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    Our immune system guards us against viruses, bacteria, fungi,foreign proteins and abnormal cancer cells. It is sophisticated interplay of many different kinds of immune cells. phagocytes are the pac-manlike white cells that are first line of defense they can quickly attack any foreign invader and actually gobble it up. Though it is absolutely necessary to control potential infectious intruders, if the inflammatory response gets out of control,it can cause great harm.
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    Boosting of immune system is the most important to have a good health. This is body's defense against various infectious organism. We can boost our immune system by diet in high fruits and vegetable. Avoid smoking have more than enough taken of vitamins with high anti oxidant like Vitamins D, E, C and beta carotene.
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    The immune system is a boon in disguise. Inflammation, often viewed as a disease by common people, is actually a way of human immune system to fight off infections and abnormal cells, such as cancer cells or foreign objects. Often, too much of exposure to the causative agent leads to an excessive amount of White Blood Cells, infiltrating the surrounding tissue. Excessive white blood cells then may die causing Pus. But again, that is the way of human immune system to show that something is wrong with the body and needs to be taken care of instantly.
    The immune cells of Human body that recognize a foreign particle or organism and help in triggering the immune response are called as Helper T-cells. It is the inactivation or death of these cells, which leads to immunodeficiency in HIV patients.
    Thus, any way to boost the immune system in such patients can be extremely helpful in terms of treatment.
    Immune system is also critical in cancer treatment and new immunotherapies are being discovered currently to help cancer patients.

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