The importance of television.

Discussion in 'Television' started by Isaac mwewa, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Isaac mwewa

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    Not very long ago, we only heard voices from a radio, the news, radio talks,radio shows etc.
    However, it came a time when picture could be brodvasted to special machines known as Telvision sets.It was the easiest way people could share information visually.
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  2. annali5a

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    Television has both entertainment and educational utilities. There are programs shown on the small screen of the television. These programs are for different kinds of audiences such as young, children and old. There are programs for films, film songs and news. Television programs have huge education value. There are programs for specific professions like farmers, doctors, businessmen, teachers, etc. There are also educational programs showing developments in science, art, agriculture, and other subjects. Television is not only for educational purposes but also a source of relaxation for some people.

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