The next plague?

Discussion in 'Business, Politics, & Debates' started by insanity1991, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. insanity1991

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    In the past few decades there's been a definite rise in the number of virus'/parasites which are less respondent to medication. I'm all for vaccinating children against disease but are we maybe medicating against too much?

    What's your thoughts... would we be better letting our kid's get ill and develop a healthy immune system naturally or aid them with medicine?
  2. vaemily08

    vaemily08 New Member

    I think it depends on what virus we are trying to fight? I think that some vaccines are really need especially for virus' that cause disabilities or death.
    In regards to over vaccinating and wondering if we are not allowing our children to build up their own immunity, well I think that if your kids are enjoying the outdoors and mixing with other children, they will build up a healthy immune system. As they will still get colds and in some cases, they will get a virus they have been vaccinated against but will only get a small dose, not one that is life threatening. So I don't think we are, but we all have a choice to vaccinate and medicate our children to what we think is right.
  3. mp4life

    mp4life New Member

    I think you misunderstand how medicine works. Vaccines don't cause new diseases to develop that are resistant. That is what antibiotics do. These drug resistant diseases aren't diseases you can vaccinate against, they are bacterial infections.
    There is no difference between "natural" immunity and vaccination, all a vaccine is is a small living or dead part of a disease so your body can develop the antibodies to detect it if you get the virus for real. That is why kids used to all hang out with the sick kid and share a lollipop, they would then all get sick at the same time and be done with it. Vaccines are the same concept with the added benefit of not actually getting sick.

    What we really need to worry about is the over prescription of antibiotics. People get a cold and they go to their doctor demanding antibiotics, but antibiotics don't get rid of viruses, so these people are taking antibiotics when they do nothing for them and increasing the rate at which bacterial infections evolve to survive antibiotics.
  4. Cariol

    Cariol New Member

    The next plague is probably being cooked up in a lab right now. When the American people decided that they would buy bottled water, it was giving permission for the "crackpots" to take our purest "medication" know to man. If we had water in its purest form we could combat many diseases.
  5. monstecarlo

    monstecarlo New Member

    This is such an interesting question. I think the way we are fighting against diseases is just making the pathogen agents mutate. Countries around the world have established measures to prevent people from self-medicating but this is an issue that should have been taken into consideration long ago. People nowadays try to get better as soon as possible and they prefer to self-medicate instead of going to the doctor first, if they can not get a certain medication because they need prescription by their doctor they find a way to get it, and without the required knowledge they start making wrong diagnosis and decide to take medication that might only make the disease stronger. This is a serious problem because there will be a point in the future where diseases will get so strong that we might never find a cure for all of them. Sooner or later there will be an unbeatable disease that will wipe us from the face of the Earth.

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