The level of dedication needed to complete a work!

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by danseur1985, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. danseur1985

    danseur1985 New Member

    I have always had an affinity for stories and story telling. So I decided that I would take one of those stories and turn it into a script. 3 weekends and 1 scene later I realized that writing scripts was not for me.:(
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  2. RouOfCoorflig

    RouOfCoorflig New Member

    I don't think there's ever been an artist in history that hit the bulls-eye on their medium on the first try. The greatest works in human history are preceded by tons of mistakes. After all, mistakes are the greatest teacher. If you truly love the process of creating a script and can see a beautiful result in your imagination, keep chipping away at it. It may click one day.
  3. BunBun

    BunBun New Member

    I've tried writing a script for stage before. It could be tough because dialogues and actions couldn't be described by using flowery words anymore, but I think it's worth a try. The trick for scripts is really getting to know your characters from head to toe like they are real. Their dialogues should be how they are as people. You could treat them as friends or try other ways that could help you think of them as real. Don't give up yet. I've always thought that writing isn't for me, but here I am right now, still writing. Just try and try and never stop learning. Best of luck!
  4. Michele Diamond

    Michele Diamond New Member

    Writing script for movies is pleasurable, but the mental work required is something else, you keep putting yourself into the picture from time to time. Writing movie scripts is easier when you work hand in hand with the director, technical advice can easily be gained. People would eventually act the role so being realistic is mandatory. The work needs absolute dedication, things get to the point that you even dream about the scripts, the joy of your efforts is in the ability to complete the roles for each actor.
  5. freebird37

    freebird37 New Member

    I have never considered writing for a script for a play or movie or anything like that . I definitely wouldn't rule it out as it would be rewarding if you are successful. Just because you failed at first doesn't mean that you can't make it. If you really want to do then just try harder unless you really realize it's not for you. We all have to start somewhere, most of us are going to make mistakes and search until we find what we are really good at and love to do. That's the thing I think is loving what you do, I believe you will have more success if you enjoy your work and have a positive attitude. Writing is a huge world, anyone can find a place in it, especially with the technology at our disposal.
  6. kaymichaels99

    kaymichaels99 New Member

    Never decide at a very first attempt. Three weeks is nothing. Its usually a time one needs to get rid of ones comfort zone. Its always whey you break your routine and set a new one to see some sort of difference. My suggestion is. Take your time. Crack your routine. Read some stuff which can help you to generate that spark of ideas. Put in your passion and start afresh. Read the way others do and just start doing it. You never know this may be what you are made for. May be some day we will all be seeing your work on screen. Have a nice time and just enjoy!!!
  7. Pmartins

    Pmartins New Member

    the watch word here is dedication like you already said above and keeping your eyes on the price!. The price here could be anything for you, it could be a full blown and ready script or could be the satisfaction of breathing life into characters with your pen from a small corner in your room and later watch people re-enact it either on stage or screen. You have to decide what it is that is your motivation and go for it, but never ever second guess yourself or judge yourself just from the first try.
  8. Doctorstew

    Doctorstew New Member

    Douglas Adams used to say that being a writer meant "Staring at the screen until your forehead bleeds." In other words, you just have to get down to business and do it. I think it's a very good way of looking at it: basically make yourself available for work in a set time period during the day ( or night ) and train yourself into working in those hours. There's nothing to say you can't work outside those hours, but I have noticed in myself and some other writer friends ( most of them, in fact ) that if you decide to stop working during Work Time it's a slippery slope into being easily distracted and waiting for inspiration to strike. If you get down to it, you'll find inspiration comes along too.
    sure sometimes you'll feel blocked, but it's a really good way of disciplining yourself to get the work done.
    You could always try giving yourself a daily word target too.
    Like the others say, keep trying if that's what you want to do. Good luck :)
  9. Yoon Hee

    Yoon Hee New Member

    I have always carried a disheartened heart with me as a writer. I am someone who continuously doubts her capabilities, especially in writing albeit most people believe me I could do it. Whilst surrounding myself with good people who constantly reminded me to push my limits and try my abilities on scriptwriting, I have succeeded well. I have failed much in the process, but the pain was drowned by the happiness and recognition I have received from people. Aside from writing articles and poetry, I have both written for screen and play and I am now mustered enough confidence to do it. :)
  10. antonmia01

    antonmia01 New Member

    Yeah so sad, same here. I always have the passion of writing stories but it turns out, I can't really use it in real life. I mean practical wise, I tried applying for work hoping to be a writer but no luck. At the end, I just realized that it is just merely a hobby of mine and no more. But don't let my life drags everyone down with me, I mean I'm just telling a story that I failed pursuing my dream to be a paid writer but hopefully if you or someone out there wants to be one, I will be the one that will cheer for them to make it come true. Someone's story like yours should be heard by a lot of people and they will be glad to hear it.
  11. Franklee I

    Franklee I New Member

    The level of dedication need for writing is everything you have inside basically. Writing is not for everyone, and if you can do ANYTHING else, I suggest you do that. Writing full time is for those who see it as the only option. Even then most don't have the stamina to do at it day in and day out, to continually study to master it, or even deal with the rejection. My screenplay is coming along slowly, but surely. I will continue to pick up the pen or type out the next line, because nothing else matters as much.
  12. Heshbon

    Heshbon New Member

    Writing scrip and making it into reality is a new whole world. These involve a lot of knowledge in a logistic way and comparison of ideas that could evolve on the sine like the way Shakespeare does to his marvellous work of art. Experience and a lot of reading and watching film should matter to make things alive and realistic specially is someone is adopting it from book; it takes a great writer to make things exactly alike. It will never be easy like writing stories but it is worth the joy once you watch it played and act accoutring to what you expect the least.
  13. Albert_Guzman30

    Albert_Guzman30 New Member

    Writing a script should be on the highest level. It is not a joke to make a script. It is not easy to come up into writing without patience and dedication , once you're almost done with your work and something bothers you , you cannot come up with a successful work with great ideas. So, dedication in your work should always be full and top priority.
  14. Nazroth

    Nazroth Member

    It is difficult to be dedicated if you don't love your work. I believe while some exhaust themselves from sheer perseverance, some fluidly floats in ease in accomplishing the same work. The difference is not hard work but love for work. When you love your work, dedication becomes easier.
  15. maileen6582

    maileen6582 New Member

    Dedication for me means loving what you do in spite of all the difficulties you encounter in your work. I think that's the most essential trait in dedication because if you love what you do, no matter what obstacles or trials that comes your way it can make you a positive person. It can make you hope that everything will be okay and that you can find solutions in every problems you may face.
  16. Girl13

    Girl13 New Member

    Love what your doing, dedication. If your working under pressure then seeing yourself handling the situation well, your dedicated to work. Giving your full potential makes your employer very satisfied of your accomplishment. It helps your co-worker easier working with you. Working with dedicated person is needed to have your work done. The level of dedication leads to the length of years in service to the company that few of our younger generations do.

    VINROSE New Member

    Let's elaborate the word work and dedication.
    Work ,it is any activity which involving physical effort and mental concentration which aiming a particular purpose example teaching ,running in a marathon,or just simply singing and etc..
    Dedication is quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose of the doer .
    How they get connected to each other? For me, if you observed both have a key word purpose.
    The higher level of dedication of doer exerted the better the result of a complete work.
    Lets put an example like a runner from a marathon.
    The purpose of a runner is to reached the finish line without failed. Some runner give up at the middle of the game which become loser, some of them call winner as they achieved to reached the purpose. For those called winner they are the one who exert the best level of their dedication to hit the target purpose.
    So for every work we want to do lets apply our best dedication for us to be called winner.
  18. janey1129

    janey1129 New Member

    For me i think basically loving what you're doing is the key to everything. If what you are doing or working on is boring you right out of your mind , it's time to get out and find something else that piques your interest. Even if it's just your homework or your daily job, you have to find that something that made you excited the first time that you did it. It's really tedious and hard if you have been doing it for the longest time and trying to find ways and means or a different approach is what helps me to concentrate more and finish what needs to be done.

    GABTECH New Member

    The Willingness to succeed must have.If you are a person with a dream you need to became ready to everything.Motivation must have if you are going to work without this i assure you you are going to failed on that.Motivation help you to be a better person every time every day.Dedication to your work together with passion on what you do can help you.Empty mind that willing to learn from other's can make a huge different to finish your work.
    Love will be your'e last weapon.Love from your family that hoping for your success .Love from your'e team mates that even on the most hardest time they wont leave you . Love your'e work your job so you can succed on your field of work.
  20. Krizzy

    Krizzy New Member

    I'm not sure if dedication is something that can be measured. If I dedicated myself into something, it means that the passion and love for what I do is there. Then comes happiness, which I think is priceless.
  21. chimeewrites

    chimeewrites New Member

    Dedication plays a key role to one's success. The ability to put in your time, energy, assets actually pays on the long run.

    Although, i can't talk about dedication without passion. You must have passion for what you do, that which makes you happy, that which motivates you.

    This very important because, not everybody wil appreciate your commitment or your hardwork but knowing that you love what you do and it makes you happy, you will be able to embrace criticism with love and always work on getting better at what you do. With this I can say passions makes one more dedicated. With passion you can't easily give up.
  22. Ronald257

    Ronald257 New Member

    Dedication is important to finish any task, although in varying degrees. A person knows the amount of dedication he/she needs in order to fulfill a certain role or to complete what has been started. A gifted person may not seem to show much dedication to others simply because it comes easily for him/her. But that doesn't mean he/she is less dedicated. Maybe the quality of work will show in the end if a person was truly dedicated to any given task. Of course, talent and ability must also be considered.
  23. Juli1314

    Juli1314 New Member

    I am currently working on a movie script, and it is a lot of hard work. I started writing in January, writing only a basic outline of the scenes, without dialogue. I worked on that, read through it with friends, talked about what needed changing and then applied these changes. Then I repeated it many many times, changing the story to be more coherent, or to just be a better story. Finally, in August, we had a version we all liked. Remember, this is still only scene outlines, little details, no dialogue. We sent that to various people, our so-called alpha-readers, who read through it and critiqued it, gave us some feedback. We discussed what they had all said, and adjusted accordingly.

    Now, finally, in the beginning of September, we were able to start writing dialogue. So I did. I detailed all the scenes, and wrote dialogue, for four weeks straight. By the end of all this I was unable to think about anything else.
    When I went into writing dialogue, I knew full well that the first dialogues I would write were gonna be absolute garbage. But I wrote them anyway, keeping them in the back of my mind, to come back to them later. And eventually I did.

    You have to realise that the only way to become good at something, is to get experience. To do it, even if you know that it will suck. Just do it anyway, and fix it later.

    Quickly, I noticed how my writing improved, and improved, and it starts to come more naturally as well. So, go out and do it. Go out and suck at it, and keep at it. Eventually, you won't suck anymore.
  24. clinsindir

    clinsindir New Member

    It has a few ingredients to succeed in this field although I am not credible to say these but just to share my thoughts and ideas what we can make to do things right next time. Know your self first, You mentioned that you found out that unfortunately, you think that is not for you which I believe you must know what are your capabilities and limitations and especially what you really want. Knowing one's capabilities will remain unknown until it is tested. Well, you tried it anyway and that's what happened. But since you want that you may also want to ask yourself a follow-up question like how did you really want that? Because from there it will give you a better view on how much dedication you can give and simply will understand the level of willingness and effort you can make. What if there are other things that are much more suitable for you based on your strengths. I know you're trying to explore but I think you also should study things to succeed in writing. It is always a trial and error method maybe you want to try it out again once you are done with your research and practice.

    There is such thing called "writer's block" wherein your brain somehow looks like stopped from creating more ideas. In this case, if you think this could be a reason, you may want to stop it for a while and refrain from it for a while. Do something else and don't let your mind to be preoccupied with congested ideas that won't come out. Breathe in and out, drink coffee or tea or maybe talk to someone, whatever it is just do something else and after a while come back to your work and try it again.Trust me it works.
  25. Olivia Wezdenko

    Olivia Wezdenko New Member

    There is a level of dedication that is needed to complete a successful script, and may only be seen amongst the ones who are truly passionate. If you have a passion for screenwriting, or writing in any form, then you will be able to complete a full story or script. The reason why, is because of how tedious and time consuming it is to write a script. Many people believe that writing a script is easy, however that is not the case. Coming from a person who constantly writes scripts, I know that it takes weeks or months to complete a full script with a range from 40-125 pages. Once it is complete, it is not over. It must go through the process of editing, rewriting, to make sure that the script is perfected and that the story is told correctly. It is a process that is not easy for the ones who are not ready to put in the effort, however for those who are, scripts may come out beautifully.
  26. kristia0921

    kristia0921 New Member

    You must have a great dedication towards work because if you're not dedicated then you will not be productive at all. You will have no focus and concentration towards work and even small work will not be completed well. If you're are dedicated then you will be focused and do your best to do your job well. In case you don't know something, you will strive hard to settle it and complete it fully.
  27. jamechi

    jamechi Member

    Dedication needs a lot of plans and perseverance, sleepless nights, and countless mistakes to happen, but there is always success in the end of all sacrifices
  28. ann2195

    ann2195 Member

    When you are writing something you should really put your mind and heart to it because it will never be easy. You must dedicate your time and effort to do the job well. When you don't know something search for it, I know it takes a lot of time but atleast you will be able to learn and be dedicated to your work to finish it. But sometime it is really good to realized as well that it is not right for you so you can use your talents in other things.
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