Tips for Aspiring Playwrights

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by ellamcasi, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. ellamcasi

    ellamcasi New Member

    * Look for the people who tell stories all the time. You'll soon start spotting them everywhere, from newspapers to snatches of overhead conversation.
    * Ask yourself what your story is.
    * Get into the habit of writing. You're short time, try writing little but often.
    * Overwrite, then cut.
    * Do whatever works for you.
    * Give your main character obstacles to overcome.
    * What are your characters' wants and objectives?
    * Make your character extraordinary or larger than life in some way.
    * Read your play out loud to yourself.
    * Don't send script out immediately.
  2. whifflet

    whifflet New Member

    I'd also say to try cutting your teeth on adapting extant works that are out of copyright, like Dracula.
  3. chrissychris

    chrissychris New Member

    Damn, I do most of this stuff already! I'm surrounded by talkers. My mom is the biggest talker I know. I bet if I interviewed her I could have tons of material.

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