Tips how to detoxify our body?

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  1. snesz08

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    Tips how to detoxify our body?
  2. marcbarredo13

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    There are some ways on how to detoxify our body. First is to clean out your diet. This means you stop eating processed foods and switch to whole/real foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables etc. Limit your animal protein intake for less than 50 grams because it will be hard to our body to digest protein. Then you can also try juice fasting where you only eat blended fruits or vegetables in a span if 8 hours then you fast for 16 hours. This will help your body to remove heavy metals and undigested protein and they flush out your colon. Try also spirullina and chlorella powder and this will also help in detoxifying your body.
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  3. mibridina2001

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    One tip I can recommend to detoxify your body is to drink lemon water, to stay hydrated, and to eat right. Avoid junk and have a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Maribeth

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    Every day use and products we are surrounded with pose dangers we are either unaware of or do not pay enough attention to – this proves you’re your system will be in serious need of periodic, initial and regular detoxification to CLEAN, CLEAR, CLEANSE, flush and rid your system or these harmful elements.
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  5. Amester2003

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    The first step in detoxifying the body is to not eat any junk food and not put anything harmful into your body. My favorite way of detoxifying is to drink hot tea, green tea is really beneficial and works great at detoxifying the body. I also drink water with lemon and honey as it really soothes and relaxes the body.
  6. kycei

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    My rules for detoxifying my body are
    -Limiting alcohol
    -Focus on sleep
    -Drink more water
    -Reduce your intake of processed food and intake of sugar
    -Decrease salt intake
    -Get active
    If you do all of this ideas i suggested above you will see a change in your body .The moment i started applying this i started to see a change in my life
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  7. Janner29

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    First and foremost is to drink a lot of water, second exercise regularly, third be conscious of what you eat more fruits with lots of juices and lastly is to sleep at least 8 hours a day. I promise you'll see incremental changes in your body.
  8. Sreelesh31

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    Detoxifying our body system is of utmost importance, especially in this world where people lean more towards fast food. There are many methods available to detoxify your body. One among is Shankaprakshalana, which detoxifies and cleans our body especially the intestines in a real sense.

    Shankaprakshalana helps in removing all the autointoxicants present in the alimentary canal. Shankaprakshalana is performed by drinking glassfuls of saltwater and then performing a certain set of yoga exercises or poses alternatively. This sequence is repeated until you drink 6 glasses of water. Normally speaking, you will go to the bathroom to evacuate at this point.

    This method can be performed in your own homes which further makes it really convenient.

    Thank You.
  9. Kryptonian

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    Detoxification differs in most cultures in the world.In my culture we take cannabis extracts,put them in an incense burner,put it in an enclosed room with enough space.Then you enter the room sit inhale until you are satisfied.

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