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    Day to day life in this modern age, with its light speed relationships, and occupational deadlines, can drain even the heartiest soul of the joy that is the ultimate desire of humankind. With no outlet or escape, life just for the sake of living becomes a macabre, robotic dance of waking, working, eating and sleeping. At one time or another we all find ourselves on that dismal, seemingly interminable carousel of habit and ritual. Enter the literary universe provided us by the dream weavers of fiction. That magic carpet of escape to places and times, beasts and people, and adventure far from the mundane toils of academic study or the repetitive tasks of the work-a-day world. Inside of a few pages the overwhelmed mind can find a safe cleft in the rock of imagination. The weary spirit can soar high alongside a beloved superhero from another world, or thrill to the wind and rain as lightning splits the roiling, blackened skies of a mid-oceanic storm, all from the warmth and safety of a cozy couch or soft familiar bed. Fiction can rapidly envelop and hijack the imagination, taking the reader to places that exist only in the mind. Fiction however, can also be the perfect vehicle for the memorable transmission of time honored principles, such as in the allegorical writings of C. S. Lewis (1898-1964) or his ancient Greek counterpart, Aesop (620 - 564 BC). Fiction in its broadest definition does not necessarily exclude truth. Used properly it can and has lead generations into a prosperous and virtuous future. The great mystery and the true lure of fiction lies in the wondrous reality that, while the reader escapes to high adventure and deep thrills, the soul and spirit are rested, restored and rejuvenated. The weary soul is thus readied in the end to pass back through the gateway and face life with renewed vitality, and most importantly, renewed joy.

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