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Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by harristo, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. harristo

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    Today there are hundreds of blogs for almost every subject you can thing of. This makes it difficult for new bloggers to attract and get regular visitors to their new blog. Because the things they are doing on their blog is already being done by other older blogs.

    The question now is, how can a new blog get a foothold establish themselves in a niche with hundreds of similar blogs to theirs? How can a new blog attract the people that are already visitors of similar blogs and make them regular visitors of their blog?

    Is there any special formular or tactic, that new bloggers can apply to make their blog that is on the same subject with the already established blogs, attractive enough for people interested in that subject to make their blog one of those they regularly visit?
  2. all-mad-here

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    I am by no means a blogging expert - my poor blog has been neglected for many moons now, but at one time, I did have a good number of regular readers. The two keys to a successful blog seem to be quality content and frequently adding new material. I can write a killer blog post, but if I only post once every three months or so, people are going to forget about me, and it's likely the same with any blog.

    I found that being a part of a wider blogging community is what ultimately drove traffic to my own blog. I would visit other blogs like mine and comment regularly on my favorites. Over time, other visitors to that blog (and usually the blog writer herself) would find their way over to mine as well. "Blog hops" with like-minded blogs are a great way to increase traffic. In a blog hop, all participants generally post on a certain topic at a certain time, and include links to the other blogs in the hop. Interested readers will generally click through, and if they like what they see on your blog, they just may stick around.

    Giveaways are another quick way to increase traffic, although there are downsides to that method. Hosting a giveaway obviously means investing in a prize to give away, and some people do just visit blogs to enter contests, never to be heard from again.

    My favorite way to keep and attract new visitors, though - when I'm being productive enough to keep up the blog - is to also host a Facebook page with the blog name. I share every new blog post on the Facebook page, and post smaller things there between posts - you know, a funny Monday meme or a random thought, just something that will pop up and keep your visitors thinking of you. If it's something they like enough, they just may share and bring new visitors your way.
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  3. bethy

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    I agree with the post above me . Another thing we can do (I've done it with my blogposts before) is to share our blogpost to facebook groups related to our niche. Be a helpful member of the group commenting or answering on some queries. For that they may remember you and might read your blogpost.

    Have time to browse the comments , questions or post of the other members in the group. Take note of the usual concerns of most of the members and make a post that can help them with their concerns. People will keep coming to you if you make them happy and solve their problems.
  4. samoswell

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    I believe one of the things you can do is to be creative, and find a way to be unique and be different from all the other blogs. Of the many aspects of your blog, find a way to be unique in one or more of them. To be able to do this, you'll have to use your creative mind to think up ideas. When people visit your blog for the first time, they'll have something to remember by.

    Another thing you can do is to post a lot. When you are just starting, you'll have just tens of blog post and that'll make your blog appear less professional than the established blogs. So you'll have work to do to make your blog not appear scanty to first time visitors by publishing at least one blog post daily. The more blog post you have, the more you'll be recognized by search engine, and the more your chances of getting your content shared.
  5. Shreen9833

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    Reason for any blog visitors to be a loyal follower is the strong content. We have many million sites to gain information from. But when your content connects with the people. An trust is build and you end up getting an large number of loyal audience. Top bloggers are smart to write content which attracts people of same interests.
  6. paulsevere

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    In my opinion, it's the "Content Quality" of your posts which makes the visitor to bookmark or remember your site or to subscribe to our newsletter.

    Most people are looking for information and if you can provide the quality content meeting their need they will be happy to visit your site again and again.

    By providing valuable information and adding value to your blog posts you can move from an author to an authority. You might have heard "Content is the King". So quality content is my answer.

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