The power of music

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    Music is something magical. When we are sad, we look for sad songs to relate to or calm us down. When we are happy, we look for happy songs in order to maintain that happiness stable, and ensure that it won't go away any time soon. Music is some people's only relief, their only way of coping with difficult experiences, a way to escape the world. Music can inspire anyone to do anything. It is a gateway to our inner conscience, because each song has a meaning and powerful lyrics, and we choose the ones that speak to us, to our hearts and our souls. Ask a friend what his or her top three favorite songs are, and you will know them better. Ask them what they listen to during hard times, and you will be instantly connected.
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    The soothing power of music is well-established.It has a unique link to our emotions,so can be an extremely effective stress management tool.

    Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies,especially slow,quiet classical music.This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions.slowing the pulse heart rate,lowering blood pressure,and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.Music, in short,can act as a powerful stress management tool in our lives.

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