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Discussion in 'Internet' started by ncampos, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. ncampos

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    Whenever you have a big problems or questions that you needed to solve easier and fast. The internet will take care of everything. They say that the internet is the best way to help and give us more information on any subjects. It can also help you understand more the words/ sentences of other languages easily. The internet can give us entertainment whenever/ wherever we were bored. We can socially chat/ call other people/ family om other countries. That's why sometimes many people are looking for it because in our daily lives we have problems that we can't be solved. Thanks on the internet we can learn/ explore everything what we need to learn and expand our mind on what are the things we needed and wanted to learn. With a sharing information of other users to the user-learners.
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    i find internet helpful in times that i needed copy of recipes,lyrics of my favorite songs,directions on how to go on places,i read also some blogs and reviews on a particular product which currently on hype at the market,To know the pro's and cont's of using it and the price of an item which i needed the most.It should not be used for any scams or making fake news as well,and to be responsible on using it.

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