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Discussion in 'Books' started by fretzlea, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. fretzlea

    fretzlea New Member

    If you are given a chance to travel back to a certain part of your life to make some changes, When will that be?
  2. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    Time travel is the best for me i will go back to my old happiness to my family and sees my future life movement.
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  3. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    Great future comes from the old times
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  4. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    Time is important to me to have a successful family someday. Time traveling to my family!!in old and future happy life.
  5. krhenz26

    krhenz26 New Member

    Get comfortable not having an opinion
  6. fretzlea

    fretzlea New Member

    In my case, I would love to go back to the times when my mother was still alive so that i could have created more memories with her. I would tell her how much i love her and how thankful I am that she is my mother. I was not even able pay her back of all the goodness she had shown to me. I planned to bring her to different places, to go shopping with her, to have a vacation with her and all of the good things. But since I can no longer do this today I will just pour all my love to my father.
  7. ahmeddeeq

    ahmeddeeq New Member

    In my opinion travel time is a mix of sad and happy memories. some may want time to go back to do things in a better way, such as spending more time with their families.. etc. but others would prefer to move on and forgot about the past.
  8. Kristine02

    Kristine02 New Member

    Even though I have been to a lot of struggles in life, still I would choose not to travel time again because I am already contented as to who I am now. If not because of those experiences I wouldn't be who I am now. Those events happened in my life should and will always remain as a lesson for me that I have been learning until now.
  9. dheesaurx

    dheesaurx New Member

    Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear of the future.

    Regrets are a constant reminder of what could have been, a never-ending pit of self-critique and over thinking. Yet, it is inevitable in a way, because as human beings, everybody makes mistakes. The question is very open-ended and I'm assuming that I can only travel back in time, and only once.

    I have my share of moments in life that I'd like to have gone differently, and if possible, a little in my favor ;P
    My past self would love the answers to those important exams in which I performed dismally, maybe a list of companies that I invest into that'd set me up nicely. Or to change some life-altering event like maybe visiting my grandma the last time, before she passed away...

    My point is this: It's part of being human to end up with regrets in life. Regrets only serve to make you think of what could've been and suffer. And while thinking about time travel and building castles in the air might be assuaging, it's only wishful thinking. Maybe all one can hope is to end up with the right regrets.
  10. babyshelle

    babyshelle New Member

    If I will be given a chance to travel back to a certain part of my life. I will choose those happy moments that I have shared with my loved ones. I will not change a single thing or moment that I made in my past. Every actions, decisions and experiences I've been through in the past is a part of me right now. It molds me into a stronger and wiser person as I am at this very moment. If I made wrong decisions in my life, I will accept the consequences and remember the learnings it thought me.
  11. Castro

    Castro New Member

    If given a chance, I will go back when my father is still alive and hang out with him because I lost him when I'm only 7y/o so there are almost no or few happy moments with him that is why if given a chance I choose to spend it with my old man.
  12. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    i would love to time travel it would be absouluty awesome to go back in time and go to the future just to see what happens and what has really happened. i think there has already been some time travel just not totally proven yet.
  13. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    If given a chance, I'd go back about 3 years to do over college. Held myself back due to laziness and now paying the price for it. Also would have saved up more and not spend recklessly during my first year.
  14. Ric

    Ric Member

    There are a few moments I recognized after making a bad choice that I wish I could go back in time and do over. I learned alot of course from each incident giving me wisdom, but I always wonder if I would have taken it easy and not worked so hard would I be in the Air Force retired right now living a completely different life. I would've traveled more to places I still haven't seen. I do travel, but not as often as I would have liked to. I recently discovered I work physically too hard. I naturally have enginuity so I learn things fast. I decided after meeting a lover that I connected with deep, but disconnected with that I have to work smart. The disappointment made me deal with the past. I see the pattern so I feel like I time travelled. Life is like "La La Land" you have to just understand what took place is for your highest good in the future. I believe that.
  15. Yumyan

    Yumyan New Member

    If I were to keep the knowledge that I have now. I would go back to the time when I was a young child that was very timid and shy. In this case, I can set up my identity and make decisions for myself. It was those moments in my life that really wrecked me.. The same reason as to why I still am catching up with people in the matters of confidence and being opinionated. So opportunities were lost and just I feel so unaccomplished now because of that...

    But maybe , just maybe, I was meant to have this life of complications. That maybe there might be a reason as to why I was raised the way I was. Maybe this all affects someone else in a good way.. Anyway, I don't mind suffering for others. (Yes, that's how much of a mess I became)
  16. mbigaram

    mbigaram New Member

    I had a great loss in my life, my daughter passed away in January of 2009, due to a late diagnosis of cancer, I would surely come back a few years before to save her.
  17. johngreen6651

    johngreen6651 New Member

    if I had a time machine I would totally go back to relive the hard parts so I would make sure that I've used the time wisely.
  18. elirose7890

    elirose7890 Member

    I go back some time and “make” things happen. Those “things” will change my past in some manner. That change would cause another change and this will go on and on. So a different version of my life will be created and I may feel like a total stranger to my own life when I return to the present. Things might turn out in a way I may not like. If you follow The Flash and you know about Flash point you'll know exactly what I mean.
  19. vannag

    vannag New Member

    I will definitely go back to the time when my grandparents were still alive. I will spend my time hanging out with them, making more happy memories, love them more, and give them the things I wasn't able to give when they were still alive.
  20. renzyow

    renzyow New Member

    time travel is really impossible right now but there are evidences of time traveling its really fun when your have the chance to go back in time or visit your self in the future or walk the time of jurassic period i want to travel back in time i want to explore the world through time traveling i wanna know what happened in the past and also if possible correct my past

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