The massage

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    "My shoulder is killing me!" she cried.

    We all know what massages lead to, I thought. So, I offered with a kind smile knowing that what I had planned was more than she would've bargained for. This Good Samaritan act would be a game changer... all she had to do was play along.

    She lay on the bed in front of me patiently waiting for this massage.

    After 15 minutes my skin made contact with hers as my rough hands caressed her soft skin.

    I was working on her shoulder when she grabbed my attention and said, "Boy you got some strong ass hands."

    I raised my eyebrows in confusion but played it off like I didn't see her making passes at me.

    'Must be my imagination', I thought.

    So I asked if she wanted me to use some oil. She replied, "Sure" got up and went in the next room.

    She made her way back with the oil, but i couldn't believe what happened next.

    She opened the bottle, fake tripped and spilled the oil all over her. But she didn't think it through as she managed to fall on her ass.

    I chuckled in amusement as I ran over to her to make sure that she was okay.

    'Hmmm... so much for the Good Samaritan act I just fell into her trap' I thought.

    I looked at the remainder in her bottle and gave a hearty laugh. It was short lived as she threw the oil on me in response.

    I shook my head at her childish behavior and then she demanded, "Come on! You're helping me up." As soon as I stuck my hand to reach her I was on the floor beside her face down.

    Working to her advantage, I flipped on my back and she was on top of me as she grabbed both wrists.

    She was begging for me to f*ck her at this point. I pulled free and we were now fighting on the floor covered in oil.

    I pinned her arms behind her and on cue her breasts popped out of her bra. They were beautiful and voluptuous with nipples the size of nickels.

    She didn't even tried to hide them.

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