The level of dedication needed to complete a work!

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by danseur1985, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. danseur1985

    danseur1985 New Member

    I have always had an affinity for stories and story telling. So I decided that I would take one of those stories and turn it into a script. 3 weekends and 1 scene later I realized that writing scripts was not for me.:(
  2. RouOfCoorflig

    RouOfCoorflig New Member

    I don't think there's ever been an artist in history that hit the bulls-eye on their medium on the first try. The greatest works in human history are preceded by tons of mistakes. After all, mistakes are the greatest teacher. If you truly love the process of creating a script and can see a beautiful result in your imagination, keep chipping away at it. It may click one day.
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  3. BunBun

    BunBun New Member

    I've tried writing a script for stage before. It could be tough because dialogues and actions couldn't be described by using flowery words anymore, but I think it's worth a try. The trick for scripts is really getting to know your characters from head to toe like they are real. Their dialogues should be how they are as people. You could treat them as friends or try other ways that could help you think of them as real. Don't give up yet. I've always thought that writing isn't for me, but here I am right now, still writing. Just try and try and never stop learning. Best of luck!
  4. Michele Diamond

    Michele Diamond New Member

    Writing script for movies is pleasurable, but the mental work required is something else, you keep putting yourself into the picture from time to time. Writing movie scripts is easier when you work hand in hand with the director, technical advice can easily be gained. People would eventually act the role so being realistic is mandatory. The work needs absolute dedication, things get to the point that you even dream about the scripts, the joy of your efforts is in the ability to complete the roles for each actor.
  5. freebird37

    freebird37 New Member

    I have never considered writing for a script for a play or movie or anything like that . I definitely wouldn't rule it out as it would be rewarding if you are successful. Just because you failed at first doesn't mean that you can't make it. If you really want to do then just try harder unless you really realize it's not for you. We all have to start somewhere, most of us are going to make mistakes and search until we find what we are really good at and love to do. That's the thing I think is loving what you do, I believe you will have more success if you enjoy your work and have a positive attitude. Writing is a huge world, anyone can find a place in it, especially with the technology at our disposal.
  6. kaymichaels99

    kaymichaels99 New Member

    Never decide at a very first attempt. Three weeks is nothing. Its usually a time one needs to get rid of ones comfort zone. Its always whey you break your routine and set a new one to see some sort of difference. My suggestion is. Take your time. Crack your routine. Read some stuff which can help you to generate that spark of ideas. Put in your passion and start afresh. Read the way others do and just start doing it. You never know this may be what you are made for. May be some day we will all be seeing your work on screen. Have a nice time and just enjoy!!!
  7. Pmartins

    Pmartins New Member

    the watch word here is dedication like you already said above and keeping your eyes on the price!. The price here could be anything for you, it could be a full blown and ready script or could be the satisfaction of breathing life into characters with your pen from a small corner in your room and later watch people re-enact it either on stage or screen. You have to decide what it is that is your motivation and go for it, but never ever second guess yourself or judge yourself just from the first try.
  8. Doctorstew

    Doctorstew New Member

    Douglas Adams used to say that being a writer meant "Staring at the screen until your forehead bleeds." In other words, you just have to get down to business and do it. I think it's a very good way of looking at it: basically make yourself available for work in a set time period during the day ( or night ) and train yourself into working in those hours. There's nothing to say you can't work outside those hours, but I have noticed in myself and some other writer friends ( most of them, in fact ) that if you decide to stop working during Work Time it's a slippery slope into being easily distracted and waiting for inspiration to strike. If you get down to it, you'll find inspiration comes along too.
    sure sometimes you'll feel blocked, but it's a really good way of disciplining yourself to get the work done.
    You could always try giving yourself a daily word target too.
    Like the others say, keep trying if that's what you want to do. Good luck :)
  9. Yoon Hee

    Yoon Hee New Member

    I have always carried a disheartened heart with me as a writer. I am someone who continuously doubts her capabilities, especially in writing albeit most people believe me I could do it. Whilst surrounding myself with good people who constantly reminded me to push my limits and try my abilities on scriptwriting, I have succeeded well. I have failed much in the process, but the pain was drowned by the happiness and recognition I have received from people. Aside from writing articles and poetry, I have both written for screen and play and I am now mustered enough confidence to do it. :)
  10. antonmia01

    antonmia01 New Member

    Yeah so sad, same here. I always have the passion of writing stories but it turns out, I can't really use it in real life. I mean practical wise, I tried applying for work hoping to be a writer but no luck. At the end, I just realized that it is just merely a hobby of mine and no more. But don't let my life drags everyone down with me, I mean I'm just telling a story that I failed pursuing my dream to be a paid writer but hopefully if you or someone out there wants to be one, I will be the one that will cheer for them to make it come true. Someone's story like yours should be heard by a lot of people and they will be glad to hear it.

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