Things you do before going to bed

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  1. kixapolinar

    kixapolinar New Member

    Before going to bed, I always pray and read my bible. That the only time that I can thank my God for all the blessings that He gave to me. I thanked Him for the guidance that He showed not to me only but for my family. It is also the time for me to confess my sin to God. Sometimes I am not worthy of all His blessings but He still showed me mercy in spite of all the sins I did. He is a God of mercy and a very gracious God. He gave His only Son for the people to have an everlasting life.
  2. janden02

    janden02 New Member

    Bed time routine includes involves doing similar activities in each similar way each night. Bathing, brushing teeth and watching movies playing games until I feel as sleep.
  3. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    I often just browse my phone, talk to my friends and stuff like that... Don't really have a lot of time to use online on day-times, so therefore, I try to exploit every opportunity I get to do anything not work-related.
  4. romilda

    romilda Member

    Before going to bed be sure that you've taken all the medication you have and don't forget to pray.
  5. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    I brush my teeth and Pray at night before going to bed because this is the best thing to do before you sleep is to pray.
  6. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I minimize my screen usage for 1 hour and 30 minutes because this disrupts our circadian rhythm which makes us to sleep early. I also take a warm bath before going to bed to feel refresh so that I will feel comfortable and fresh. Then I read self-help books to fill my mind with knowledge and wisdom from other people and reading book before I sleep helps me to sleep deeper and longer. This is my routine before going to sleep and I feel good the next day after doing this before going to sleep.
  7. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    After I have done all the things that needed to be done. I pray and thank God for the blessings and for giving me another day to see the beauty of life. After that, I open my tv and put on the timer for one hour. I just couldn't sleep when I am not hearing anything inside my room :). Then waking at 4 am to start my daily routine, the same cycle over and over, I feel happy about my life despite the difficulties we face every day.
  8. I always watch television, eat midnight snack, I brush my teeth and comb my hair. think that tomorrow in another day. new journey, chances and hope. most specially I always pray before I go to sleep because this is the most important thing for me to do.
  9. ray87dave

    ray87dave New Member

    Eventually at night, I settle on a cognizant choice.

    You gotta hit the hay.

    I go to the washroom and wash my face. I wail for a few minutes since I never remove my cosmetics washing my face, thus all of a sudden my eyes are brimming with dark eyeliner which is very difficult.

    At that point I brush my teeth, and unobtrusively turn off the lights all around the condo (I'm generally the last one up).

    At that point I make the bed. You rest better in a made bed, so I'm in every case beyond any doubt to make it directly before I rest. I lay down with sheets, a sofa-bed, and four covers.

    It's exorbitant. Be that as it may, I'm in all respects snuggly.

    At that point I unmake the bed, with the goal that I can rest in it.

    At that point I get changed. This is a horrifying procedure in light of the fact that my radiator doesn't work great, so it never gets over 62 degrees in my room.

    I change rapidly.

    At that point I brush my hair, since it's typically loaded with hairspray and it's progressively agreeable when it's free.

    I put my telephone on the edge of my bed and fitting it in—truly, I lay down with my telephone on my bed. I have one of them extravagant rest cautions that watches me rest and awakens me when it supposes I'm prepared.

    I'm never prepared.

    At that point I hit the lights and toss myself over the room, planning to arrive on the bed.

    Here and there I miss.

    I pull the covers as far as possible up to my nose, that way the subtle under-bed bears won't see me.

    Or then again jokester killers—whoever.

    At that point I let myself know, "Jordan, you're hitting the hay now. Goodnight."

    Goodnight!, says Jordan back to me before hauling out her telephone and checking Quora.

    "No. Head to sleep."

    I have a notice.

    "That's right, you checked it. Great job. Rest."

    Would it be advisable for me to address this inquiry at the present time? It's a decent one.

    "It's midnight, you aren't wearing jeans, and you have to rest. No. Put the telephone away."


    So I set my extravagant alert and endeavor to rest.

    Right side. Left side. Right side once more. Lighten cushion. Rehash.
  10. mvillere

    mvillere New Member

    I struggle with falling asleep so I have a pretty strict routine. Research has shown that having the same bedtime routine every night helps your brain realize this is the time to sleep. Every night I put my phone away at least an hour before bed, avoid any and all screens, take a hot shower, brush my teeth, turn on two fans and my sound machine, then drift off to sleep.
  11. dani000gge

    dani000gge New Member

    I always make sure that I clean myself before heading to dreamland. I couldn't sleep at night knowing that I haven't washed my face, neck, arms and feet. After making sure that I'm squeaky clean, I usually make myself a glass of milk and eat some biscuits or cookies. Then I'll watch my show or any vlogs I followed recently. After the long day of work, this is my little luxury. Praying will be the finale before I close my eyes every single night.
  12. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    I do pray first,take a shower and then retire to bed
  13. dipo4you

    dipo4you New Member

    I pray. It's very important for me. I am a christian and believe that when I fall a sleep, I go into the spirit world. I need protection from this spirit, so what other protection will I need other than with the prayer just before departure into this spirit world.
  14. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    Before going to bed, I take a shower because it helps to relax the mind and body, cleanses and refreshes you after a long day from home. Living in a tropical country you cannot escape getting a bit of sweat or a lot through the day depending on the outside temperature and how much activity you did indoors or outdoors, so taking a shower really gives you that clean and refreshed feeling after a long day, plus I find it helps me sleep better.
  15. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    Before going to bed, I took a shower and clean my face and body. I also have my prayer time and reading time to thank God from the whole day that He guided me and gave blessings and wonderful experiences I had. I also like to sing before going to bed because it made me happy and relax.
  16. mikeajoks

    mikeajoks New Member

    Before I go to bed each day, I check my smart phone for any unattended messages, chat some friends, ensure the doors are locked, lights are off, then I say my night prayer.. .
  17. Tsare06

    Tsare06 New Member

    These are the following bed night routines I usually do before going to sleep.
    First, I do my night skin care routine to pamper and nourished my skin. These night skin care routines consist of washing my face, applying some serums and moisturizers on my face, brushing my teeth and weeing my pajamas.
    Second, I read my daily devotions and bible verses. In order to sleep well and be ready for my next day, I really do these to strengthen and draw myself to God's grace spiritually. Plus, it helps me to learn more about Jesus.
    Lastly, I pray and do write my tasks on my journals. This will help me accomplish my everday goals in achieving productivity all throughout my life.
  18. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    I like taking a warm bath before going to bed so I will feel fresh and relax. After that, I like to read interesting topic especially devotional books to help me appreciate things happened throughout the day and thank our creator for it. I also love praying to tell God the things I like to say and to talk to Him and ask for guidance for the night slumber and for the new life the next day.
  19. jvhlxi

    jvhlxi Member

    Wash my face of course. Then stalk people on IG lol
  20. Dietjay

    Dietjay New Member

    15 to 30 minutes before I sleep, I take a bath. I make sure my surrounding is quiet and peaceful. I keep any electronic devices away from me 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed to avoid distractions. If possible I meditate for about 10 minutes to calm my mind. After, I use scented candle in my room so that the aroma will drive me into quality sleep.
  21. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Last month I made a list of things that I should do before going to bed, these things really help me a lot of having a good night sleep. First, I always take a shower and do my beauty regimen. Second, I read one chapter of an educational book and watch a series of my favorite show. Third, I write things that I accomplish today and the things that I am planning to do the next day. Finally, I fix my bed sheet and and talk to God. These things do not really take so much time but they have great effect to your sleep. We all know that each and everyone of us needs enough sleep or rest for us to maintain our good health and to do the things that we are planning for the next day.
  22. I meditate myself. When you meditate, you’re completely focused on the present moment. No past, no future, no anxieties, no embarrassment. Just the slow rhythm of your breath, letting any thoughts flow away freely without judgment.
  23. LightPatch

    LightPatch Member

    Before I go to bed, I will do stretching to improve my flexibility. It helps my body to stay in shape. Then I take a bath and apply my skin care routine. After that, I’m going to meditate to relax my mind and to remove the tensions in my body. To sleep faster, I avoid using my phone an hour before going to bed.
  24. Lhits

    Lhits Member

    I clean up my body and face
  25. krisferanne

    krisferanne New Member

    Your night ritual is very interesting and I would like to try it out. I often have problems falling asleep that I have to either read a book or watch TV just to get really tired enough to sleep. There are even times when I awoke in the middle of the night and find it hard to fall back to sleep. I am also experiencing problems on my lower back, so I think yoga stretching could help solve this.

    If you don't mind, can I ask what yoga poses you do before going to bed? I never had any experience in yoga but I could probably search online the poses that you do. And since you said it is low impact yoga, I guess I could probably do those poses even if I'm just a beginner.

    I will be anticipating your response... hopefully, soon. ;)
  26. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I read books before I go to sleep so my mind is totally relax after a whole tiring day. And of course, I drink a glass of water because it makes me more refresh. And lastly, I pray at night and thank God for giving me another chance to the things I want and need to do and for keeping me and my family safe and away from harm.
  27. myDive8

    myDive8 New Member

    i think that brushing your teeth and washing your face are the only things you should do before hitting the sack? think again. i also heard from an expert that we should be going to bed at the same time every night. making it a habit. :)
  28. EnceJoy

    EnceJoy New Member

    After a long day at work, I would get a warm bath or wash my face with my favorite soap. While watching my favorite TV show on Netflix, I would do my face routine. Applying night creams and sipping a chamomile tea. Brush my teeth. Do some stretching and finally jump in the bed.
  29. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    Before I go to bed, I wash up, do my skincare routine, write on my journal, drink milk, and pray to God that he will protect me and guide me always and that he will give me a good sleep.
  30. nheilm2020

    nheilm2020 Member

    Before going to bed at night, I rest assured that my kids are all in their bedrooms and ready to sleep. Then, be sure to lock all doors and windows, and switch off all appliances excluding the fridge for safety. Finally, before closing my eyes and lying on the bed, Prayer is my daily practice.

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