The Hardest Day of my Life

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by yana26, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. yana26

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    Her arms gripped the chair and everyone in the room was silent. Her mom made jokes, trying to release the tension. Tears had already began to flood everyone's eyes. The impact was done as soon as that doctor said those words. My smile faded slowly, so did she. But everyone in the room was faking their strength. Her hair was thin and face pale. Her father tried to take photos, but cursed everything his phone crashed. A sob came from her cousin in the corner, then her sister. The shaver roared and everyone stared. Words couldn't form in everyone's mouths. Her mom made a not-so-funny joke that failed to lighten the mood. She began to cry, and right then the whole room broke down. Her parents tried to be strong for their children. Friends and siblings tried to be strong for the person they loved most. Who thought their fifteen year of best friend for over six years would ever have to experience such pain. No one deserves it. She was healthy. She was always healthy enough. But cancer attacks the strongest. It kills their strength, but it never killed her strength and we all know it won't. We all hope it won't.
  2. Momon16

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    The hardest day of my life is being far from my love ones especially to my baby girl.I need to be an OFW to sustain all the needs and wants of my baby and family.Its very hard to work far from them but I'll be strong just for them!
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  3. Jhay02

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    The hardest day of my life is when my father died when I was 3yrs. old.Everything was change my mother needs to work and left me at my Aunt/Uncle they were my poster parents now.Days pass by it was hard for me to understand why my mother needs to left me.I leave in a broken family, and my poster parents always hurt us that is why my sister needs to go far away and never come back.Until now I'll never seen my sister yet it almost 8yrs ago.

    I hope that everything's gonna be okay in God's will.
  4. evlhrie

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    Individuals have different experiences encounter every day. The happiest events of their lives were remembered and never been forgotten same us with the agony, grief and painful events we have experienced in our lives in which it lives scars and lessons we cannot forget. That is why everytime I hurt someone because of the painful words I have spoken without thinking it could affect a person in this way it glooms my day and has an unproductive day. Thus I learn my lesson from it and next time I think first before speaking out my opinion. Speak wisely!
  5. zilljiannerie

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    The hardest day of my life has not yet come but i could not bear thinking about it. I always fear losing someone I love. I couldn't bear losing my husband or any of my kids that i feel my life would also end if that happens. I love them so much and I will do everything for them. I will do anything and everything to always keep us together.
  6. wyethdegala

    wyethdegala New Member

    The hardest day of my life is working overseas, which means miles away from my love ones. You can function well on work, but at the end of the day, you still long for their presence.
  7. Jhie

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    I don't really know how to say this, but the hardest day of my life is when my grandfather passed away. He's the one who support me with all the things that I needed. I'm breaking and don't know what to do by that time. Always tell the people that you love how you feel while you still have the chance. I would give anything and everything for one more chance to tell my grandfather I love him.
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  8. sheriff22

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    The hardest day of my life was when I broke up with my girlfriend. We had so much going on and had made so many plans for our future. The thing that pained me the most is that I never really got to know what caused her to break up with me. My emotions were really affected and I have had to live with that scar ever since.
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  9. gina1

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    Lossing the trust for the head of our family is the hardest day of my life. One night my husband arrived home drunk with a gun and fired it three times consecutively inside our house, afterwards ask is anyone hitted. I was so devastated and traumatized that everynight I can't sleep thinking what if he'll do it again. He's still alcoholic, so we decided to live in another place. So sorry.
  10. HORR

    HORR New Member

    The hardest day of my life was when I first disrespected my father. It was the greatest mistake. It was my teenage life where peer pressure plays a massive role in my behavior. It was the phase of my life when I developed a sense of confidence in my decisions wherein I don't want parental interference to it. I have think of their love and affection as obstacle in my career. I did not realized that our parents know and have experience the pros and cons of this period of life and absolutely know how to deal with it,without contradicting our goal.
    That incident made my relationship farther with my father. It was later one day when I realized that I was wrong, when I did not finish my studies. It was only then when I came to my senses that I was wrong. As a saying says "respect old people not because you are right but they have made more wrongs in their life". Thus, so much more that we should respect our parents.
  11. sioniam

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    The hardest day of my life has not yet come. I don't ever want to experience grief or losing anyone that means a lot to me. If life allows, I would surely grab the opportunity of leaving this world ahead of everyone I love so I would not experience loss and never-ending pain. It might be very selfish, but experiencing it would make me feel like I died with them.
  12. Xirbla

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    The hardest day of my life was when I lost my husband to colon cancer. We were a young couple just starting out our little family when he was diagnosed. I had to cling to every chance I could, hoping he could survive. With sobs in between, I tried to be strong for my husband and most especially for our kids. My faith in the Lord and His plans became my refuge. However,in just a few months' time, two weeks after he had his operation, I lost him. I witnessed him take his last breath, just minutes after I held his hand in the ICU and told him "You can rest if you are tired. I promise I'll take care of the kids. I love you." My life and my dreams fell apart. I was left with a huge hospital debt and two little kids to raise, on my own. The pain is indescribable, and the memory of that day will have to stay with me forever.
  13. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    the hardest thing in my life is when i go to other country and work for my family because i will de driven away...and i will be far from them it is hard thing to do in life is to go far and work for the future of our family
  14. John0520

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    My hardest day of my life is when i transfer to a new school and i have no idea how to make new friends at first day. I sat on one corner listening to their chats and timidly introduce myself. I am exposed to new environment and it is so hard for me to cope up with new faces and place.
  15. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    While walking, I suddenly stopped and I leaned my head on the wall. Tears won't stop from comming out. There was a thought that broke my heart into pieces. I can't do anything about it and I can't stop it from replaying into my mind. I was alone. But I have to be strong to make it through. I have no choice but to think of moving on. But how? When it made me very weak. How?

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