The rise of "AI" Technology for Smartphone convenience, affecting data privacy and data theft

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What are progress people doing for a safer AI Technology or prevent it?

  1. AI technology will be develop further and safer after few years of study

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  2. AI technology will remain on factory working robots not to smartphones

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  1. Frem

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    The discussion of Artificial Intelligence or "AI" is everywhere for the market place. This lead skeptical thinking of the messes that is it safe or are we continuing to trust man made technology for a profit or for a betterment of our society? The world is in its early stages of AI, but are we all ready for the said change? Take for example the iPhone, which upgrades quickly possibly for AI technology, poeple build for a value, but this form of value emphasis skepticism through the danger it possess. You would not want one day, you found out your Bank Account was breached intentionally funded an isis rebel group with your name entitlement on it?

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