi4than New Member

    Water. water therapy.. Our body compose of 70% liquid and one of the factor that our body helps circulate blood through our veins and pump up to our heads down to our heart and all the parts and help remove waste outside the body is more healthier and effective medicine.
  21. Zserter

    Zserter New Member

    Water as the best medicine? I think I will disagree with it, since water is much more an essential need than it being a medicine. Water is needed almost every moment of one's life while medicine is only taken for cure, treatment or prevention of diseases.

    I think the word that best fit as the best medicine is laughter. A study at Loma Linda University at California indicates that laughing is important to your health. They found out that among other benefits laughing reduces stress hormones, boosts immune system, releases endorphins that diminish pain, lowers blood pressure and decreases blood sugar in diabetics. Laughter has been found to exercise the heart muscle and the diaphragm increasing one's ability to utilize oxygen better. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine estimated that approximately 85% of all illnesses are curable by the body's own healing system. It has been noted that positive emotion including laughing positively impact the body's ability to heal.

    Josh Billings, a 19th century American humorist said, "There ain't much fun in medicine, but there's a heck of a lot of medicine in fun" and I think what Josh Billings really wanted to say is that laughter truly is the best medicine.
  22. tekentek

    tekentek New Member

    I am also agree with laughter. Because if you laugh or happy it helps to lowers your stress hormones and sometimes increase your immune cells. Helping your body to fight infections. That is why in the philippines there is laughter therapy. They incorporate laughter in their therapy because of its benefit to people. A natural, non expensive , a free medicine that all people should sometimes give importance.
  23. ldestimar85

    ldestimar85 New Member

    Laughter is the best medicine.
  24. simon2018

    simon2018 New Member

    The best medicine is true happiness & healthy, positive relationships in your life. What is also good medicine is sunshine, clean water & clean food without chemicals. If you live a happy, positive, stress free life you are likely to live longer with less sickness & disease.
  25. jodylee2023

    jodylee2023 New Member

    The best medicine is happiness!!!!
  26. Shippozxczxc

    Shippozxczxc New Member

    There are different types of medicine. First, a medicine that your body needs to become healthy. Second, a medicine that you need in order to live your life to the fullest. So first is the medicine that your body needs to become healthy. So in order to have or achieve a healthy body, what you need is proper diet, daily exercise, eating nutritious foods and etc. In that way, you can easily achieve a healthy body. Second is a type of medicine that money couldn't buy. Best example of that kind of medicine is laughter or being happy. As most people says "laughter is the best medicine". Yes I do agree with that saying because, being happy most of the time can relieve stress and you can also forget the problems that you are thinking. There are also a research where'in the scientist proves that laughter or being happy most of the time will make you or help you to become more healthy and lively.
  27. ellegeepee

    ellegeepee New Member

    Best medicine for the world is LOVE. All we need is love for a better palce. We need Vitamin LOVE for making us happy. I believe that love comes from different ways and if we take this vitamins and share it too all, we will actually lve in a better place. Michael Jackson will not need to worry. Heal the world.

    Love is what we need for now. Many people are suffering because of hate. Innocents were dying. Children could no longer eat. No education were provided. Love is the best feeling in the world than the money. Love is truly kind.

    According to Him, love your neighbors. Love one another.
  28. Marco0406

    Marco0406 New Member

    LAUGHTER and LOVE. Yes it is the best medicine of all.

    It makes as healthier and happier. Happy and healthier life does not always comes from the medicine that we usually take when we are sick. Yes it may help us feel better but with the laughter and love with the people that surrounds us make us feels best. I believe even you take all the medicines for your aches and everything, when you are sad and alone full of hatred it will all be useless. Most of the times a better and healthier environment can make us live longer and stronger.

    So be happy, laugh and live to the fullest. Spread love. :)
  29. mchichi

    mchichi New Member

    Laughter is the best medicine because if you laugh, happy thoughts come in and happiness stayed in the heart thus positive thoughts and feelings will be experience..then if the feeling is happy a person will be healthy physically mentally emotionally as well as can work well and satisfied and people around will also feel the happiness that is around and hope all people will try to laugh even though their hearts are aching it will be easier to overcome pain sadness..
  30. deeva

    deeva New Member

    For me the best medicine is compose of Medicine, Herbal and Spiritual. You will never go wrong with these three. Why I say so? first when you get sick you need to go to the doctor to ask for healing and they give you medicine. If you feel like medicine is not making you feel good you have to use herbal medicine. It is a natural way proven to to heal. And lastly Spiritual, This is the post powerful medicine a person can have. We always Pray to God to get healed. Just combine the three and you will fee better. Dont stop Praying miracles are happening.

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