The Dilemma of Wannabe Writers

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Kukububu, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Kukububu

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    Hello! I'd like to know and learn from your experiences (and struggles) as a "wannabe" writer, successful or not. I, myself, is a wannabe writer and I've been struggling for years to be able to write a decent story but only this year was I able to finish a O-N-E S-H-O-T S-T-O-R-Y. Yes, from 2013, since I started writing, to date, 2017, I have only finished a one shot story that I'm (quite) satisfied with. This is my struggle and hopefully, I'll be able to learn more of your experiences by replying to this thread/forum. Thanks a lot and have a great life!
  2. 0wlking

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    I could say that there is a part of me that wants to pursue writing, a fraction that tells me that I might have a future in writing and those were backed up by peoples comments towards my words. There was this online chat where I was fortunate to have a little chat with people who claims to be writers who asked if I was also a writer, one even said "I know a writer when I see one", and of course it was really flattering but at the back of my mind, I was thinking that the only reason they said that is because I was using the Apostrophe where people mostly ignores it.

    But I had my tries on writing some stories, the problem that I would encounter was my inconsistency, or maybe that's what I think my issue is. My mind was just exploding with ideas, ideas that I wanted to mention as deep as I can which leads me sail away from the main idea or the main topic though I would make what seemed to me as an awkward comeback, but I would again find my self talking about different stuff once again. I never thought that I would be able to find a fix for it, so I gave the idea of becoming a writer but still, I still feel the ember deep within.
  3. ynaed

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    I'm DEFINITELY not successful, but I don't really want writing success--I just write for fun! But I'll weigh in anyway. :) Personally, I think that what so many famous authors say is exactly true: just write (and read) every day! Even fifty words is fifty words you didn't have yesterday.

    My biggest issue with that is finding the time, but really, it's worth waking up half an hour earlier or dipping away on lunch breaks sometimes. And the more you've written, the more of your writing you'll like! That's honestly why I love the idea of NaNoWriMo--the idea is just to get writing out there, good or not, so that you remember you can write!
  4. Loucee Green

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    I wanted to be an author when I was about 7 and have been writing since then. I mostly write poetry but have written many short stories, a lot of which have been lost over time due to moving. I love to write and have what I believe to be a great story in the making. I started writing it one day and just couldn't stop, it was nothing I had on my mind or anything and it just kept growing and developing as I continued to write. Then I got stuck on the ending as I couldn't decide how I really wanted it to end and haven't picked it up for over three years but I am determined to finish the book and publish it one day.

    I love to sit near water and write. My husband loved to fish and he liked for me to go with him and I would take a nice blanket to spread on the grass and I'd sit and write until it was too dark to see (he would fish all day - sometimes 24 hours on a stretch).

    Writing helps me relax and deal with my emotions. In my hometown, I was called the "Maya Angelou of Eustis/Lake County."
  5. DragonWriter

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    I am happy to say that I'm published and working on my 2nd book but it took a long time to write the first one as I just published it on Amazon Kindle Oct 30th 2017. It's Called Journey Into Darkness: Book One for which I plan there to be four in the series. However I digress just finishing this fantasy novel took a lot of hard work and dedication at least 6 000 words a week with 5 revisions once everything was up to the proper standards.

    There were days where I would rather do anything but write but I said listen now that your dad has passed away from brain cancer, do it for him and your mom. That was what pushed me to finish. I needed to shoulder that little extra responsibility that came from a death in the family that snapped me into first gear. Ever since he passed this year June 28th 2017 I have had to fill big shoes where my dad had left off. Also I had been working on the book for almost 3 years and at one point had 60 000 words chopping it down to around 47 000 words after revisions.

    Point is never give up it took me 3 years and though my dreams, video games, movies, books and anime I got all the inspiration I needed to finish it. I wish all of you wanna be writers good luck, get on a schedule of about 1000 words a week and you will be done in no time. Also having a coffee at your favourite coffee house and watching how people walk by and interact with one another is a great way to gain new characters for your book. It how I wrote some of mine. Good luck all.
  6. I've been inspired to write stories because I'm a fan of fictions and I thought I really had the potential because my friends are telling me that I'm good at it. But the problem with me is, me being a perfectionist and is hardly satisfied of my works. I always have high expectations about myself and I always, always, didn't meet my expectations that I usually go back to zero and write from the start again. Anyway, the second reason is I can't finish something because of the first yeah. I guess I'm a fail. But I am not stopping myself from doing it. Hopefully, someday, I could have my own book too.
  7. ejpj11

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    Writing can be difficult. It is difficult too to get published. This is the struggle. Getting published can be harder than writing. But writing a publishable material can be hard too. Sometimes one can write but there is no demand for it. It is the courage to write even if one can fail. There are many struggles to being a writer. However, writing is enjoyable too.

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