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Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Warren1967, May 5, 2019.

  1. Warren1967

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    One of the things that you need to consider in freelancing is the time factor. The question is how much time are you willing to put in to earn money? Some online jobs don't pay much and you have to put in a lot of time to earn. It may get to the point where you have to spend a long hours online. are you willing to do that?
  2. Jonkustes

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    I am not sure how long I am willing to work straight online but when I start seeing money roll in I get motivated to do more and more and it eventually snowballs to a place where I become proficient and enjoy doing it. So hopefully when I find something I like to freelance in and am good at then I can keep improving on the results later.
  3. BhingAngeles

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    One dabbles into freelancing, or work from home primarily because of certain constraints in their life.

    One major factor would be time. We freelance because other things in our normal everyday world would not allow us a full time focus on a particular job. Am a wife, a mother, a daughter to an 80 year old mom, a sister to a sibling that just suffered atroke. I am all these things yet want to still find extra income on the side.

    So I try to freelance, as an English Online Teacher, a writer, when the time and the opportunity smiles my way...
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    It is the parameter used to find the consolidation coefficient with time taken for consolidation settlement in soil. It is a non-dimensional number. The expression .
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    Time is great factors to us. It is the parameter the of time. Time is great healer to all diseases. Everyone do work on time. If you want to To work on the time, you can be done

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