The great pauper

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    Amanku was a very poor man, the people of his community disdain everything that comes from him. Amanku was the third child and the only male child of his parents. His father was very rich and the whole community do respect him, because of his wealth and affluence.

    One day, his father was invited by an old friend of his for coronation ceremony. Amanku's father's friend knew that his friend presence at his coronation will make the people of his community respect him further for having such a wealthy man as a friend.

    Amanku's father decided to go with his family. Amanku was just two years old, so he was backed by Romini, his mother.

    On the set date Amanku's father's servant prepare the three horses that will be used for the journey. the family of five persons set out for the journey. They had barely moved out of two communities away from their community when armed robber attacked them, killed all of them except Amanku. The robbers decided to spare him because the leader of the gang told his colleague that Amanku is just like him, who is also the only male child of his family. The armed robber decided to sell Amanku to an old woman who had no child, this made Amanku to change his home, from being the son of a wealthy man to the son a poor old woman.

    Amanku was trained by this old woman. Minra trained Amanku how to farm when he grew a little. Amanku was just twelve years old when Minra, the poor old woman died. Amanku continued his life. The farm left for him by the old woman was his only source of income.

    One day, his farm was set ablaze by some miscreants who felt that Amanku will never be richer than they who were born in Malaka community.

    Amanku became very poor. He does menial jobs for people on their farm for little pay. The hatred he suffered was very great. He had no friends

    One day, the king of Malaka community, where Amanku lives decided to give out hjs only child, a female to a man who could do the task he will give.

    On the date all the young vibrant men were invited for the contest which will lead to being the husband of the princess, Amanku was also in attendance. The king had also promised the young man that could finish the task that he will succeed him as the king of Malaka community.

    The king has a small pond, where a small crocodile. The king told all the young men that whoever could swim the pond from beginning to the end will win his prize. All the young men started leaving the village square, till only twenty men were left, including Amanku who was only looking, because he felt he can be included in such contest as a result of the hatred from the men of that community.

    While Amanku was away in thought of how wonderful the winner will be, Rika, a powerful enemy of Amanku, pushed him into the pond. Amanku started to run while he avoid the crocodile, luckily he escaped and got out from the other end of the pond.

    The king fulfilled all his promises, and Amanku became a happy man aga
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