the best medicine is.....

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  1. ajahmedani

    ajahmedani New Member

    No fact, preveniton is the best cure than medicines. Happiness, taki g regular exercise, punctuality and good sleeping are preventive medicines against deseases.
  2. GGK

    GGK New Member

    For me the best medicine would always be the natural one.
    Like drinking water or eating what you are actually supposed to eat to feel good and be healthy at once.
    Taking long walks in nature really helps too!
  3. kakarot_72

    kakarot_72 Member

    The best medicine for me is prayer. With this all things were made possible. Yes there are lots of medecine that can cure but the prayer itself can cure everything. But without faith it is impossible to be able to achieve something great. You need to pray believe and all things that are great will follow.
  4. jonniel123

    jonniel123 Member

    The good medicine is your smile because in the study smile helps our body hormone to improve our body. Because stress is the one getting sick. So we need to smile everytime for making our life best and amazing
  5. cyrilace03

    cyrilace03 New Member

    All of your answer guys are correct. Water, and emotions can help to treat different kind of illnesses.
  6. jimalmario

    jimalmario New Member

    We all gonna die. So why worry so much. Eat Love and Pray, thats the best medicine.
  7. jimalmario

    jimalmario New Member

    If your faith says its water that heals then it will.
  8. Moreover, they noted that the Chinese now are combining the best of Western medicinealong with their traditional herbal treatments, and that the present amalgam of Chinese and Western medicine may be as good (or better than) any other system that might be devised for the Chinese population.
  9. romilda

    romilda Member

    Laughter an healthy food is the best medicine for our body.

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