The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'Television' started by uwuvois, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. uwuvois

    uwuvois New Member

    Has anyone watched the Handmaid's Tale? Do you think there are certain aspects of it that seems to be eeriely similar to what is currently happening?
  2. bayinnah12

    bayinnah12 New Member

    Handmaid's Tale. What a dark twisted show, love and lust, vengeance and allegiance. All the stuff I love about it. The look on her face is maddening she lives to survive and for her children. Those who will take others into oppression will surely pay the price. And they did so. They are the most hostile ones and desolate are their souls. At the end I'm always nail biting and that says it all. I lived to see those red cloaks flurry across the screen again week after week. All it takes is one sometimes to change the world!

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