Things you do before going to bed

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by khaye29, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. khaye29

    khaye29 New Member

    I usually pull the strands of my hair before I fell asleep...
  2. Akili Puller

    Akili Puller New Member

    My bedtime routine includes, brushing my teeth, wrapping my hair, put on the PJ's, read at least 10 pages of a good book and then its lights out for me.
  3. FuzzyBirds

    FuzzyBirds New Member

    I have a pretty strict bedtime routine. It wasn't by choice, but it's honestly one of the best things I could of done.

    I unfortunately have a sleep disorder (Narcolepsy) compounded by several other health issues. The best thing I have ever found was: sleep routine makes a HUGE impact on how your next day goes, and your overall health.

    An hour and a half before bedtime I take a nice bath, an hour before, I stretch, take my medication, brush my teeth. 45 minutes before, all electronics go off. Around 30 minutes before I'm in my PJ's, relaxed, reading a book and disconnecting myself. By the time I go to bed... I don't feel those "hair pulling" moments as much, as I've de-stressed myself.
  4. Information

    Information New Member

    I read the bible for some time, then make sure I have everything together for the next day. I lay down and turn on nature music. If you have never listened to the sound of rain on a tin roof, you should. I fall asleep quickly when I'am listening to my nature sounds. It helps my mind not wonder as much as well, then I fall asleep.
  5. New Member

    I have Flux too! It's quite neat and I've noticed that it really does make a difference on my eyes.

    In terms of what I do before going to bed, I have found that the best routine includes this: Packing my things for the next day, writing what I'm grateful for, and planning the next day. In addition, I floss, brush my teeth, and use the restroom (so I don't wake up in the middle of the night having to go). I also read that it's beneficial to have a no-gadget policy in the bedroom at night. Haven't quite been able to do that as of yet though. These devices and the entertainment they provide can be quite addicting...
  6. subbu813

    subbu813 New Member

    I usually introspect by recollecting the activities which I did in the whole day thereby making me emotionally free. This makes my mind fresh and goes to bed after brushing my teeth.
  7. Majoree Soriano

    Majoree Soriano New Member

    We all have different ways of spending our time before going to sleep. For me , I usually do two important things. Writing on my gratitude journal notebook and praying. They say that your thoughts should be more on appreciation and thanksgiving 45 minutes before sleeping. Wanna know the reason? What you focus on, expands. If you focus your attention and energy on good things, more of it will be given to you. Remember, your mind is still at work even if you are sleeping. So, I encourage everyone to start scribbling what they are thankful for the whole day.
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  8. Victor Oyebola

    Victor Oyebola New Member

    I don't have a whole lot of busy schedule or routine at bedtime because I must have done all I needed to do earlier during the day except for some few practices like brushing of my teeth, taking my bath and reading my Bible. Recently I started kissing my wife to say goodnight and i'v been consistent with it. That's just what you do before going to bed.
  9. Heather6000

    Heather6000 Member

    My only routine for going to bed is washing my face, applying moisturizer and brushing my teeth. After that, sometimes I read or play a game on my phone.
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  10. kostlund82

    kostlund82 New Member

    Before I hit the sack, I make sure my boys are tucked in and warm enough, brush my teeth and read for about 20 minutes before finally rolling over to sleep.
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  11. skyuka2012

    skyuka2012 New Member

    I take about an hour to have some "me time" - usually catching up on a TV show or reading. That's pretty relaxing for me because I don't have any interruptions!
  12. colors123

    colors123 New Member

    I am gifted with sound sleep. I could fall asleep even when I think about a routine to follow before sleep.

    However, we always have a family prayer time before bed. I never miss to kiss my kids good night, make a mental note of next day's "to do" list.

    I might ponder on the special or unusual events of the day for a minute and that's it, I am fast asleep.
  13. chantelwolff

    chantelwolff New Member

    I like to wind down before I go to bed so that I can sleep really well during the night. I like to put on my favorite tv show, drink some tea, wash my face and put on my nightly face lotion and any topical treatments I might need for my face, brush my teeth, and sometimes I like to read a few pages in one of my books or a magazine. Then right before bed, I shut off all the lights, shut the tv off, set my alarm and scroll through Facebook or Pinterest until my eyes start to get droopy. I used to do yoga before bed and I would like to start getting back into that habit.
  14. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Nurturing myself by taking a shower and putting a lotion all over my body make me fresh. As a mother I make sure that each member of my family are okay. Prayers is the most important thing to do to have a peaceful sleep. And I try a simple meditation to clear my mind before I settle into bed.
  15. adadedavid85

    adadedavid85 New Member

    There are a lot of things I do before I go to bed. This varies but I usually drink a glass of water, read my remaining messages if any. I then proceed to put my phone to charge, off my light and say a word of prayer. That's it!
  16. Eckz028

    Eckz028 New Member

    Before I go to bed, I drink 1 glass of water. Drinking 1 glass of water before going to bed helps you out with your health. It will promote your mood, have positive emotion, satisfaction and calmness; it is also a natural cleanser.
  17. Mane

    Mane New Member

    Night time routine brushing my teeth, taking shower, put on pajamas, taking vitamins I prefer taking my vitamin c at night before going to bed. Of course praying and after all that browsing facebook and instagram until I fall asleep.
  18. Flordeliza Elloremo

    Flordeliza Elloremo New Member

    My bedtime routines and to have better sleep ever are Doing your chores, Take shower and after putting some lotion to fell more fresh, Make a list, Take a few moment or bonding with your family, Brush teeth, Wearing Pajamas, Pee, I prefer to shut off all the lights before going to bed, Set my alarm, Read some stories, Give some Goodnight kiss for my family and Praying.
  19. Meget22

    Meget22 New Member

    Things to do first before going to bed first of course taking dinner, I cant sleep without eating dinner then watching my favorite tv series with my family of course, that's our daily routine bonding time together, and then after that I walk to my room and reading wattpad stories and of course Pray before sleep..that's all
  20. jomardy23

    jomardy23 Member

    A lot of thing I have done before bed times. First, I 'll take half bath to feel comfortable during sleep. I never forget to brush my teeth and wash face so that I will be free from dirt on the outside. To stay healthy I also do some work out atleast 30 minutes before bed times such as push-up and body stretching.
    I never pray to God before I go to sleep. Asking for forgiveness if something I got did wrong, thanks for the blessing I got received everyday and also asking for a new in the new day.
  21. Zserter

    Zserter New Member

    Aside from the usual hygiene routine, I do three things before going to bed. The first thing I do is reflect and evaluate my day's activity. I ask my self what could I have done better, what do I need to improve and what are the lessons I have learned that day ( I usually write it down in my personal book). After the reflection and evaluation, I end it with a prayer of forgiveness & thanksgiving. The last thing I always do after the two is to read a book. I usually read 10-15 pages per night until I feel drowsy and go to sleep.
  22. JAnnBowers

    JAnnBowers New Member

    A good bedtime routine is so important this is shown to help us sleep better at night. Going to sleep at the same time every night is the first step. I usually head off to my room and say goodnight to my kids around 9;30 each night, n0ow this all depends on my youngest son and his Autism if I even get eight hours of sleep at night. But before I scurry off to bed, I take 30 minutes to myself to reflect on how my day went and create the next day to-do list. Then I meditate for 15 minutes. If I still have time before 9:30 then I journal for 25 minutes. After I complete this soothing relax time I brush my teeth and off to sleepy land I go.
  23. jahmie1128

    jahmie1128 New Member

    I love to sleep but before bedtime I still have quite a lot of things to do. I make sure to get my children a good bath and dress them up, I prepare their beds and make milk for them. I also tend to my husbands needs like the clothes he needs to wear for work the next day. Moreover, I take prepare what I need to cook for the next day and then I take a bath and brush my teeth before heading to bed with my husband.
  24. JustJordan27

    JustJordan27 New Member

    A wonderful night habit to get into is GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!! This is the time of the day to let your thoughts flood your brain have a big think about what you've done today how your got one step closer to being a better version of yourself. Think about what you can do tommorow to attain your goals and aspirations you have set out for yourself. Keeping a healthy mindset and not let others get in your way. Use this time to really just wind down and reflect on the entire day as a whole.
  25. abegailtangara

    abegailtangara New Member

    Praying of course along with remembering all my wonderful moments in life.
  26. jovenclar007

    jovenclar007 New Member

    Before going to sleep I pray, then after that we always have conversation with my wife sharing ideas, talking funny things and everyhing we think. I also tried to influence my children to do the same and Im glad because I did it. But when Im alone, before going to bed I lways do praying then playing music and listen until I get sleep.
  27. Fumioks

    Fumioks New Member

    Since I discovered Korean Skin Care routine. I make sure that: 1. Double cleanse my face. 2. Put toner 3. face masks (2 or 3 times a week) 4. Moisturizer 5. Sleeping Masks. I only do five skin care routine but I guess others does it more. After all these procedures, I brush my teeth, read about for 15 minutes then turn on some relaxing music to put me to sleep.
  28. james11kyrie

    james11kyrie Member

    Dry—Use a moisturizing cleanser and follow up with a rich moisturizer. As long as acne is not an issue, oil-based lotions are a good choice, especially at night. Oily—Avoid any heavy or oil-based formulas. ... Adding a lotion before bed creates softer, more hydrated, and better-looking skin the next day. It's was very effective
  29. ssalynn

    ssalynn New Member

    The most important thing that I do before I go to bed is to brush my teeth of course! hahaha who would want a stinky breath the next morning? But kidding aside, I never skip my skincare routine! I can't sleep without putting these moisturizers, toners and creams on my face. Although I feel so tired, I still try to remove my make up and wash my face because I can't bear to have acne from sleeping with dirt or make up on my face. I do my skincare routine religiously without missing any steps. And of course it is very important to drink a glass of water or two before going to sleep because our body needs to be hydrated so the cells can regenerate better. And most of all we should not forget to pray before going to sleep!
  30. Relaterion

    Relaterion New Member

    I do yoga every night before bed.

    I promise, I'm not crazy. I do very slow, low impact yoga (yes, low impact even for yoga standards) to stretch before going to sleep.

    doing specific yoga positions creates a much more localized stretch than simple stretching. This helps me ensure that the right parts of my body are not tense before trying to sleep (namely my lower back). I find that nights I do yoga, I fall asleep almost instantly. My significant other can confirm that I never toss and turn on nights I do yoga. I get much better sleep, simply from sitting in some poses I was taught in high school gym.
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