The Cellphone you have? touch screen or keypad?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by vinzero6, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. vinzero6

    vinzero6 Member

    My Cellphone is touch screen. I Prefer to Use It than with the keypad.
  2. shondram

    shondram New Member

    My cell phone is a touchscreen. I look at the keypad phones and wonder how we used those phones. It took a lot just to text someone.
  3. Cloud strife

    Cloud strife New Member

    I have a touch screen smart phone..its OK to use, good for watching movies and videos because of the wide can also type letters in touch screen like the keypad phones have.
  4. Chamie

    Chamie New Member

    Actually i have both touchscreen and keypads. I usually used keypad phone when i text someone because it is easy to use and easy to carry. While i used my touch screen phones when i want to open my social media account or searching something by the use of internet and google.

    I used it both in my everyday life, other reason is i felt comfortable using keypad phone when i was in travelling, it is handcarry and far from any thief.

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