The Peak

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    I never knew I had so much love to give.

    Living in a world where other's opinion mattered pressured me when I missed my period. I was a stage performer. Everybody wants to go big, right? That was the time of my life when I was receiving invites for national castings and auditions. Nothing else could thrill me. How could I get pregnant?

    It was a saturday morning. I had my test very early. I do not know what got into me, but I all I felt was joy when I saw those two faded red lines. I saw tears in my boyfriend's eyes and he hugged me so tight. Days back, I was sure I was confused. But that moment felt so right that I got excited.

    Yes, I had to cancel auditions. But my hiatus didn't take so long because I got offers even when companies knew I was pregnant.

    Three months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They said it's the peak of a woman's life. No, unfortunately, it is not true. They understated it. Having my angel was heaven. I don't know what I did right for God to let me experience that feeling - I couldn't even describe it.

    One thing I know, from that moment on, my heart was full.

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